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GuerrillaBuzz is taking ICO/STO marketing to the next level by creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. Specializing in the next generation of content marketing we’ve helped our clients raise more than $100 Million.
If you’re looking for ICO/STO marketing service, you’re at the right place.

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What We Do:

Buzz Service

We are using creative ways to increase your ICO/STO brand awareness and gain credibility by exposing your content to your relevant target audience.


Launching an ICO/STO and finding new ways to reach your target audience is a difficult task. We will help you get in the right direction.



Your ICO/STO is finished and now you need to show results to the investors that put their faith in your company.
We will help you to get listed on exchanges & partner with enterprises

GuerrillaBuzz ICO/STO Marketing Services

ICO/STO Community Services include:

We provide relationship development services and seize opportunities to interact with your community on different social media platforms.
We will help you build the right community around your ICO/STO because a strong community is one of the first steps to having a successful ICO/STO.
We assist in building an active community that will serve you for both the pre and post-ICO/STO stages.
We provide holistic services for ICO/STO communities on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Airdrop services.


Subreddit Management and Development

A strong presence on Reddit is the key to every successful ICO/STO.
It is highly important to have a reliable and active Subreddit, where Redditors can participate in active discussions and consistently consume content that is posted on your company’s Subreddit.


Along with our reliable partners, we provide 24/7 ICO/STO management on your social media channels so your investors can get the answers they need and responses to their concerns.


We provide an A to Z service for Airdrops, so you can focus on the best results for the ICO/STO campaign.
We will be in charge of creating your Airdrop program, rules, and bot.

Cryptocurrency Related Forums

We create quality comments and discussions about your ICO/STO in the most popular crypto forums across the web like Bitcointalk, BitcoinGarden, CryptoCurrencyTalk and more.

ICO/STO Branding Services include:

We offer a complete branding solution. From building your ICO/STO website to creating animated videos and developing your ICO/STO style guidelines.
When it comes to branding, we have you fully covered. We will provide you with an intricate solution for your branding and social presence needs.


Blockchain and ICO/STO Website Design

We understand crypto! This allows us to deliver a truly kick-ass landing page and design for your ICO/STO.

ICO/STO Explainer Video

We create Animation videos for blockchain projects and ICOs/STOs. CryptFlix (our video content site) demonstrates our understanding of what the crypto community likes to watch!


We use Quora to create awareness around your brand, increase the traction around your project and improve your website SEO.


ICO/STO Advisory

We develop creative ICO/STO Advisory marketing solutions and high profile media appearances to help you stand out in the crowd. If needed, we will work closely with your team and PR agency to provide you the best results.

ICO/STO Marketing Services include:

At Guerrillabuzz we specialize in generating high-quality traffic for your ICO/STO.
We use different marketing techniques to increase your brand awareness and user engagement.
We will get you the right attention for your content on commonly used social media platforms
such as Reddit, Steemit, Quora and different crypto forums.


We drive quality traffic by focusing on leading social media platforms that are relevant to the crypto community such as Reddit, Quora, Steemit and Crypto Forums.

User Engagement

We increase your user engagement by positioning your ICO/STO within the heart of the crypto community to make people aware of your product.

Brand Awareness

We will reach out to your target audience to make them aware of your product. We know how to insert your brand into the back of people’s heads. People will think and talk about your brand.

Growing Your Community

It’s impossible to build a solid community without using the right marketing channels. We will help you grow your community natively, with the right audience for your ICO/STO.

Reddit Marketing

It’s impossible to build a solid community without using the right marketing channels. We will help you grow your community natively, with the right audience for your ICO/STO.

Quora Marketing

By conducting thorough marketing research and implementing those insights, we will post answers that are related to your company and your technology in order to attract high-quality traffic and increase your brand awareness. 

Steemit Marketing

Steemit is one of the most trusted and used platforms for the cryptocurrency community. Your presence on Steemit is necessary now more than ever. We will make sure our posts will get to Steemit Trending section in order to get the right attention. 

Bitcointalk ICO/STO Marketing

With more than 17 million views per month, Bitcointalk is one of the main channels for promoting ICOs/STOs. We create quality comments and threads about your ICO/STO, involving users in the dialogue and increasing your campaign’s the level of trust.

ICO/STO Content and PR ICO Services include:

Content is king.
We believe that content marketing and SEO are the primary keys to your ICO/STO success.
We provide full SEO and content creation services including blog writing, working with top-tier crypto websites, and getting you listed on different ICO/STO listing sites.
We will make sure that people read and hear about your product in every possible way.



We will craft the best angle to tell your story. Together with our partners, we will list your ICO/STO in Top PR sites. We know that this is the best way to gain credibility and trust in the crypto sphere.

Medium /Blog Management

As part of our content writing and marketing services, we will create and produce high-quality content for your company. That includes growth strategy, content development, and continuous interaction with the relevant communities in order to create a real buzz around your ICO/STO.

ICO/STO Content Distribution

Using our creative guerrilla marketing methods, we will distribute your content to your target audience. From our deep understanding of the crypto community, we know how to get your ICO/STO seen in the right place at the right time.

Creative ICO/STO PR Growth Hacks

We discuss what avenues are best for announcing and promoting your ICO/STO in a manner consistent with advertising rules. If desired, we will work hand in hand with your current PR and advertising firms to develop an effective ads campaign.

Post- ICO/STO Services include:

The real challenge for every ICO/STO starts on the day that your public/private sale is over and you need to list your token on exchanges.
Listing your token on different exchanges is a difficult task that takes time.
At Guerrillabuzz we understand the urgent need for post-ICO/STO services in maintaining the value of your token and getting you the cover you need.
We will get you listed on different exchanges and provide full marketing services for the post-ICO/STO phase.


Get you Listed on Exchanges 

We know how difficult it is to get your token listed on an exchange. Our main goal is to help our clients get listed on an exchange in the shortest possible time.
We will use our connections to speed up the whole process for your company.


We use complex SEO tools and techniques to find the best opportunities for your company to get the highest rank on the Google search engine.
We will create dozens of diverse backlinks with optimized anchors from high-authority domains related to your niche.

Outreach Service For ICO/STO

 We take marketing back to its roots and focus on the human-to-human connection.
We will reach out to the right people at the right time to help you tell your brand’s story.
From crypto exchanges to large publications, we will solve all your needs.

Guerrilla Marketing Strategy

We use a complex marketing strategy which we developed successfully over the last 2 years.
Our Guerrilla Marketing Strategy is focused on low-cost unconventional marketing tactics that yield maximum results.
In a few months, our strategy will help you achieve results that might otherwise take a few years for companies that are using the “normal” strategies.

What Our Clients Say

Yuval Gov


In this kind of services, you are looking for a reliable and professional company, since you are dealing with your own brand. GuerrillaBuzz is getting better than expected results. They are well recommended.

Adrian Escude

PolySwarm CMO

GuerrillaBuzz proved to be an exceptional thought partner during and post ICO. GuerrillaBuzz unique ability to make things go viral on Reddit and extensive expertise in content marketing and blockchain make them stand apart in an industry filled with questionable and unreliable vendors.

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