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qiibee is a rewards-based company, that functions with blockchain technology. Other businesses can use qiibee to store rewards for their customers, then, these businesses will be able to distribute loyalty tokens to their customers.

This helps to securely reward customers for their repeat business.

Currently, qiibee has effective relationships with some very large businesses. Some of these include Subway, Domino’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, Burger King and Superdry

Their app can be downloaded on Google Play or the IOS App Store.

״GuerillaBuzz created a huge buzz on Reddit, Steemit and other social media platforms for us. Their different activities have helped us to grow our community to over 90,000 members, helping us to raise more than 10 Million Dollars.״

Gabriele Giancola – qiibee CEO & Co-Founder


One of the challenges presented to qiibee, is that the market of reward and loyalty based businesses, is already oversaturated, outside of the blockchain market. This means there is a lot of opportunities, whereby an industry giant in the same market, could cross over and dominate due to having more resources.

Secondly, due to a current culture of trust surrounding blockchain-based startups, they needed to have marketing content that makes them look as trustworthy as they are. This will help to encourage more hesitant customers to use their services.


Bearing in mind, the challenges faced by Qiibee, we worked with them to help them gain as much as buzz as possible.
We helped them to maximize the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. We did this by utilizing our extensive skills in Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) and the creation of marketing content, appropriate for their target consumers. We also provided assistance with their online presence, utilizing different social media platforms like Reddit, Quora, and Medium.


Due to our intervention, Qiibee experienced a large increase in traffic and user activity. By using the previously mentioned solutions, we managed to increase their community to over 90,000 members. This is a rapid and expansive jump upwards. This increased buzz has caused Qiibee to expand rapidly, creating more buzz as it goes along.

Million USD raised

Community Members

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We worked with more than 30 different blockchain companies including hardware, software, ICOs, STOs and news websites.


Sold more than 100,000 Hardware wallets worldwide. 


Raised more than 134 Million USD

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