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by Yuval Halevi

When it comes to marketing and PR, the blockchain space had several changes over the years. Each fundraising method that involved had a strategy that were suitable for it. This article will explain you all you need to know about IDO marketing and PR, how to launch your campaign, setting your IDO marketing budget the right way, where you should focus your energy when it comes to IDO PR, and what makes company standout with their marketing campaign.

by Yuval Halevi

Over the last few months there been a significant shift towards DeFi. If you’re one of those who already been in the crypto market for a few years you probably notice similarities to the ICO boom.

DeFi project can get disproportionate returns which attract many investors that are looking for quick gains.

Want to know how fast the DeFi market is growing? We can simplify verify it by checking defipulse traffic:

by Yuval Halevi

When I got into the world of marketing I couldn’t believe how rich and vast this industry is. From offline marketing to digital marketing — each contains dozens of different niches, and mastering even a single niche could take years. 

One of the most fascinating and challenging ones by far is Blockchain Marketing.

by Yuval Halevi

In this guide we describe step by step how to launch a successful PR campaign in 2020.

If you’re about to launch an IEO PR campaign this guide is for you:


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