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Crypto Earned Media: What is it, Top Agencies, & Tips

If you’re aiming to elevate your company’s visibility or already have a well-established brand that’s frequently mentioned in various publications, there’s always an opportunity to generate more buzz and expand your reach. In the world of public relations, especially in the sensitive crypto community, costly PR strategies and content perceived as mere promotional ‘shilling’ often miss the mark. The key lies in securing more organic PR. This article will guide you through the leading agencies in this domain, elucidating what crypto earned media is, its significance, and the best practices to leverage it effectively. Let’s dive in:

What is Crypto Earned Media? Definition

Crypto Earned Media happens when your cryptocurrency brand or product is mentioned in news, blogs, or on social media without directly paying for that coverage. Although hiring a PR firm to help get this media attention does cost money, the actual media coverage itself is free. This distinction is crucial in the crypto world, as earned media is valued for its authenticity and trustworthiness, contrasting with paid ads or sponsored content.

The Importance of Crypto Earned Media for Your Company

Exposure is crucial for companies, especially in crypto, blockchain and web3 world. While paid PR seems straightforward, it’s not as effective as earned media for spotlighting your brand. Earned media, gained through organic mentions, builds brand trust and credibility more effectively.

Crypto Earned Media vs. Paid PR: Understanding the Difference

For clearer insight, here’s a comparison between paid PR and earned media:

FeaturePaid PREarned Media
NatureDirectly financed communicationOrganic mentions
PerceptionSeen as paid endorsementViewed as genuine interest
ImpactLimited in trust and credibilityBuilds trust and awareness

This comparison highlights why earned media is vital for genuine, impactful brand presence in the crypto industry

What are the Benefits of Working with a Crypto Earned Media Agency?

Working with a Crypto Earned Media Agency can significantly enhance your brand’s reach and reputation in the cryptocurrency market. These agencies specialize in generating organic media attention and offer strategic expertise for effective marketing. Below is an overview of the primary benefits, along with expert insights and actionable tips.

BenefitDetailed DescriptionExpert Insight & Tips
Time-SavingAgencies handle the complexities of PR, reducing the time your team spends on media outreach.Tip: Communicate goals and review progress regularly.
Access to New OpportunitiesThey provide access to a broader range of media channels and audiences, including niche markets.Insight: Focus on platforms where your specific audience is most active.
Cost-EfficiencyWorking with experts helps avoid expensive and ineffective PR strategies, ensuring better use of your budget.Tip: Evaluate their track record and ask for successful case studies.
Higher Success RatesExperienced agencies have a proven track record of securing media coverage, increasing the likelihood of success.Insight: Discuss their approach to measuring and adapting strategies.
Expanded NetworkAgencies bring established relationships with media outlets and influencers, expanding your reach.Tip: Utilize their network for broader collaborations, not just PR.
Focus on Core BusinessDelegating PR to an agency allows your team to focus on product development and other core activities.Insight: Clearly define roles to ensure effective collaboration.

How do cryptocurrency earned media firms secure media coverage?

Cryptocurrency earned media firms employ a variety of tactics to secure media coverage and enhance brand presence in the digital currency market. These strategies are tailored to the unique landscape of the crypto world, focusing on building authentic and impactful media relationships. Below are key methods used by these firms, distilled into practical insights for anyone looking to understand their approach.”

  • Strategic Storytelling: They develop compelling narratives that resonate with the target audience and media outlets, crafting unique angles and stories around your brand that capture interest.
  • Media Relationship Building: These firms leverage existing relationships with journalists, bloggers, and influencers in the crypto space, engaging regularly with media professionals to keep your brand top-of-mind.
  • Targeted Pitching: Identifying and approaching the right media outlets that align with your brand’s audience and goals is crucial. They customize pitches for each outlet to increase the likelihood of coverage.
  • Content Creation and Distribution: High-quality, informative content such as press releases, articles, and reports are produced and distributed through various channels to maximize reach and impact.
  • Monitoring Industry Trends: Staying abreast of the latest trends and news in the crypto market is key. These firms adapt strategies to align with current events and emerging discussions.
  • Influencer Partnerships: Collaborating with influential figures in the crypto community helps amplify your message, utilizing influencers’ networks to gain credibility and wider exposure.
  • Event Participation and Sponsorship: Engaging in industry events, webinars, and conferences increases visibility, with sponsorship of events when appropriate to associate your brand with key industry happenings.
  • Social Media Engagement: Active participation in social media conversations related to crypto is essential. Platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit are used to build community and authority.

Each of these strategies reflects the expertise and approach of cryptocurrency earned media firms in securing valuable media coverage, offering insights into their effective methods.

Key Factors in Selecting a Crypto Earned Media Agency

Selecting the right crypto earned media agency is crucial for effective brand promotion. With numerous options available, it’s important to evaluate them based on specific criteria. The following table outlines essential factors to consider, ensuring you choose an agency that aligns with your brand’s needs and goals.

Factor to ConsiderWhy It's ImportantWhat to Look For
Establishment YearLonger-established agencies often have more connectionsEstablished reputation, industry presence
Website and Blog QualityReflects the agency's attention to detail and qualityProfessional design, engaging and original content
Client TestimonialsIndicates past success and client satisfactionPositive feedback, successful case studies
Industry SpecializationEnsures relevant expertise and strategiesDeep understanding of crypto trends and audience
Additional Niche ExpertiseBeneficial for targeting specific segmentsExperience in sectors like tech, development, or finance
Communication StyleKey for transparency and effective collaborationResponsiveness, clear strategy communication
Cost vs. ValueDetermines return on investmentReasonable pricing for the services and value offered
Cultural FitEnsures alignment with your company's valuesSimilar work ethos, compatible communication style

Top Crypto Earned Media Agencies:


Since 2017, GuerrillaBuzz has been at the forefront of the crypto earned media space, successfully boosting numerous blockchain, crypto and Web3 companies to become industry leaders. They specialize in organic content marketing and effective distribution strategies, using their in-depth knowledge to increase client visibility. Their approach to SEO and unique content creation ensures sustainable growth and increased media presence.

screenshoot of GuerrillaBuzz homepage

Known for their robust relationships with key journalists, GuerrillaBuzz excels in securing organic client features in top-tier publications like Cointelegraph and Decrypt. They specialize in crafting viral content that resonates with the crypto community, thus enhancing organic reach and engagement.

Key Features:

  • Established in 2017, showcasing a strong track record in crypto earned media.
  • Extensive network within leading crypto publications.
  • Expertise in SEO and crafting compelling technical content.
  • Proficient in organic content distribution, with a focus on community platforms like Reddit.

X10 Agency

10X Agency homepage screenshot

X10 Agency is a Web3 public relations, excels in promoting decentralized technology projects. They’re known for their strategic storytelling and strong media connections in the Web3 space.

Strengths of X10 Agency:

  • Storytelling: Expert in creating engaging narratives for the Web3 audience.
  • Targeting: Skilled in identifying and reaching the Web3 market.
  • Content Creation: Produces impactful Web3-focused content.
  • Media Networking: Has strong ties with key Web3 journalists and outlets.
  • Strategic Advice: Offers in-depth strategy and crisis management in Web3.


Cryptoken Media:

Cryptoken Media homepage screenshot

Cryptoken Media excels in full-service marketing for the crypto and blockchain sector, focusing on innovative and effective strategies to enhance project visibility.

Strengths of Cryptoken Media:

  • Content & PR: Skilled in impactful content marketing and digital PR.
  • Advertising: Expertise in mobile, video, and programmatic advertising.
  • Influencer & Social Media: Proficient in influencer marketing and social media campaigns.
  • SEO & PPC: Specialized in SEO optimization and targeted PPC campaigns.
  • Conversion Optimization: Focused on improving conversion rates for crypto projects.


Coinpresso homepage screenshot

Coinpresso is a leading crypto marketing agency, known for their strategic and innovative approach to boosting crypto projects.

Strengths of Coinpresso:

  • Marketing Expertise: Specializes in integrated crypto marketing strategies.
  • SEO & PPC: Skilled in effective search engine optimization and pay-per-click campaigns.
  • Content & Social Media: Proficient in engaging content creation and social media.
  • Influencer Collaboration: Utilizes influencer networks for brand enhancement.
  • Web & App Development: Focused on crypto-specific web development and app optimization.


PRLab homepage screenshot

PRLab emerges as a specialized Crypto PR agency, distinguished for its adept handling of public relations within the dynamic field of cryptocurrencies. The agency is recognized for its expertise in crafting tailored PR strategies that resonate within the crypto community.

Strengths of PRLab:

  • Targeted PR Strategies: Focused on creating custom PR approaches for crypto businesses.
  • SEO Integration: Expertise in enhancing organic traffic through strategic SEO.
  • Media Training: Skilled in building media relationships and team training.
  • Digital PR: Adapting traditional PR principles to digital platforms effectively.
  • Diverse Sector Coverage: Providing specialized PR services across various locations and sectors within the tech industry.


In this article, we covered the pivotal role of crypto earned media in establishing authentic brand visibility and trust within the cryptocurrency market. Unlike conventional PR tactics, earned media in crypto offers genuine, impactful exposure, critical in this rapidly evolving industry. By harnessing the expertise of specialized agencies, businesses can significantly elevate their presence in a landscape where credibility is key to success.


How Does Crypto Earned Media Impact SEO and Online Visibility?

Crypto earned media boosts SEO by generating natural, high-quality backlinks from various publications and social media platforms. These backlinks enhance your site’s authority and credibility in search engines, leading to improved search rankings. Additionally, organic mentions increase brand visibility and can drive direct traffic to your website.

Yes, adaptability is key in crypto earned media. Strategies must be nimble to respond to the fast-paced changes in the crypto market. This involves staying updated with the latest trends, regulatory changes, and technological advancements, and tweaking the media strategy accordingly to maintain relevance and effectiveness.

What Role Does Community Engagement Play in Crypto Earned Media Success?

Community engagement is crucial in crypto earned media. The crypto world is community-driven, with platforms like Reddit, Discord, and Telegram playing significant roles. Engaging with these communities helps in building trust, authenticity, and a loyal following, which are essential for the organic spread of information and positive brand perception.

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