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Generate Buzz

Our PR outreach strategies will put your business on the map. From viral posts to clever marketing strategies, we’ve got a history of getting the world talking.

Valuable Content Creation

Our crypto PR strategies encompass an in-depth future content creation plan, making sure that you get on the map – and then stay on it.

Jack of All Trades, Master of Crypto

Our specialized Blockchain PR services work so well because we know everything there is to know about this niche. We can create personalized, effective, and memorable crypto PR campaigns.

Our Blockchain Public Relations Services

When we start a campaign, we don’t stop until you’re satisfied. We provide the following five services to ensure you’ll make a splash in the blockchain world.


Blockchain PR & Media Relations

Blockchain PR services are what we do; it’s the very core of GuerrillaBuzz. We’ll be able to deliver a tailored plan that exceeds your expectations and ensures the world will start to notice your business.


Messaging and Brand Positioning

From total rebranding to targeting branding, we’ve got the perfect strategy to maximize engagement with your business. You’ll be one of the biggest names in blockchain in no time.


Thought Leadership

We’re experts at cultivating a sense of majesty. We know the power that lies behind every business, and we’re determined to share yours with the world. Our blockchain PR services will create a spark while reenergizing your own team.


Content Creation

Content is, and always has been, king. Here at GuerrillaBuzz, we bow down to the king. Our years of content creation strategy have made us content machines. We can deliver actionable and engaging content plans that will make blockchain public relations a breeze.


Influencer Outreach

We understand social media like no other. We’ve got a history of going viral, getting posts noticed, and providing effective outreach. From your favorite influencers to the best gems you’ve never heard of, our team knows how to get in contact with names that make a difference.

Why Our Clients Trust Us

We’ve partnered with more than 30 different blockchain companies, and played a key role in helping them raise more than $300 million in funding.

Bobby Ong

Co-Founder & COO of CoinGecko

"If you are looking to do guerilla-style marketing, GuerillaBuzz is THE expert you would want on your team. They have been exceptional in helping us grow and their team is highly dedicated and knowledgeable on the various ways to grow our audience."

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with more than 75M monthly visits

Omri Cohen

VP of Growth at Bancor

״If you imagine your marketing efforts as an army, Guerilla Buzz is like a super-advanced tank: a perfect support for traditional efforts or Incredibly powerful on its own. They are a highly recommended tool to keep in your arsenal."

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Adrian Escude

CMO of PolySwarm

“GuerrillaBuzz proved to be an exceptional thought partner during and post ICO. GuerrillaBuzz unique ability to make things go viral on Reddit and extensive expertise in content marketing and blockchain make them stand apart in an industry filled with questionable and unreliable vendors.”

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Toya Zhang

Head of Public Relations at AAX Exchange

"Having GuerrillaBuzz as an extension to our public relations team was one of the best decisions we took. They delivered high-quality work on time and help us grow our reach and presence."

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    +How do you choose the best blockchain PR agency?

    Blockchain PR agencies should be able to prove that they can deliver effective, engaging, and enticing campaigns. A great way to tell is by looking for an agency’s case studies. If they don’t have any, alarm bells should be ringing. Similarly, the best blockchain public relations companies will generate content for themselves that ranks well. Great content about blockchain PR, blockchain marketing, and crypto SEO will demonstrate to you that they understand the field and have what it takes to boost your brand up the rankings.

    +What are some good PR services?

    The best blockchain PR agency should be able to run all aspects of a PR campaign at the same time. Your digital marketing firm should cover all your bases, from brand positioning and content creation to influencer outreach and thought leadership.

    +What can good PR do?

    Great PR can completely change the way a company is perceived by the general public. From garnering trust to improving brand authenticity, PR will transform the way your company is understood. A great PR team should also be able to generate buzz around a topic, making sure the world knows you’re coming.

    +Will hiring a blockchain PR agency increase my blockchain company’s brand awareness?

    Completely! A blockchain PR agency will get more traffic to your website, meaning that more people than ever before will see your content. The same goes for receiving viral posts and new engagement. As more people see your content, you’ll become a recognizable name. From there, your brand awareness will skyrocket.

    +Why should I consider using blockchain public relations services?

    Blockchain public relations services allow your company to benefit from the combined years of experience that a firm has in making successful campaigns. Not only will this transform the traffic your company receives, but you’ll also get a wall to bounce ideas off. If you need any advice or want to know more about blockchain PR, they’ll be your first port of call. Equally, by hiring a firm, you could take a hands-off approach. You could let the firm work on your blockchain public relations while you yourself work on different aspects of your business. Part of what’s great about hiring a crypto PR company is that you have the freedom to choose.

    +Can I hire a PR agency that specializes in the blockchain industry?

    Absolutely! Here at GuerrillaBuzz specialize in delivering digital marketing to blockchain companies. We know everything there is to know about blockchain and can utilize our industry experience to revitalize and optimize your marketing and PR campaigns.

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