by Yuval Halevi

Having a hard time running your blockchain PR campaign? Here are the three biggest reasons your not seeing any results.

Why Your Blockchain PR Is Not Showing Any Results

Many of the clients who reach us have common problem: Their Blockchain PR is campaign is not showing any results. In my opinion before you hire a blockchain marketing agency you have to get into the right mindset and understand why blockchain PR campaigns didn’t show you any results so far.

  1. Lack of Transparency
  2. Generic Content
  3. Zero Distribution

Lack Of Transparency:

It wasn’t that long ago that every blockchain project appearing on the internet claimed they could change the world, or completely decentralize certain industries.

Since then, a few years have passed and these grandiose claims have not been followed up.

This was the moment that I realized, can every blockchain company out there change the world? Definitely not is the answer.

A large number of these statements were marketing ploys that had the aim of causing investors to flock to that company’s particular ICO.

Many ICO founders and marketers were probably thinking “the words Blockchain and AI will drive investors”.

In fairness, they weren’t wrong, as, at the end of 2017, the ICO marketplace was booming.

In 2017, ICOs took a huge leap forward from the previous year, with $4 Billion being raised, which was a 40 fold increase in the amount raised in 2016.

$ Amount Raised by ICO's in 2017

Shortly after this, the ICO bubble had burst. In the space of a few weeks, the amount of funding raised by ICOs plummeted dramatically and along with it went the trust of investors and crypto enthusiasts in ICOs.

People had less capital, but they became more intelligent. In this time, when a project claims that they will change the world, much fewer people listen.

Listed Coins/Token

People starting looking for safer ways to invest in cryptocurrencies, however, with the logistical challenges of launching STOs and the limited investment potential in stablecoins, none of these alternatives provided the same potential upside as ICOs.

As a result, cryptocurrency investment has become much slower and more selective in present times.

So what does this mean for your Blockchain PR Campaign?:

In an industry where a large number of companies lie to get investment, the truth is worth a fortune. As a result of this, transparency is going to be at the heart of your Blockchain PR campaign.

The process of sharing your current project stage, problems, goals and development is a key factor in winning the trust of investors and enthusiasts alike.

Generic Content:

One of the biggest pitfalls of most Blockchain PR campaigns is the fact that most blockchain companies tailor their content in such a way that it sounds like they are simply saying “look at how amazing our company is, we are going to change the world”.

That method of PR no longer works with blockchain, due to the prevalence of scams in the market since 2017.

In fact, studies have shown that over 80% of ICOs in 2017 were scams, leading to decreased confidence from investors.

If you make content like this, it is likely that your project will fall by the wayside.

In the current climate, the best content that you can generate will be factual and to the point.

You should clearly outline what makes your company different from your competitors, as well as demonstrating the problem that you plan to solve and the means that you are going to use to achieve this.

Content of this nature will better capture the attention of investors and if people of influence in the crypto community see this type of content, they may be more willing to share it, which will get you even more attention.

Another great type of content to publish would be opinion pieces and intellectual discussions from members of your project, talking about an area where they have a large amount of expertise, whilst keeping the content relevant to your community.

The individuals who view this content may become interested in the ventures of the author and will be more likely to come across your project, broadening your potential investor pool. In contrast, if you are posting non-engaging, generic content as a founder of a company, you’re not going to drive interest in your project.

Zero Distribution: 

One of the most sure-fire ways in which you can guarantee that your Blockchain PR Campaign will fail is if you put minimal effort and emphasis on the distribution of your content.

You can’t just create a website and a LinkedIn page and expect investors to come flocking to you, even if you have a decent ranking on search engines.

You need to make yourself as visible as possible, and to be visible, you will need to distribute your non-generic content to as many platforms as you possibly can.

In the crypto market, there are a few great crypto communities where you can share your content and the likelihood is, if you distribute good content to these platforms, you will get recognized. 

Firstly, one of the easiest possible ways to distribute content is to use social media and platforms such as Reddit, Medium and LinkedIn are rife with cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Ideally, you should be distributing content to these platforms long before you launch your project.

On these platforms, users are very likely to share interesting content and this acts as a great, free method of distribution. In fact, ⅔ Americans get their news from social media, making social media a great avenue into the public consciousness.

Despite the fact that a large number of users are skeptical of online news, there is still considerable potential there.

News through Social Media


Another great avenue of distribution would be to write guest posts on cryptocurrency publications.

The content that you use for these posts does not have to be about your project and it should also create a good, intellectual discussion for the audience, however, if you can mention your project then there is no harm in doing so.

A high-quality guest post on a popular crypto news site that fully explains the problem your project is planning to solve and why it merits being solved will go a long way in securing the interest and trust of potential investors.

If you are too stuck for time to manage this yourself, you may want to think about outsourcing this to a Blockchain PR firm.

Some examples of popular cryptocurrency outlets for guest posting are below.

Widely distributing high-quality content to a number of different outlets is a great way of building a community around your project.

This community will then begin to spread your project through word-of-mouth and the internet, which will open up even more avenues for your company.

By following the three “what-not-to-do tips” and enacting our advice in your PR plan, your Blockchain PR efforts will begin to show more favorable results, very quickly. Be honest with people, create amazing, original content and distribute it to as many places as possible!

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