by Yuval Halevi

I was always fascinated by the marketing world.

There was something in the combination of creativity and persuasion that make it feel like a challenge I want to achieve.

Making people entertain, and give them insights at the same time.

Impact people minds while giving them valuable product/service they never knew they need before.

Marketing is an art.

But in many cases, this art is used in the wrong way.

This Is What We Learned From Working With More Than 50 Blockchain Companies

At the end of 2017, the crypto market was at its peak.

‘The ease and freedom provided by an ICO have led to a boom in the blockchain industry, in 2017, money raised through ICOs topped $6.2 Billion.’


Blockchain marketing guide ICO raised 2017 - Guerrillabuzz

Due to the unregulated nature of ICOs, they are very susceptible to fraudulent activity, and a large number of investors have been left out of pocket by shark-like businesses who will create an ICO, then take the money and run.

Furthermore, due to there being no regulation for ICOs, stolen money can almost never be recovered.

The statistics make for fairly damning reading.

According to a study produced by Satis Group LLC ,81% of ICOs that they analyzed had been found to be scams.

Further to this, 6% had actually failed, 5% had gone dark and only 8% went to trade on an exchange.

This doesn’t make for very good odds for investors.

After seeing many ICOs running away with their investor’s money and endless false marketing campaigns that tricked investors to invest in something that doesn’t exist I’ve decided to open GuerrillaBuzz

Our goal was simple: We wanted to bring blockchain companies’ real value by showing the community more sides of an ICO beside ‘Make 3000% on your investment’.

We worked hard on creating a brand around ICOs/STOs/Blockchain companies.

In this post, I’m gonna share with you what we learned from working with more than 50 blockchain companies.

This is part of the full blockchain marketing guide.

Lessons Learned from Working With ICOs/STOs/Blockchain companies:

  • You’re not an ICO you’re a company:

    I know it sounds a bit strange, But many ICOs live only to raise funds. They forget they have a product/service to develop and followers/investors they are obligated to. If you’re an ICO/STO/Blockchain company, make sure you keep your community updated after your fundraising has ended.

    Do your best to give them what you promised. The ICO is just an early phrase in your company life cycle.
    Your company will be measured by:
    – How well you manage the funds you raised.
    – How active you will be in your niche and with your community.
    – Partnerships you will develop, with strategic partners.
    – Reaching milestones on time.
    – Creating high-quality engaging content that attracts new potential customers to your project.

    And much more…

  • A community is like trust, you can’t buy it, you need to earn it:

    Let’s imagine this scenario; You found about an ICO/STO/Blockchain company in a popular ICO listing site.
    You get into their Telegram and you see they have 93k members.
    There is zero conversation in the chat, and their website seems to get no traffic at all (According to SimilarWeb)Dont fake your popularity-GUERRILLABUZZ blockchain marketing
    Yet, so many ICO/STO and blockchain companies fake their community. I can’t see the value in creating this fake image because it might be ‘good’ only for the fundraising, But at some point, in the very near future, creating a fake community will harm your brand. Don’t afraid to build your community from scratch, You don’t have to act like something you’re not. Community, followers, and supporters it’s something you build over time and it’s better to have 500 real active followers than 98,000 bots.

  • Paying thousands of dollars on a PR article might be wrong:

    When hundreds of ICO/STO/IEO pay CoinTelegraph, CoinDesk, DailyHodl, CCN, and few other websites thousands of dollars per it creates inflation in how respected this article is by the eyes of the investors and traders community.


    Well, it’s simple.

    2 years ago, an article about an ICO could change the market direction. There were fewer companies in the ecosystem and every announcment about innovation would create a lot of buzz. Over time the number of companies in the ecosystem has grown significantly, and so does the number of articles that feature those blockchain companies.

    The result?

    The trader’s community became naive about new content related to ICOs/STOs/IEOs.

    Why I’m telling you this?
    In GuerrillaBuzz we are working day and night to improve the marketing level in the blockchain world.
    Besides working with hundreds of clients in the last few years like Bancor (Raised more than 134 Million USD), PolySwarm (Raised 24 Million USD), CoolWallet (Sold more than 100,000 Hardware wallets worldwide).

    We also give a lot of attention to creating high-quality content (for free) and share it with the community.
    Some of our popular content:
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    – How to Launch an STO- The Complete Guide 

    – The Complete 118+ Free ICO Listing and Rating Sites

    Also check our our most comprehensive posts about Blockchain Marketing, Blockchain PR, and Crypto SEO.


    I’m suggesting our readers (You!) the same thing as I’m suggesting to our clients. Being featured on a respected news website is a positive thing and might help your marketing efforts, but in most cases, it’s not the key to success.

    After launching the article you will need to distribute it in order to maximize the exposure and create a buzz in the crypto community.

    If you’re about to launch an ICO/STO/IEC and need marketing tips for your campaigns you can contact us or send me a PM on