Bancor is the first-ever decentralized liquidity network in the world. It is a platform based around the trading of blockchain-based assets, with an assurance of continuous on-chain liquidity of these assets.

Currently, Bancor has a network of over 100 different blockchain-based tokens, making it one of the larger trading platforms in the industry. These tokens can be instantly converted for their equivalent in an alternative token. Meaning, that trading is quick and easy.

The network is also, completely open-source. With the additional factor of not needing to match buyers and sellers together. There is a live-feed of the current exchange prices of each token contained in the network.


One of the primary challenges surrounding a cryptocurrency trading platform, such as Bancor, is that as an industry, there is very little trust. The actions of other, less reputable platforms have made it harder for legitimate enterprises, such as Bancor to attract customers. People are hesitant to work on these platforms, for fear of being scammed.

Another challenge facing companies such as Bancor is that the market is already incredibly saturated. New blockchain tokens and trading platforms, seem to appear daily. This means that these businesses constantly have to appear against new competition, threatening to take their share of the market.


To combat the issues faced by Bancor, we decided to examine their current marketing approach. We then used our industry knowledge to come up with, efficient marketing strategies based on their Search Engine Optimisation and content creation. We helped to tailor their marketing strategies to their target market, in a way that made them look even more reputable. This helped to attract and retain, the type of users they were targeting.


As a result of our work with Bancor, we managed to get a great result for their marketing efforts. Our previously mentioned method of appropriate targeting and content creation, combined with advice on their SEO strategy, we managed to increase their traffic by 90%. This is a massive increase and helped to generate large growth for their business.


Increase in Traffic to Medium


Million USD raised

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