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We’ve partnered with more than 30 different blockchain companies, and played a key role in helping them raise more than $300 million in funding.

Bobby Ong

Co-Founder & COO of CoinGecko

"If you are looking to do guerilla-style marketing, GuerillaBuzz is THE expert you would want on your team. They have been exceptional in helping us grow and their team is highly dedicated and knowledgeable on the various ways to grow our audience."

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Omri Cohen

VP of Growth at Bancor

״If you imagine your marketing efforts as an army, Guerilla Buzz is like a super-advanced tank: a perfect support for traditional efforts or Incredibly powerful on its own. They are a highly recommended tool to keep in your arsenal."

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Adrian Escude

CMO of PolySwarm

“GuerrillaBuzz proved to be an exceptional thought partner during and post ICO. GuerrillaBuzz unique ability to make things go viral on Reddit and extensive expertise in content marketing and blockchain make them stand apart in an industry filled with questionable and unreliable vendors.”

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Toya Zhang

Head of Public Relations at AAX Exchange

"Having GuerrillaBuzz as an extension to our public relations team was one of the best decisions we took. They delivered high-quality work on time and help us grow our reach and presence."

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During the consultation, you'll get:

Blockchain PR

PR in the blockchain space is challenging for many reasons, and running a campaign in this space is like fine art. In the last five years, we have worked with more than 50 clients from all over the world, gaining extensive experience in digital and blockchain marketing. We will get you on the inside track with leading Blockchain media and help you shape public opinion, awareness, and trust for your brand using creative methods and strategies.

Community Growth

We know the target audience, where they are, how to catch their attention, and what makes them stick around. As a result, we are able to drive organic, viral conversations on Reddit, Steemit, and Quora as well as the most popular Cryptocurrency forums. We significantly boost traffic to each article. With our community-driven approach, you'll build social proof and exposure like no other. Be the hype.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Blockchain companies often ignore SEO because they only have a short time to generate buzz. However, maintaining blockchain PR with SEO in mind will help you step up your game, increase traffic to your site, and improve your branding over time. Since SEO certainly isn't a 'one size fits all' strategy, we will use our best practices to develop a tailored SEO plan specifically for your business.


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