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Launching your STO

So, you may have heard all of the buzz going around the blockchain industry recently.

It’s no secret that Security Token Offerings (STOs) are currently dominating headlines and are attracting massive interest from both investors and enthusiasts alike.

There is a lot of good reason for their interest!
If you’re reading this guide, you likely already know what an STO is. This means you’re interested in potentially launching your own.

The goal of this guide is to explain how to launch an STO. This will include information on best practices, what to avoid and the legal ramifications of launching an STO.

If you haven’t yet gotten yourself up to speed about what STOs are and if you should take a look at doing one, you should check out our STO Guide to learn more.


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Currently, it seems like everyone is talking about Security Token Offerings (STOs).

From YouTubers, investors, and gurus to reputable news outlets, there is a massive amount of exposure regarding these offerings around the industry.

This guide will seek to give you all of the necessary information you may need if you are contemplating a deal involving an STO.

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There are hundreds of ICO Marketing Agencies out there.

It’s easy to find one, the hard part is to work with a good company without getting broke.

In this list, we gathered +85 ICO/STO Marketing Agencies to create for you The Ultimate List.


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The financial and economic sector of the entire world has been buzzing about just one word over the past year; cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency can only be described as a storm that has taken over every single economic institution and individual.
It’s dictating economic policies of entire conglomerates, along with providing investors all over the world with the chance of building something on their own.


When it comes to creative growth hacks and ICO Buzz, GuerrillaBuzz is the best in the business.

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How much does it cost to ICO?

by Yuval Halevi

The cost of PR for ICO is NOT universally set.

It depends on how much buzz you want to make

and how large you want your ICO to be.
My answer based on experience I got from working with more than 30 ICO’s in the last few months
here at Guerrillabuzz.

The cost of PR for ICO is universally set. It depends on how much buzz you want to make and how large you want your ICO to be.
My answer based on experience I got from working with more than 30 ICO’s in the last few months with my ICO marketing company.

The costs always vary, but I made a now a list that will help you to understand the ICO PR costs:

  • Articles on popular crypto websites – 2,000$–12,000$ Per Article.

    On Cointelegraph, for example, the price is 1–2 BTC to submit your PR article.



  • Youtube Influencers – $5K – $40K per video.

  • ICO Community Management – The price can go from 7,000$-20,000$.


  • Content Writers – In case you don’t have a content writer in your team You will probably need to hire a freelancer. Price per article can go from 50$-500$ for a high-quality article.


It’s kinda easy to find a PR agency for your ICO, the difficult part is not to become broke by doing so.

You can learn about ICO Marketing reading GuerrillaBuzz Definitive ICO Guide
There are plenty of PR agencies out there that specialized in Blockchain and ICO’s.

After working with many PR companies and ICO’s from all over the world I have enough confidence to share information that will help you to run an effective ICO and to find the right PR agency:

Don’t buy your community-

How many times have you gotten into a Telegram channel of an ICO you found and suddenly saw an insane amount of members?

In 99% of the cases, the company buys thousands of Telegram members to fake the number.

When I get into a Telegram group with 40k members and none of them is talking in the group, I always feel a bit sad for their CMO. When we speak about the communities, quality is much more important than quantity.

It’s better to have a group of 1000 real followers, people who believe in your project, your team, and goals than 40k fake members and bounty hunters that won’t give any value.




Talk less about how good your company is and more about what you plan to solve-

It’s a problem that many ICOs and even companies that are not from the crypto world are facing.

Creating content that only speaks about how awesome your company is and how you are going to create a revolution in an industry is just not good enough.

The crypto community is tired of this kind of content. Instead, try to get into the eyes of your potential investors by pondering over:

What value do you bring to the community?
How will you use the money you have raised?
How do you plan to find partners and get listed on exchanges?
Besides buying and selling, what will trigger a usage in your coin?

Be original, Be real, Don’t be greedy, speak to your community with confidence, and you will increase your chances for a successful ICO for sure.



Nothing is free in life, and does your tokens:
One of the biggest mistakes ICOs are doing is to give truckloads of tokens as rewards for bounty hunters and tokens worth hundred thousand dollars to service providers.

Of course, it feels great. You give someone air and get something that worth money, it’s fun playing god, right?

The only thing is that it eventually hurts is YOU.

ICO’s paying so much in tokens that once they get listed on exchanges, many people tend to sell the coins, which might take a few weeks or months until everything gets sold. So basically, when an ICO company does that, they are hurting their investors, followers, and community.

Your PR articles are worth nothing if no one sees it:
As for someone who visits coin telegraph, Forbes, Inc, and more popular publications, I see a plenty of ICOs that spend thousands of dollars per article only so they can put the logo of the company in their website in the ‘seen at’ section.

I’m not getting into the point whether it’s the right thing to do or not, but I do think that the exposure these articles get is almost nothing. If your company has a PR article where you need to know how to leverage it and get thousands of relevant people to see your content.