What is AirDrop?

An AirDrop is the distribution of cryptocurrency coins and tokens, to a large number of cryptocurrency wallet addresses. This is distribution is usually carried out for free.
AirDrops are performed with the intention of taking advantage of the effects of the network, to get the existing cryptocurrency holders that have been targeted to take notice of the dropper’s own cryptocurrency, or a blockchain project they are involved in.

There are two methods of distribution used by companies in AirDrops. They can either, randomly select wallets or, they can market their event in AirDrop lists. It is common for an Ethereum wallet with a worth that is over a certain value, to receive various cryptocurrencies for free from AirDrops.

There is a multitude of different websites which market upcoming cryptocurrency AirDrops and it is very easy to find information about upcoming AirDrops on social media.

People involved in cryptocurrencies can gain complimentary cryptocurrencies if they are supportive of projects that have been distributions coins through an AirDrop. It is not uncommon for AirDrops to be conditional. Conditions can include sharing certain posts on social media, inviting new users to a blockchain project or driving new users to the platform in other ways.

AirDrops can be a very effective tool for marketing a blockchain project since the goal of them is to bring attention to different products and services within the cryptocurrency sector. Furthermore, the people targeted by the AirDrop have an incentive to market the project further, due to their own AirDropped coins increasing in value if the project continues to grow.

Within the current cryptocurrency climate, this marketing method has become increasingly popular within the sector. This is due to its high level of efficiency and the fact that many traditional adverts for cryptocurrencies are being banned on social media. This allows for a different way to target new customers.


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