by Yuval Halevi
31 Best Crypto YouTube Channels Worth Watching [Top Picks]

The crypto space moves at lightning speed. What was the latest and greatest a few months ago might be ancient history today. New tech, projects, and trends pop up daily, making it hard to keep up. The crypto world is overflowing with spammy sites and low-quality news, so finding content that’s truly valuable, unique, and out-of-the-box is no easy feat.

Enter crypto YouTube channels—your secret weapon for staying ahead of the curve. Did you know that according to Statista, over 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute? It’s the go-to platform for discovering fresh perspectives and cutting-edge insights in the crypto world.

I’ve spent days scouring the depths of YouTube to bring you a list of the best crypto channels out there. It wasn’t easy, but I believe in providing content that brings real value. I’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to.

So, if you’re tired of sifting through the noise and want the real deal, look no further. Let’s dive into the top crypto YouTube channels you need to follow in 2024.

Here are the best cryptocurrency YouTubers to follow in 2024:

Coin Bureau

CoinBureau screenshot

Coin Bureau is one of the most-subscribed crypto YouTube channels with the motto to facilitate the mass adoption of cryptocurrency.

Known for its in-depth content and reliable information, the channel provides viewers with detailed analysis, updates, and recommendations related to crypto investments.

Channel Name: Coin Bureau

Run By: Guy Turner

In YouTube Since: Jan 16, 2019

Location: United Arab Emirates

Number of Subscribers: 2.48 million

Total Videos: 1200+

Total Video Views: 242 million+

Topics Covered:

  • Review of top crypto exchanges
  • Bitcoin and Ethereum price analysis
  • Opportunities for obtaining free crypto through airdrops
  • Price forecasts for various cryptocurrencies
  • Bitcoin Runes tutorials
  • Discussion of essential tools and apps for optimizing crypto investments
  • Recommendations and analysis of promising meme coins
  • Effects of market events and political changes on crypto
  • Updates on key crypto projects like Fantom and Solana

Why Should You Watch? Coin Bureau offers technical analysis of charts and trends and is transparent about its sources and methodologies, giving viewers confidence in the information presented.

Altcoin Daily

AltcoinDaily youtube channel screenshot

Altcoin Daily offers daily updates on Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, Cardano, Metaverse, and more. The channel offers informative content, including market analysis, investment strategies, and expert interviews.

Channel Name: Altcoin Daily

Run By: Austin and Aaron Arnold

In YouTube Since: Jan 30, 2018

Location: United States

Number of Subscribers: 1.47 million

Total Videos: 2700+

Total Video Views: 225 million+

Topics Covered:

  • Stock market trends and potential impact on crypto
  • Expert analysis and predictions for Bitcoin’s future price
  • Cryptocurrency market trends and predictions
  • Top altcoin picks and investment opportunities
  • Insights from prominent figures like Cathie Wood on Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • Advice on building a crypto portfolio for long-term gains
  • Factors driving the current cryptocurrency bull run

Why Should You Watch? The channel discusses the importance of diversifying your cryptocurrency portfolio and provides tips on how to do so effectively. You can find insider tips and reviews of various altcoins, offering real-world insights into their features, use cases, and growth potential.


BitBoy screenshot

BitBoy crypto morning show is one of the largest crypto communities online. It offers game-changing crypto news for beginners and experienced investors. The show also shares tutorials, tips, reviews, and in-depth guides on altcoins, Ethereum ETFs, Stablecoins, AI tokens, and others.

Channel Name: BitBoy

Run By: Ben Armstrong

In YouTube Since: Sep 6, 2023

Location: United States

Number of Subscribers: 117K

Total Videos: 400+

Total Video Views: 8 million+

Topics Covered:

  • altcoin investment strategies
  • Cryptocurrency market analysis
  • Bitcoin and altcoin price predictions
  • Reviews and analysis of specific cryptocurrencies
  • Discussions on blockchain technology
  • Updates on the most pressing news and trends in the crypto space

Why Should You Watch? Ben Armstrong is an experienced crypto investor who offers tested and profitable trading ideas and strategies.

Crypto Casey

crypto casey youtube channel screenshot

Crypto Casey is one of the most sought-after YouTube channels on crypto. Run by Casey Henry, she explores modern-day opportunities for generating wealth through digital assets and blockchain innovations.

Her videos are insightful and easy to understand. They cover everything from the latest crypto news, bull run, and expert predictions to guides on profit-taking strategies.

Channel Name: Crypto Casey

Run By: Casey Henry

In YouTube Since: Jun 6, 2017

Location: United States

Number of Subscribers: 582K

Total Videos: 400+

Total Video Views: 27 million+

Topics Covered:

  • Information on new digital assets and blockchain technologies
  • Strategies for achieving financial freedom through cryptocurrencies
  • Reviews and analysis of wallets and trading platforms
  • Market analysis and predictions for bitcoin and altcoins
  • Guides for beginners on topics like how to take profits in crypto, understanding different types of investors, and picking crypto in bear markets

Why Should You Watch? Each week, Crypto Casey hosts “Last Week Crypto,” a series that discusses the performance of major cryptocurrencies, highlights the top gainers and examines the latest global news impacting the crypto market.

Benjamin Cowen (Into the Cryptoverse)

Benjamin Cowen screenshot

Benjamin Cowen offers high-quality cryptocurrency education focusing on in-depth metrics driving the market.

Unlike many others who rely on memes and slogans, Benjamin provides practical analysis from an academic perspective, leveraging his science, engineering, and programmatic background.

Channel Name: Benjamin Cowen (Into the Cryptoverse)

Run By: Benjamin Cowen

In YouTube Since: Jun 14, 2019

Location: United States

Number of Subscribers: 802K

Total Videos: 2200+

Total Video Views: 113 million

Topics Covered:

  • Bitcoin market cycles
  • Price analysis and predictions
  • Ethereum and its Market Outlook
  • Cardano (ADA) outlook
  • Bitcoin halving and its impact
  • Macroeconomics and its influence on the crypto market

Why Should You Watch? His approach aims to make complex metrics accessible and useful for the community, steering away from mere price predictions. With a level-headed approach, Benjamin delivers information to help viewers research different coins effectively.

Crypto Zombie

CryptoZombie youtube channel screenshot

Crypto Zombie updates Bitcoin, altcoins, and the entire cryptocurrency market daily.

The channel also provides practical tutorials on trading platforms, detailed reviews, and the latest fintech news.

Channel Name: Crypto Zombie

Run By: Kyle (K-Dub)

In YouTube Since: Dec 31, 2017

Location: United States

Number of Subscribers: 263K

Total Videos: 1500+

Total Video Views: 43 million+

Topics Covered:

  • Trading tutorials and platform reviews
  • Breaking financial news and analysis
  • Cryptocurrency investment strategies
  • Insights into major cryptocurrencies like BTC and Ethereum
  • Bitcoin and crypto emergency alerts

Why Should You Watch? The channel covers the latest happenings in Bitcoin and altcoins, emerging blockchain technologies, and innovative fintech trends. CryptoZombie’s engaging and straightforward presentation style makes complex topics easy to understand.

Oscar Ramos

OscarRamos youtube channel screenshot

Oscar Ramos covers crypto, DeFi, and Web3 and offers a wealth of information on various topics, including cryptocurrency trading, altcoins, price predictions, and market analysis.

The channel features live streams, breaking news updates, and detailed insights into popular and emerging crypto projects like Shiba Inu, Cardano, and Algorand.

Channel Name: Oscar Ramos

Run By: Oscar Ramos

In YouTube Since: Apr 11, 2020

Location: United States

Number of Subscribers: 82.3K

Total Videos: 3000+

Total Video Views: 15 million+

Topics Covered:

  • Analysis of the potential of various altcoins, including JASMY Coin and PEPE Coin.
  • Breaking news on major cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, USDT, Tether, BNB, Solana, and others.
  • Tips and strategies for making profitable crypto investments.
  • Explorations into decentralized finance and the evolution of the Web3 ecosystem.
  • Real-time discussions and Q&A sessions on the latest crypto trends and news.

Why Should You Watch? He offershonest assessments of upcoming crypto projects and tokens and participates in live streams where he shares real-time updates and analysis, giving viewers a competitive edge.

Austin Hilton

AustinHilton youtube channel screenshot

Austin Hilton provides timely updates and insights in Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, Pepe Crypto, and other meme coins. His channel offers valuable analysis and predictions, helping viewers stay informed and make educated decisions in the fast-paced crypto market.

Channel Name: Austin Hilton

Run By: Austin Hilton

In YouTube Since: May 22, 2015

Location: United States

Number of Subscribers: 270K

Total Videos: 5200+

Total Video Views: 62 million+

Topics Covered:

  • Reviews of new crypto projects and presales.
  • Discussions on the overall state of the crypto market and predictions for its future.
  • Explanations of why certain market movements or events occurred.
  • Information on airdrops and opportunities for cryptocurrency holders.

Why Should You Watch? He regularly shares special discounts and offers. You can also become a paid member of his inner circle, where you can get access to his portfolio containing the coins he owns and receive hot crypto alerts.

Jacob Crypto Bury

JacobCryptoBury youtube channel screenshot

Jacob Crypto Bury focuses on meme coins and emerging crypto projects with high growth potential.

He also offers trading signals and early gem calls in his Discord community to help viewers achieve their crypto goals.

Jacob keeps his audience informed and entertained through engaging content and social media platforms. He always emphasizes the importance of research, never risking more than one can afford to lose.

Channel Name: Jacob Crypto Bury

Run By: Jacob Bury

In YouTube Since: Aug 24, 2017

Location: United Kingdom

Number of Subscribers: 40.1K

Total Videos: 2000+

Total Video Views: 2 million+

Topics Covered:

  • Crypto price predictions
  • Presales and new crypto projects
  • Trading signals and strategies
  • Recent crypto developments

Why Should You Watch? He provides insights into meme coins like NOTCOIN, FLOKI, PEPE, JASMY COIN, and MAGA with the potential for significant growth, discussing which ones might be the next 10x or 100x investment.

Michael Wrubel

Michael Wrubel youtube channel screenshot

Michael Wrubel is a valuable resource for individuals interested in investment strategies, particularly those related to cryptocurrency and stock markets.

He shares insightful videos on ETF investing, cryptocurrency opportunities, stock market trends, and reviews of investment apps and platforms.

Channel Name: Michael Wrubel

Run By: Michael Wrubel

In YouTube Since: Nov 19, 2019

Location: United States

Number of Subscribers: 312K

Total Videos: 2000+

Total Video Views: 62 million+

Topics Covered:

  • Cryptocurrency analysis
  • Market trends and predictions
  • New crypto project discussions

Why Should You Watch? Michael provides a balanced approach to discussing investment opportunities, making his channel a useful resource for novice and experienced investors.

Crypto Capital Venture

CryptoCapitalVenture youtube channel screenshot

Crypto Capital Venture offers daily crypto market analysis and news. Hosted by Dan, the channel offers insights into Bitcoin’s price predictions, altcoin coverage, and macrocycles.

The channel also features technical analysis, charting, and updates on various cryptocurrencies, such as Cardano and Avalanche.

Channel Name: Crypto Capital Venture

Run By: Dan Gambardello

In YouTube Since: Dec 6, 2017

Location: United States

Number of Subscribers: 366K

Total Videos: 2000+

Total Video Views: 45 million

Topics Covered:

  • Daily crypto market analysis
  • Bitcoin price predictions and analysis
  • altcoin market trends and updates
  • Coverage of specific cryptocurrencies like Cardano, Ethereum, and Bitcoin
  • Discussions on market cycles and trends
  • Updates on regulatory developments and their impact on the crypto market

Why Should You Watch? Dan is one of the best vloggers for learning more about crypto charts and news because his coverage stems from years of on-chain and charting data.


99Bitcoins screenshot

99Bitcoins is a popular cryptocurrency channel sharing videos on cryptocurrencies, including presales, price predictions, and news about meme coins and other altcoins. It also provides educational content, explaining concepts like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and mining in simple terms.

Channel Name: 99Bitcoins

Run By: Ofir Beigel

In YouTube Since: Jul 19, 2015

Location: United States

Number of Subscribers: 706K

Total Videos: 600+

Total Video Views: 40 million+

Topics Covered:

  • Highlighting presales with the potential for significant returns.
  • Discussing meme coins and their potential for high returns.
  • Speculating on the price movements of various altcoins.
  • Providing updates and news about the cryptocurrency market.
  • GameStop (GME) Price Predictions

Why Should You Watch? From educational videos on Bitcoin mining, trading, and wallets to weekly crypto updates, Ofir offers an honest take on Bitcoin investments and modern trading strategies.

Ellio Trades

EllioTrades youtube channel screenshot

Ellio Trades is a YouTube channel dedicated to discussing crypto market trends.

The channel provides insights into altcoins and their potential for significant gains, featuring urgent and detailed analyses of which coins to buy or sell.

The host, Elliot, shares predictions for altcoin performance, warnings about market trends, and advice on maximizing profits in the crypto space.

Channel Name: EllioTrades

Run By: Elliot Wainman

In YouTube Since: Jan 4, 2018

Location: United States

Number of Subscribers: 636K

Total Videos: 1000+

Total Video Views: 52 million+

Topics Covered:

  • Urgent buying recommendations for specific altcoins
  • Warnings about potential market trends and risks
  • Analysis of cryptocurrency market dips and buying opportunities
  • Predictions on altcoin performance and potential gains
  • Advice on when to sell cryptocurrency for maximum profit
  • Strategies for maximizing profits and navigating market volatility

Why Should You Watch? The channel offers up-to-date information on cryptocurrency market trends, including buying, selling, and investment opportunities.

Crypto Face

CryptoFace youtube channel screenshot

Crypto Face offers real-time updates on support and resistance levels, market anxiety, and potential big moves in the cryptocurrency market. The channel also provides educational content on trading techniques and cryptocurrency market analysis.

Channel Name: Crypto Face

Run By: Jeff Centrella

In YouTube Since: Jan 24, 2018

Number of Subscribers: 220K

Total Videos: 1500+

Total Video Views: 20 million+

Topics Covered:

  • Analysis of Bitcoin and altcoin Trends
  • Reviews of trading tools like Market Cipher
  • Real-time updates on support and resistance levels

Why Should You Watch? You can witness live trading with substantial amounts, offering a real-time view of trading strategies in action.

Alex Becker’s Channel

AlexBeckersChannel youtube channel screenshot

Alex Becker’s Channel provides insights and analysis on the cryptocurrency market, highlighting coins that may experience significant growth.

Additionally, the channel covers motivational and lifestyle topics, aiming to inspire viewers in their personal and financial endeavors.

Channel Name: Alex Becker’s Channel

Run By: Alex Becker

In YouTube Since: Jan 15, 2015

Number of Subscribers: 1.44 million

Total Videos: 200+

Total Video Views: 64 million+

Topics Covered:

  • Cryptocurrency insights and analysis
  • Investment strategies for cryptocurrencies
  • Market analysis and predictions
  • Motivational content
  • Lifestyle advice
  • Warnings and alerts about market risks

Why Should You Watch? One of the best reasons for watching Alex is that he issues warnings or alerts about potential risks or market downturns, advising viewers on protecting their investments.

Whiteboard Crypto

WhiteboardCrypto youtube channel screenshot

Whiteboard Crypto is a YouTube channel for crypto education. It explains cryptocurrency topics using analogies, stories, and examples to facilitate understanding.

Hosted by Theodore, the channel covers many topics, including blockchain, cryptocurrency projects, scams, and development.

Channel Name: Whiteboard Crypto

Run By: Theodore

In YouTube Since: Mar 20, 2021

Location: United States

Number of Subscribers: 916K

Total Videos: 130+

Total Video Views: 29 million+

Topics Covered:

  • Liquid staking and restaking (LST and LRT)
  • Lowering your taxes with crypto
  • Active vs passive income in crypto
  • The GameFi cycle
  • Detailed explanation of cold hardware wallets and their perfect use cases
  • Step-by-step guide on creating tokens with ERC20 code
  • Tutorial on creating, deploying, and selling generative art NFTs for beginners

Why Should You Watch? Whether you’re new to crypto or looking to deepen your knowledge, Whiteboard Crypto provides valuable insights in a clear and accessible manner.


youtube channel screenshot

aantonop is a leading source for free, unbiased educational videos on Bitcoin and open blockchain technologies.

The channel offers guidance on Bitcoin’s impact on finance and the internet, understanding cryptocurrencies, the future of money, and the potential of blockchain technology.

Channel Name: aantonop

Run By: Andreas M. Antonopoulos

In YouTube Since: May 14, 2006

Location: United States

Number of Subscribers: 333K

Total Videos: 700+

Total Video Views: 17 million+

Topics Covered:

  • Bitcoin history, technology, and impact on finance and society.
  • Blockchain technology, its applications, and its potential.
  • Tips and best practices for securing cryptocurrencies include multisig wallets and digital security.
  • Discussions on how Bitcoin and blockchain can empower individuals and promote financial sovereignty.
  • Announcements and content related to educational workshops and resources for learning about Bitcoin and self-custody.

Why Should You Watch? Antonopoulos discusses practical aspects like key management, mining, and using the Lightning Network. His content is renowned for its clarity and depth, making complex topics accessible to beginners and experts alike.


CryptoWendyO youtube channel screenshot

WendyO, a Los Angeles-based crypto analyst, hosts CryptoWendyO (The O Show). Her channel covers topics ranging from meme coins and AI crypto to regulatory updates and market analysis.

She offers viewers informative content and engaging discussions, making it a valuable resource for new and skilled crypto traders.

Channel Name: CryptoWendyO

Run By: Wendy O

In YouTube Since: Apr 19, 2018

Location: United States

Number of Subscribers: 214K

Total Videos: 1900+

Total Video Views: 19 million

Topics Covered:

  • New crypto regulation and market updates
  • Information on anti-CBDC bill and crypto tax changes
  • Crypto Bull Run Speculation

Why Should You Watch? You can uncover exclusive interviews with industry experts, learn about exclusive trends in cryptocurrency, and explore potential investment opportunities.

Lark Davis

lark davis youtube channel screenshot

Lark Davis, known as the Crypto Lark, is a popular YouTuber and seasoned investor in Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and stocks. He offers insights into market trends, portfolio diversification, and

strategies for growing wealth.

With over 3.4K videos, Lark covers a wide range of topics, including exclusive interviews, technical analysis, and emerging trends in the BTC space.

Channel Name: TheCryptoLark

Run By: Lark Davis

In YouTube Since: Oct 28, 2009

Location: New Zealand

Number of Subscribers: 546K

Total Videos: 3400+

Total Video Views: 85 million

Topics Covered:

  • Best cryptocurrencies to buy and sell
  • Crypto gaming coins and bull run
  • Memecoins and Solana Airdrops
  • Toncoin, Theta, XRP, and Bitcoin double top cycle theory
  • Crypto wallets, scams, and leaked reports

Why Should You Watch? Whether you want to learn the basics or stay updated with the latest market news, Lark’s channel is a must-watch for viewers interested in cryptocurrency investing.

Miles Deutscher

Miles Deutscher youtube channel screenshot

Miles Deutscher is a crypto analyst and investor offering insights into DeFi and credible reviews of hot crypto projects. With over five years of investing experience, Miles shares his passion for crypto, DeFi, and personal finance, helping viewers diversify their portfolios, grow their wealth, and make informed investment decisions.

Channel Name: Miles Deutscher

Run By: Miles Deutscher

In YouTube Since: Feb 25, 2021

Number of Subscribers: 181K

Total Videos: 200+

Total Video Views: 7 million+

Topics Covered:

  • Identifying bullish signals in the market
  • Building an altcoin portfolio for the current bull run
  • altcoins to consider before a market pump
  • Strategies for multiplying investments in a short period
  • Unprecedented events in the crypto market
  • Capitalizing on time-sensitive opportunities
  • Rebalancing altcoin portfolios
  • High-conviction altcoin picks
  • Managing meme coin investments
  • Post-Bitcoin halving scenarios
  • Protecting a crypto portfolio from losses

Why Should You Watch? Miles’ channel is a valuable resource for both seasoned pros and crypto newcomers, from exploring the latest altcoins to providing market analysis and predictions.

Crypto Archie

Crypto Archie screenshot

Crypto Archie’s channel focuses on meme coins and high-potential altcoins, offering price predictions and investment advice. Archie highlights upcoming meme coins with potential for significant gains, emphasizing their potential for 20x to 100x returns.

The channel also covers emerging trends in the cryptocurrency market, such as the impact of an Ethereum ETF on altcoin prices. Additionally, Archie explores the potential of various Layer 1 blockchain projects and their potential to make millionaires in 2024.

Channel Name: CryptoArchie

Run By: Archie H

In YouTube Since: Feb 12, 2022

Location: United Kingdom

Number of Subscribers: 83.3K

Total Videos: 200+

Total Video Views: 1 million+

Topics Covered:

  • Price predictions for various meme coins
  • Investment advice on meme coins and high-potential altcoins
  • Interviews with key figures in the meme coin and cryptocurrency space

Why Should You Watch? The channel’s content aims to help viewers identify and invest in promising crypto assets, particularly those with strong meme coin narratives or significant growth potential.


CryptosRUs youtube channel screenshot

CryptosRUs offers the latest news and alpha for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

The channel updates Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news daily, market analysis and potential investment opportunities. Viewers can tune in for live streams, recaps, and insights into altcoins and the broader crypto market.

Channel Name: CryptosRUs

Run By: George Tung

In YouTube Since: Oct 24, 2017

Location: United States

Number of Subscribers: 754K

Total Videos: 2300+

Total Video Views: 168 million+

Topics Covered:

  • Bitcoin price performance and analysis
  • Market trends and predictions
  • Updates on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news
  • Discussion on investment strategies
  • Analysis of Macroeconomic factors affecting crypto
  • Coverage of altcoin performance and potential
  • Technical analysis of price charts
  • Insights into Bitcoin halving events
  • Impact of Inflation Data on Bitcoin
  • Regulatory developments affecting the crypto market

Why Should You Watch? The channel is excellent for professionals in the finance industry interested in understanding the cryptocurrency market and its potential impact on traditional finance.

Crypto Rover

Crypto Rover youtube channel screenshot

Crypto Rover offers a wide range of content, from trading tutorials to market analysis and AI trading bot reviews. The channel aims to help novice and experienced traders navigate the volatile crypto market.

Channel Name: Crypto Rover

Run By: Daan De Rover

In YouTube Since: Jan 3, 2021

Location: Netherlands

Number of Subscribers: 140K

Total Videos: 1600+

Total Video Views: 14 million+

Topics Covered:

  • Urgent updates on Bitcoin price movements
  • AI trading bot performance and reviews
  • Tutorials on cryptocurrency trading
  • Strategies for making passive income
  • Key warning signals and market trends
  • altcoin investment opportunities and analysis
  • Real-time responses to significant market events
  • Comprehensive insights into blockchain technology and decentralized finance (DeFi)

Why Should You Watch? Daan provides clear and transparent advice on the risks involved in crypto trading. His in-depth technical and fundamental analysis lets you explore urgent market changes and significant price movements.

Crypto Jon

Crypto_Jon youtube channel screenshot

Crypto Jon is another popular crypto YouTuber who shares his journey to financial freedom through cryptocurrency.

His channel provides live courses on crypto research, recommendations for promising altcoins, and tips for avoiding common pitfalls in crypto investments.

Channel Name: Crypto Jon

Run By: Jon

In YouTube Since: Aug 5, 2021

Location: United States

Number of Subscribers: 60.9K

Total Videos: 1100+

Total Video Views: 9 million+

Topics Covered:

  • Analysis and recommendations on top meme coins and altcoins
  • In-depth comparisons of cryptos like Velodrome Finance (VELO) and Aerodrome Finance (AERO)
  • Steps to protect investments and avoid common pitfalls
  • Detailed guides on specific cryptocurrencies and their prospects

Why Should You Watch? Jon emphasizes transparency, warning viewers about scams and the latest developments in cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Banter

Crypto Banter screenshot

CryptoBanter is a live crypto streaming channel offering comprehensive crypto market coverage. Hosted by Ran Neuner, the channel provides daily live streams featuring the latest Bitcoin and altcoin news, market-moving updates, and in-depth interviews with leading crypto experts and billionaires.

Channel Name: Crypto Banter

Run By: Run Neuner

In YouTube Since: Sep 15, 2017

Location: United States

Number of Subscribers: 816K

Total Videos: 2900+

Total Video Views: 127 million+

Topics Covered:

  • Making money with meme coins (e.g., Solana meme coin)
  • Insights and predictions from crypto experts like Raoul Pal
  • New altcoins and their potential (e.g., Pixelverse)
  • Steps to protect yourself in the crypto market
  • Strategies for buying altcoins at discounts
  • Methods to turn small investments into significant profits
  • Passive income through crypto (e.g., using Binance)
  • Profitable strategies for airdrops (e.g., Gummy Airdrop)
  • High-profit crypto strategies with minimal effort
  • Major altcoin plays for the 2024 bull cycle

Why Should You Watch? It’s a go-to resource for crypto enthusiasts looking to stay informed about crypto bull market trends, BTC investment opportunities, and breaking stories in cryptocurrency.

Satoshi Stacker

Satoshi Stacker youtube channel screenshot

Satoshi Stacker is one of the popular cryptocurrency YouTubers providing insights, analysis, and trading strategies for the crypto market, aiming to educate viewers about cryptocurrency investments.

His channel offers tutorials on trading platforms, tools, and recommendations for managing and tracking cryptocurrency portfolios.

Channel Name: Satoshi Stacker

Run By: Satoshi Stacker

In YouTube Since: May 27, 2020

Location: Portugal

Number of Subscribers: 279K

Total Videos: 1500+

Total Video Views: 43 million+

Topics Covered:

  • Best crypto trading signals
  • Opportunities and risks for Bitcoin holders
  • Market movements and whale activities
  • Chart analysis for Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • Updates on Bitcoin and altcoin strategies
  • Potential market-changing events and developments
  • Insights into trading strategies and portfolio management
  • Project reviews and their impact on the cryptocurrency market
  • Warning about potential market risks and how to prepare for them

Why Should You Watch? You can learn trading strategies and techniques from an experienced trader, which will help you improve your trading skills.


Crypto Tips youtube channel screenshot

CryptoTips is a cryptocurrency learning channel hosted by Heidi and Toby. They explore the fundamental concepts behind cryptocurrencies, their creation, and their future significance.

They review trending topics with beginner-friendly explanations and host live streams and AMA sessions to grow their community.

Channel Name: CryptoTips

Run By: Heidi

In YouTube Since: Nov 2, 2016

Location: Portugal

Number of Subscribers: 216K

Total Videos: 1500+

Total Video Views: 24 million+

Topics Covered:

  • Fundamentals of cryptocurrencies
  • Mistakes to avoid when storing cryptocurrencies
  • In-depth analyses of crypto exchanges
  • Hardware wallet reviews
  • Things to avoid on crypto exchanges
  • Recommendations for centralized and decentralized exchanges
  • Risks and benefits of decentralized finance (DeFi)

Why Should You Watch? Heidi and Toby, the hosts, have been involved in cryptocurrencies for over eight years. They share their experiences, mistakes, and successes, providing practical advice based on real-world knowledge.


NCashOfficial youtube channel screenshot

NCashOfficial is your daily source for all things crypto and finance. The channel covers various topics, including multiple cryptocurrencies, digital asset news, upcoming crypto projects, economics, and more.

Channel Name: NCashOfficial

In YouTube Since: Feb 26, 2021

Location: United States

Number of Subscribers: 95.4K

Total Videos: 3800+

Total Video Views: 30 million+

Topics Covered:

  • Finance, cryptocurrencies, digital asset news, upcoming crypto projects, and economics
  • Ripple XRP, Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR), Quant Network (QNT), Casper Network (CSPR)
  • “The Web 3 Alert” for in-depth crypto analysis

Why Should You Watch? If you do not want to get caught in the bull traps and want to know the hard truth with technical analysis, NCashOfficial is the channel for you.


BULLRUNNERS screenshot

Bullrunners offers in-depth analysis and updates on the most promising digital currencies, including altcoins and meme coins with high growth potential. The channel aims to empower its viewers with the knowledge needed to succeed in the dynamic landscape of digital assets and financial investments.

Channel Name: Bullrunners

Run By: Nick Anderson

In YouTube Since: May 24, 2013

Location: United States

Number of Subscribers: 321K

Total Videos: 300+

Total Video Views: 5 million+

Topics Covered:

  • Analysis and recommendations on altcoins with high growth potential.
  • Discussion on meme coins that could yield significant returns.
  • Regular updates and predictions about XRP, including partnerships and market impacts.
  • Insights on investments like Nvidia and AI-related cryptocurrencies.
  • Broader analysis of market trends and opportunities.
  • Strategies and psychological hacks for succeeding in the crypto market.
  • Examination of how institutions and major players affect the crypto landscape.
  • Discussions on how governmental and regulatory actions influence cryptocurrencies.

Why Should You Watch? Join Bullrunners if you want to become a part of a community united by a shared passion for financial success and independence.

Crypto World

Crypto World youtube channel screenshot

Crypto World is an excellent resource for anyone interested in the cryptocurrency market. The host, Josh, covers various topics, including daily Bitcoin and Ethereum news, price predictions, and general cryptocurrency analysis.

Channel Name: CryptoWorldJosh

Run By: Josh

In YouTube Since: Sep 26, 2019

Location: United Arab Emirates

Number of Subscribers: 166K

Total Videos: 1400+

Total Video Views: 16 million+

Topics Covered:

  • Daily Bitcoin and Ethereum news
  • Price predictions for Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • General cryptocurrency analysis
  • altcoin insights and updates
  • Trading strategies for beginners and experts
  • Market signal interpretations
  • Insights on Bitcoin liquidations and breakout strategies
  • Coverage of major market events and trends

Why Should You Watch? Josh combines fundamental and technical analysis to give beginners and seasoned investors comprehensive insights. By subscribing, you can stay updated on market trends, learn effective trading strategies, and join the financial revolution.

Crypto Jebb

Crypto Jebb youtube channel screenshot

Crypto Jebb offers insightful content on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets. He promotes financial sovereignty and the importance of controlling one’s finances. His channel also includes promotional links for financial tools.

Channel Name: Crypto Jebb

Run By: Christian

In YouTube Since: Nov 17, 2017

Location: United States

Number of Subscribers: 233K

Total Videos: 2800+

Total Video Views: 29 million+

Topics Covered:

  • Bitcoin price predictions
  • Updates on major crypto market events, including political impacts and significant industry developments.
  • Evaluations and predictions for altcoins like Ethereum, Solana, and Cardano.
  • Detailed breakdowns of technical indicators and chart patterns to guide trading strategies.
  • Advice and strategies for building and maintaining wealth through cryptocurrency investments.
  • Practical tips and tutorials on how to trade effectively in the crypto market.

Why Should You Watch? Christian’s videos are a great way to learn the principles of financial independence and how to manage your digital currency investments.

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How do I choose the right crypto YouTube channel for my needs?

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1. How do I choose the right crypto YouTube channel for my needs?

Choosing the right crypto YouTube channel involves understanding your own needs and the quality of the content provided. Here are some advanced criteria to consider:

  • Content Depth: Look for channels that offer detailed, data-driven analysis rather than superficial commentary.
  • Expertise of the Host: Ensure the host has a strong background in finance, technology, or crypto. Channels like Coin Bureau and Benjamin Cowen are led by knowledgeable professionals.
  • Consistency: Regular updates and consistent content quality are key indicators of a reliable channel.
  • Community Engagement: Active comment sections and host interactions can provide additional insights and validate the channel’s credibility.
  • Transparency: Channels that disclose their sources, methodologies, and any potential conflicts of interest are more trustworthy.

By focusing on these criteria, you can find channels that not only inform but also enhance your investment strategy.

What are some red flags to watch out for in crypto YouTube channels?

Identifying unreliable or potentially harmful crypto YouTube channels is crucial for protecting your investments. Beyond the obvious, consider these advanced warning signs:

  • Lack of Data Support: Channels that make bold claims without backing them up with data or credible sources.
  • Overemphasis on Hype: If a channel constantly promotes “the next big thing” without thorough analysis, be cautious.
  • Monetary Incentives: Hosts who push specific projects or tokens may be financially incentivized, which could bias their recommendations.
  • One-Sided Views: Reliable channels provide balanced perspectives, discussing both the potential and risks of investments.
  • Absence of Historical Performance: Good channels reflect on past predictions and discuss where they went right or wrong, providing accountability.


How can following crypto YouTube channels complement other forms of research?

Integrating insights from crypto YouTube channels with other research methods can create a robust investment strategy. Here’s how:

  • Timely Updates: YouTube channels often provide real-time updates and analysis, which can be more immediate than traditional news sources.
  • Diverse Perspectives: Channels offer unique viewpoints and analyses that can highlight aspects you might miss through articles or reports.
  • Interactive Learning: Videos can make complex concepts more accessible through visual aids and explanations.
  • Community Insights: Engaging in the comments section can provide additional information and perspectives from other viewers.

Combine these insights with data from whitepapers, professional reports, and direct engagement with project communities to form a well-rounded view.

How reliable are the predictions and advice given by crypto YouTubers?

he reliability of predictions and advice from crypto YouTubers varies widely. Here’s how to assess their credibility:

  • Track Record: Evaluate the host’s historical predictions and see how often they have been accurate.
  • Methodology Transparency: Reliable YouTubers explain their analysis methods and the data they use.
  • Expertise and Credentials: Consider the host’s background and expertise in finance, technology, or crypto.
  • Peer Reviews: Check if other experts in the field endorse or refute their predictions and advice.
  • Consistency: Consistent advice and predictions that align with broader market analysis are more likely to be reliable.

While YouTube can provide valuable insights, always corroborate advice with other reputable sources and your own research.

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