The Ultimate ICO PR Guide 2021

Today I’m going to show you exactly how to create a successful ICO PR campaign.

In fact, this is the same process that we used at Guerrillabuzz to get our clients seen by millions of cryptocurrency enthusiasts from all over the world.

Driving thousands of people to an article is not an easy task, but by following these steps for a successful ICO PR campaign, your chances of running a successful campaign will increase massively.

I Should Point Something Out:

This information is a must for every ICO that plans to spend money on PR and ICO Marketing.

It should take you no more than 20 minutes to read this guide, and it might save you thousands of dollars in the long run, so grab your self a cup of coffee and let’s get started:

Step #1: How much ICO PR should cost on average?


Some questions have more than one answer and ‘what’s the cost of launching an ICO is one of them.

This guide is based on my experience from the last few years in the cryptocurrency industry.

In your ICO you will deal with plenty of suppliers, that will usually try to squeeze your marketing budget as much as possible. I recommend you always use your common sense before making any financial decisions. You will need it!

The cost of a PR for an ICO is not universally set. It depends on how much buzz you want to make and how ‘large’ you want your ICO to be.

The costs always vary, but I have made a shortlist that will help you to understand average ICO PR costs:

Articles on popular crypto websites:

Cost: Tier 1 sites like CoinTelegraph and CoinDesk — 2,000$–12,000$ Per Article.
On Cointelegraph, for example, the price is 1–2 BTC to submit your PR article.

 Cointelegraph press release cost - ICO Cost

On Tier 2 sites the cost can go from 500$-2000$.

When it comes to your ICO Marketing budget, you must use it wisely.
If you try to get your ICO featured on every single tier 1 crypto PR site out there you will end up spending thousands of dollars each day. And in many cases, you won’t achieve the buzz you are looking for.

I always advise our clients to create solid foundations before spending their budget on an ICO PR.
Think about it this way: You spend 2 BTC on a great featured article on CoinTelegraph.
Your article will get some exposure and a few people will go to your site.

If your site will look bad, and you don’t have a clear message, high-quality content and great UX, the investor is more likely to leave your page.
Great ICO website design is one of the most important components in your marketing strategy.

Don’t just bring people to your site, you should also make them stay.

Crypto YouTube Influencers:

Cost: $5K — $40K per video.

By getting a crypto YouTuber with thousands of subscribers to make a video about your ICO, you can get insane exposure.
There are tons of YouTubers with fake views, followers and comments so I recommend, that you do some research beforehand or check our Crypto YouTubers list.

Crypto Youtubers GuerrillaBuzz

Are YouTube Influencers important to your ICO Marketing Strategy?


Barry Ben-Asher, Head of YouTube Influencers department at MarketAcross thinks the answer is a massive big YES.

״ Blockchain-based projects tend to be complex and confusing when you first hear or read about them. Sometimes, a verbal explanation by leading influencers in the crypto space helps to simplify the idea. As the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube has become a leading platform for investors to expand their knowledge base. Appearing on some of the YouTube channels is a thought leadership stamp and an important status for any blockchain project that wants to put his name out there. ״

Crypto Youtube Influencers - GuerrillaBuzz ICO PR guide

Content Writers –

If you don’t have a content writer on your team You should probably hire a freelancer.
The price per article can go from 50$-500$ for a high-quality article.
The quality of your company content has a direct impact on your image in the eyes of the community, so don’t settle for less.
Focusing on creating high-quality ICO PR content is crucial for your ICO success.

Writings PR ICO articles by Freelancers GuerrillaBuzz


The fast growth of ICOs in the last few years reflects directly on the number of PR articles that launch every day on popular sites like CoinTelegraph.
Every day, dozens of ICOs are launching their articles on these sites, paying thousands of dollars.

It has created a sort of inflation in the exposure each ICO gets after being featured on Tier 1 site.
Fewer views, fewer investors, less buzz.
 Getting your ICO featured on a top-tier site is still extremely important.
However, you should find the balance between the number of ICO PRs’ you’re going to release to your marketing budget.

In some cases it’s better to have 10 PR articles on different crypto news sites, then 1 article on CoinTelegraph that will take you 1-2 BTC to release.

Step #2: Stop talking about how great you are.


Let’s talk about something that is fundamentally wrong in the marketing world and most of the ICO and Blockchain companies out there keep doing it.

Talking ONLY about how their company is going to change the world, repeatedly.

In GuerrillaBuzz we get approached by many different ICOs every single day, it seems like 9 out of 10 companies have the same problem.

In your ICO PR and your medium page, focus on providing your users’ as much value as possible.
This will help you gain credibility in the crypto community and with your audience.

Trump Make Crypto Great Again - ICO PR GUIDE GUERRILLABUZZ

So how can you tell the world about your ICO?


Due to intense pressure and tight schedules, many ICOs release low-quality content and promote it with full power. That’s one of the reasons why you see a lot of criticism from the traders’ community for new ICO projects.
Think about ways to bring real value to your target audience.
Talk about the problems that your audience are facing and how your company works on solving them.

Here is an example if new articles that received 154 natural shares within two days…
People love lists!


GuerrillaBuzz list title example - ICO PR Guide

Step #3: What To Write About?

Finding what to write about is a difficult task for any ICO PR campaign.
The goal is to create diverse content, that will drive people to read and share your content.
After working with many different ICO and Blockchain companies in the last two years, I have learned that some writing ideas work better than the rest.

There is a lot of room for innovation and creative ideas in this field. One of the best things you can do for your ICO is to create a content marketing strategy. It’s a normal step in most of the start-up companies but in the ICO world, for some reason, companies don’t do it.

Internet-Marketing-Strategy-Planning-Ad-Astra-Content-Marketing-Agency-West-Sussex-infographic-1024x711-minimage source

I recommend you look at this amazing guide by HubSpot about content marketing strategy (Check it only after you’ve read this awesome guide! Don’t make me cry).

This short list will help you save a lot of time and money in your ICO/IEO/STO PR marketing campaign:

Step #4 Find your target audience’s problems

Finding your target audience’s problems will help you to deliver the right message through your ICO PR and other marketing channels.

You need to ask yourself few questions:

– What are the problems that my project aims to solve?

Who are the biggest competitors in my niche and what are the problems that their target audience are facing?

After you find the answers to these questions, try to brainstorm and create new content ideas that you can send to the content writers.

Let’s compare it to GuerrillaBuzz:

We are an ICO Marketing Agency.
Our target audience is STOs (Security Token Offering Companies) Blockchain companies, ICOs, Crypto News sites, Cryptocurrency event organizers and crypto enthusiasts that want to better understand how to market themselves in this industry.

Content ideas for GuerrillaBuzz should give value to our target audience, in these cases, most companies that want to create buzz and market themselves, the right way in the blockchain world.


What are the problems of my target audience?

Step #5: Should I promote my ICO PR?


There are hundreds of different ICO listing and rating sites and Cryptocurrency news sites where you can promote your ICO PR at.

Keep in mind, that some sites charge a lot of money per article and in many cases, the only benefit you will gain from this PR is mentioning in your homepage that you’ve been featured there.

What many ICOs don’t understand is that Tier 1 PR sites publish hundreds of featured articles per week, it makes the exposure per article very low.

That’s why it’s essential to always promote your ICO PR on Reddit, Quora, Steemit, BitcoinTalk, and other social channels. 
I will talk about this in the next step.

Step #6: Where to promote you ICO PR?



Promoting your press release is a necessary step toward maximizing your marketing campaign’s potential.

You can have a great PR article on a popular crypto news site, but without doing some extra work and promoting it, you will likely get very low engagement.

There are plenty of free places where you can promote your ICO and by doing so in a professional and creative way, you increase the chances of one of your posts going viral. 

Promoting your ICO PR is among the most important things in your marketing campaign.

You can write an interesting article but without the right PR distribution strategy, people won’t see it.
Don’t rely only on the site that publishes your PR to get you the engagement you are looking for. 

Go out and spread the word about it!

Here are the best places to consider promoting your PR

1. Steemit –

Steemit is one of the most trusted and used platforms for the cryptocurrency community. Your presence on Steemit is necessary now more than ever. We will make sure your posts will get to the Steemit Trending section in order to get the right attention.

Steemit Blockchain marketing GuerrillaBuzz

2. Reddit –
Founded on June 23, 2005, Reddit is without a doubt, one of the most important platforms for any ICO or crypto-related project. With more than 1.52 Billion views per month and one of the largest crypto communities in the world, Reddit is a great place to promote your content and make announcements to the community, so you can give value to the crypto world

Reddit marketing for blockchain companies GuerrillaBuzz

3. Quora –
With more than 560 million views per month, Quora is the most popular Q&A website in the world. Even though most of the ICOs are not using it, we strongly believe that Quora can be one of the best things you can do for your ICO. Quora can help you create awareness around your brand, increase the traction around your project and technology, improve your website SEO (Quora is a high authority site), and drive new traffic.

Quora marketing Blockchain companies - GuerrillaBuzz

4. BitcoinTalk –

With more than 17 million views per month, Bitcointalk is one of the main channels for promoting ICOs. It seems like in the last few years the ‘heart of the community’ has moved from Bitcointalk to Reddit but Bitcointalk should still be high on your priorities when it comes to promoting your ICO PR.

BitcoinTalk marketing Cryptocurrency companies GuerrillaBuzz

Step #7: How Much Money Should You Spend on your ICO PR?



That’s one of the most common questions I get every day from our new clients.
I have had clients that spend $40,000 on a PR for their whole ICO and clients that have spent $500,000.

It depends on three main factors:
1. How much you are you looking to raise?
2. How well is the crypto market doing?
3. How much buzz do you want to make in the crypto community?

From what I’ve seen so far companies always want to do a lot more than what they need.
EOS, Telegram, and Petro are great examples of projects that raised an insane amount of money.
These amounts drove many entrepreneurs to the blockchain world in search of fast gains and in most cases were not down to earth when it came to their capability in fundraising.

Remember: The amount you raise has a direct connection to the amount you spend on your marketing.


It’s not only about where you been featured, It’s about how many people saw it. Many ICOs thinks that having many articles on Tier 1 PR ICO sites show our great they are. In reality, the exposure the article gets is relative small compare to the amount they pay for it.
Exposure is the key!
focus on finding creative ways to promote your content across different media channels.
Make every PR articles you’re paying for count.

Step #8: What are the KPI’s in ICO PR?



Measure your PR performance against key business objectives.

In order to better understand what KPI is all about, let’s take it to the basic:

KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators – “a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a company is achieving key business objectives.

Organizations use key performance indicators at multiple levels to evaluate their success at reaching targets.

High-level KPIs may focus on the overall performance of the enterprise, while low-level KPIs may focus on processes or employees in departments such as sales, marketing or a call center.”


Now, after we’ve got this clear, we can start with understanding the basic KPIs for PR:


Web Traffic:

PRs can have a direct impact on your organic (unpaid) website traffic. Increases in traffic can be traced to specific guest posts, press releases, and earned media. You can easily measure the potential for organic traffic coming from a particular website by calculating their page views. All you have to do is follow the next steps:

1.Download Similarweb’s Traffic Rank & Website Analysis Extension:

Chrome  | Firefox

2. Now let’s take Forbes just for example:

After I entered, I clicked on the Similarweb extension on the top:

kpi's in cryptocurrency marketing - Forbes example- Guerrillabuzz

The formula to calculate pageviews is straightforward:

Estimated Visits * Pages per Visit = Pageviews Per Month.

With Forbes for instance, the calculation will be – 104.9M * 3.02 = 316.7M Pageviews a month.

This simple formula will help you to get a better understanding of the web traffic for specific publications that you will appear on.
Another important method to evaluate the quality of the website you are currently mentioned on will be to check where their traffic is coming from (traffic source). To do that, we will have to divide the traffic sources into three different tiers, based on their GEO location.


We can easily divide the GEO locations to 3 different Tiers:

Tier 1 – GEO set that every ICO desires to work with. The wealthiest countries and the most competitive GEOs (USA, UK, France, Germany).

Tier 2 – Less competitive locations and lower average income per person (Brazil, Hong Kong, Israel).

Tier 3 – Developing countries and consumers with a low purchasing power (India, Bangladesh, Nigeria).


Let’s examine Forbes once again:

Forbes GEO Location PR Marketing GuerrillaBuzz

As you can see above, over 50% of Forbes’s traffic is coming from Tier 1 countries (50.29% the US, 5.87 UK, 4.26% Canada, 2.36% Australia). We can definitely say that Forbes is a top-tier (Tier 1) news website, since most of its traffic is coming from Tier 1 countries.

Using these two, simple steps to analyze both traffic volume(pageviews) and traffic locations as we did above, will help you to determine the Tier level of the publication (news/finance websites) your ICO/IEO/STO is mentioned in.

Media Mentions:

How popular is the campaign? How often is it talked about, or discussed in the media? This factor can help you measure your PR company performance by setting a specific mentions goal. For example, 4 mentions on a top-Tier finance website, 6 mentions on top Tier crypto websites, etc…

Content Quality:

As you probably know, content is king. When it comes down to PRs and content, at the end of the day, it’s all about the content quality and placement. You can have a bad article on a top-Tier website or have a great article on a low-Tier website, but these two won’t help you at all.
Your top KPI for PRs will be a combination of content and exposure. Typically, there are two ways to examine your content quality: sentimental analysis, and prominence. Sentimental analysis refers to the manner in which the campaign was talked about.

Was it in a positive light, or a negative light?
Was it a guest post you were mentioned on or one of the writers of the website who covers crypto projects who wrote about you? In that case, this is something that is very easy to check and analyze.

Prominence refers to how distinguished the campaign is in the media. Is it briefly mentioned deep within an article, or is it featured on the first page of the website? If the campaign doesn’t seem to be prominent, then the PR agency may decide to change the direction of their campaign. Either way, this is something that is very easy to verify and monitor. Simply read through the articles that your PR company is getting you covered in.



Impressions are a figure of the number of times your brand’s mention has potentially been seen. In your case, the impressions count will be the number of times that the article where your ICO/IEO/STO is featured was viewed/read. Most companies don’t favour this KPI as it is difficult to identify the merit of the number of impressions.
In your case, you should ask your PR agency to monitor the number of views their content receives, to provide you with insight into just how big their audience may be, and this KPI can support the other KPIs that we mentioned above.

Step #9: Guest Post, Your key to a free ICO PR



Guest posts help in building authority in your industry and in the crypto world.
Besides that it also a great way for your company to get featured on and might help you to develop great connections with strategic personnel on many different PR sites.

The key to guest posting is networking, the more relationships you build with people in your industry, the better.

Here is an example of a guest post that I have published:

ICO Marketing Checklist 2019 - from Social Media to Guerrilla Marketing - Guerrillabuzz

This guy has a beautiful smile!

According to Niel Patel. There are three main goals for guest blogging.

 1. Positioning yourself as an authority and well-known name in the industry.

2. Getting exposure (traffic) back to your website.
3. Building backlinks to your website.

So how can you get your first Guest Post?

There are dozens of Crypto news and PR sites. In most of them, you will find a page dedicated to guest posts.
Here’s an example.
Let’s say I want to launch a guest post on CoinTelegraph.
Just google:
– “CoinTelegraph Guest Post”
– “Submit post CoinTelegraph”

Guest Post ICO - Google Search Example - GuerrillaBuzz


Each News site has their own standards for approving Guest Posts.
Remember: If you want your content to get approved, you need to bring value to their site.

 CoinTelegraph PR ICO example - GuerrillaBuzz

Step #10: Real examples of GREAT ICOPR that will inspire you


This step is extremely important, and I recommend you put some time into it because there is nothing better than learning from other people’s experience, especially when your ICO PR marketing budget is on the line.

I collected 5 different PR articles that helped the companies featured there to get great exposure.

If you have examples of more high-quality PRs, you want to get into this list you can PM us or share it in the comment section at the bottom of this page.

Warren Buffet Learn from expirience Guerrillabuzz guide-min

Great ICO PR examples:

Example 1: Influencers

This interesting article received an insane exposure on social media because it shows a point of view on an influencer.
The influencer doesn’t have to speak directly about your company, you can choose influencer an quote, write your opinion about it and find a creative way to mention your company.


Russian nuclear scientists arrested for ‘Bitcoin mining plot’

Example 2: Bizare Stories

People love bizarre stories, When the crypto communities are full of similar content related to ICOs, you can get a lot of attraction by finding a cool, bizarre story to write about and find a creative way to talk about your company inside this article (or to go for a guest post).

South Korean Officials Caught Trading On Insider Knowledge of Crypto Regulations


Example 3: Fraud