Polyswarm is a disruptive company based around a threat detection marketplace model. Cyber-security firms can make expansions on their knowledge and improve their own practices.

This works on purpose-built micro-engines which work rapidly to make a very speedy and concise analysis of any potential security threats. This helps to create a much more in-depth examination of threats, leading to a more effective cyber-security solution, tailor-made to the individual.

Polyswarm runs on a decentralized network, adding greater security for its own systems. Furthermore, they were crowd-sourced through an Initial-Coin-Offering. (ICO)


One of the challenges faced by a disruptive, innovative company like Polyswarm, is similar to that of most new companies. Gaining exposure. The cyber-security market is a very competitive industry, with the already established businesses taking up the majority of the market share.

It can be hard for a brand, offering something new to gain any exposure. Because of this, businesses in this space, with fantastic ideas, need to find ways of marketing themselves so they can find their customer base.

Also, due to the fact that the blockchain industry has its own share of sharks, it can be hard to find a media partner that you can trust. Finding the correct media partner during the ICO and Post-Initial-Coin-Offering stages is crucial for growth.


To provide assistance with the challenges faced by Polyswarm, we here at GuerillaBuzz provided our own-brand of marketing, content creation, and blockchain expertise, to help give them the exposure they needed.

Our input, helped their content to go viral on Reddit, which is one of the most popular breeding-grounds for blockchain and ICO enthusiasts. This helped Polyswarm to gain extensive exposure, amongst their target market, leading to the increased growth of their business.


Through our intervention, we managed to achieve extraordinary results with Polyswarm. Our expert knowledge of marketing, the blockchain industry, and SEO optimization allowed us to increase their visitor traffic. The actual gain, stands at 120%, more than double their original exposure!


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Million USD raised

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