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Caspian is a crypto asset management firm, which provides solutions throughout the whole trade life-cycle. Some of the features include a single interface, which is synchronized with every single major cryptocurrency exchange, trading algorithms, and the ability to track your exposure. They also offer risk management solutions. Members of their management team have all held senior-roles at recognized investment companies and tech firms.

״GuerrillaBuzz quick response and the ability to deliver content marketing services are by far one of the best we’ve seen from any service provider we have worked with. Their ability to define specific KPIs and goals before kicking off the campaign to manage expectations was fantastic and pushed us far beyond what we expected.”

Phoebe Poon – Caspian Community & Digital Marketing Manager


One of the challenges presented to a company like Caspian, is that they already have fierce competitors in their industry. This means that they had to ensure that their marketing was incredible, to ensure they didn’t fall behind the pack.

Another challenge facing Caspian amounts to future competition. This is because new crypto-asset projects are regularly being developed in that sector. This means that Caspian will have to remain fresh, in the face of challengers with new ideas and products.


To help ensure that Caspian, increased their traffic to their website and increased their user totals, we engaged in multiple different practices.

Firstly, we guided them in the most effective methods of mastering social media, to help ensure that they received an increased amount of traffic from different social media platforms, also helping their content to go viral.

Next, we helped to make sure that Caspian appeared as high up on the search engine listings as possible, using our SEO tactics. Without establishing a presence on search engines, hardly anyone would venture to their site.

We assisted with the creation of their marketing content, to ensure that it resonated with their users, helping to retain their customer base and buzz.


As a result of our intervention, there were numerous, notable differences in the response that Caspian started to receive, in regards to their marketing. Firstly, our assistance with their SEO massively increased the flow of people that were coming to their website, creating more interaction with their services.

We also helped to increase the number of likes and followers that they received on their social media. This was all done organically and promoted a large increase in their impressions on social media, leading to more exposure for their business.

Finally, our expert knowledge on content creation for the blockchain market was pivotal. This is because we managed to advise Caspian on the best content, that would help their message carry across to their viewers. This caused a massive increase in engagement for their content. Increasing their website views and social media impressions.

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