CoolWallet is a cryptocurrency wallet enterprise. Currently, their wallet can support Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash and ERC20 Tokens. Currently, their main product is a physical, mobile cryptocurrency wallet, designed for integration with smartphones.


There are a few challenges faced by cryptocurrency wallet enterprises such as CoinWallet. The main issue, similarly to many blockchain-related businesses, is that the market is incredibly oversaturated. This means that it can be very hard to separate yourself from the competition. Even if you have a superior product, if your marketing is even slightly below par, you will fall behind the competition.


To help ensure that CoolWallet did stick out from the crowd, we utilized multiple different skills.
We tweaked the content marketing, to ensure that the product would correctly reflect their product and appeal to the target audience. Furthermore, we helped to polish their Search Engine Optimisation, to ensure that they occupied the best possible position, so they can be seen more often. Finally, we assisted with their social media presence, utilizing our growth hacking skills.


As a direct result of our assistance, CoinWallet experienced a vast improvement in the expansion and quality of their audience. Their user-engagement also showed development, along with their overall brand recognition. Their overall visitors on their website, increased by 140%, which is an astronomical rise. This has seen CoinWallet, grow significantly as a business.


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