by Yuval Halevi

The financial and economic sector of the entire world has been buzzing about just one word over the past year; cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency can only be described as a storm that has taken over every single economic institution and individual.
It’s dictating the economic policies of entire conglomerates, along with providing investors all over the world with the chance of building something on their own.

Why You Should Market Your ICO Using LinkedIn

Not to mention, it’s creating numerous off the grid opportunities for people to become a part of the cryptocurrency structure by fulfilling tasks right from their homes and allowing them to make lots of money whilst doing so. It’s nothing short of a revolutionary idea.
The cryptocurrency structure usually consists of a large monolithic and ever-expanding blockchain that has investors placed at different “links”.
It can be best described as a digital currency with the capability to act as a giant digital memory space that acts as an investment and financial entity for investors.
The fact that it happens to be entirely digital means that you do not need a specific setup for it. You basically need to buy the right equipment, install the right technology, and you’re set. However, to make your own mark in cryptocurrency with your own blockchain, you need some investment to launch yourself.
That investment typically comes from an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

What is an ICO?

Initial Coin Offering, or ICO for short, could be considered a sales pitch when it comes to cryptocurrency. As mentioned the equipment you need to start your cryptocurrency business merely involves the correct tech equipment. However, to kick-start your own blockchain, you need to have the starting capital. Think of it in a similar fashion to how an entrepreneur needs starting capital in order to implement their idea and bring it to fruition. Hence, an ICO happens to be a sales pitch for the cryptocurrency world and those that want to be involved in it.

The method to go about an Initial Coin Offering happens to be quite similar to an entrepreneur’s activity when it comes to hunting for capital. In the same way, as an entrepreneur pitches their idea to a venture capitalist or a banker, someone wishing to take part in their cryptocurrency boom needs to pitch their ideas to investors. The correct and advised way to go about it happens to involve preparing a document that details your idea and mentions every aspect related to it in detail. It can be a business plan or a white paper, but what it must do is mention everything there is to talk about in your idea.

Once you have created and formed your idea, you need to publicize it. To have an ICO take place for you, you need to attract potential investors. One way to do so happens to be via a website or other digital marketing tools. However, one of the most effective ways to market your ICO happens to be through the popular gathering place of professionals; LinkedIn.

Why LinkedIn Is the Best Choice for Your ICO?

When looking to market anything, you first check who your audience is. You need to understand just what type of people you want your idea to connect with before you devise ways of connecting with them. When it comes to cryptocurrency and ICOs, it is quite easy to determine the specific set of people who are interested in such ideas; business professionals and tech enthusiasts currently working or willing to enter it.

Such individuals are those that are interested in how the market moves, the ones interested in finding and acknowledging new ideas. Their willingness to try new things stems from the zeal to explore potential opportunities and make the most out of them. In a way, you could say that instead of waiting for bright ideas to reach them, these individuals happen to actively search for them. With all such details about common goals and collective beliefs, this group of individuals may sound like a cult. However, you can easily find them all expressing their views on the internet; via LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the largest online network for professionals, both seasoned and entry level, from all over the world. It’s a place for people to express their business and professional ideas and share them with others who are either searching for similar answers or are interested in the same queries and questions. Often ignored by the common person when it comes to publicizing their businesses and ideas, LinkedIn has consistently shown itself to be quite the successful dark horse in the business world, and in cryptocurrency.

How LinkedIn Can Help

As mentioned, cryptocurrency is the trending topic for professionals all over the globe. It’s something that both the business and the technology sectors are immensely interested in. This, of course, extends to LinkedIn as well, where you will find countless individuals displaying a keen interest in what goes on in the cryptocurrency world. Think of LinkedIn as a database that allows you to locate and connect with thousands of people who exist in the same professional fold as you and display an interest in the same things as you do. Obviously, this includes cryptocurrency as well. You can also use different ICO listing website in order to track down relevant investors and reach out to them on LinkedIn.

With LinkedIn, you can find investors who are interested in what you have to say. You will find individuals who want to be involved in interesting cryptocurrency ideas in many different ways. Along with numerous investors, you will also be able to find professionals who will be willing to work with you to further your cause. However, keeping our discussion to ICOs, it can easily be said that LinkedIn is the best place to market it. It’s a place with many people curiously searching and waiting for ideas such as yours to appear and itching to become a part of something groundbreaking. They want nothing more than to be involved as investors in something that’s unique and interesting. Hence, if you ever want to market your ICO, make sure you do it on LinkedIn.



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