Blockchain Marketing The Ultimate Guide (2019)

This is the most comprehensive Blockchain marketing guide out there.

Why I created it?

Since I got into the blockchain world, I noticed the lousy marketing techniques many ICOs/STOs are using to attract investors.
Lack of transparency and fraud became part of their marketing campaigns strategy and I find it wrong in so many ways.

This Blockchain marketing guide is for: ICOs, STOs, Blockchain marketing companies (Even due they are our competitors, I hope this guide can step up the level of marketing in our ecosystem), and for anyone who cares about marketing in the blockchain world.

In short: If you’re from an ICO/STO, Blockchain Project, or care about marketing, This guide is for you!

I should point something out:

It took me over 3.5 years of experience working hundreds of ICOs, STOs, and Blockchain companies to learn what I’m about to share in this blockchain marketing tutorial.

It might take you 30 minutes to read this guide, but it can save you thousands of dollars, time, and headache.
So grab your self a cup of coffee and let’s get started:

  • Step #1: What is Blockchain – Explain Like I’m Five

  • Step #2: What is Blockchain Marketing?

  • Step #3: What We Learned From Working With Over 100 Blockchain Projects

  • Step #4: How to create Blockchain PR in 2019 that put your project in the spotlight

  • Step #5: Where to promote your blockchain company?

  • Step #6: Blockchain Marketing Growth Hacks

  • Step #7: How Much Money Should You Spend on your Blockchain Marketing Campaign in 2019?

  • Step #8: What are the KPIs in Blockchain Marketing

  • Step #10: Great Blockchain Marketing Work Usecases