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Hiring a Blockchain Marketing Agency: The Definitive Guide 

When attempting to publicize a blockchain project, there are two options that businesses can opt for. The first is to run their own campaign, using any knowledge of the field they have, alongside applying any PR and marketing principles that they’re familiar with. The second, and significantly more effective method, is hiring a blockchain marketing agency to run your future campaigns for you.

Hiring a blockchain marketing agency allows you to delegate all the marketing efforts to a third party. Not only does this help you save time, but it also means that your campaigns will be much more effective in the long run. That said, even though blockchain technologies have a value of over 7 billion USD, it’s not always the easiest process to find the right brand for you.

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In this article, we’ll be taking a look at absolutely everything you need to know when it comes to hiring a blockchain marketing agency, commenting on how you can find leads, how you can narrow them down, and how you can go about finding the very best option for you.

We’ll be covering:

  • The differences between traditional digital marketing and a blockchain marketing agency
  • The benefits of hiring a blockchain marketing agency
  • How to find potential blockchain marketing agency sources
  • What to include in your initial call

Let’s get right into it.

Can I Hire a Traditional Digital Marketing Agency Instead of a Blockchain Marketing Agency?

Digital marketing agencies are typically self-branded as a ‘do it all service that will cover absolutely any type of marketing that you throw their way. While this could be true within the vast majority of traditional markets, blockchain is anything but traditional. Quite literally founded on decentralization and moving away from typical structures, this market does not behave like others, meaning that digital marketing agencies are normally out of their depth when it comes to this field.

While some elements of blockchain, like cryptocurrency, are now becoming more understood, more specific elements are still a mystery to general audiences. This is mainly due to the fact that advanced applications of blockchain, like dApps or DeFi structures, are still vastly misunderstood, with traditional digital marketing agencies that don’t understand these technologies not being able to market them effectively.

If you’re working within the world of blockchain, you may feel that it has become fairly mainstream. However, this certainly isn’t the case, with 98% of Americans not understanding even the basics of Bitcoin, NFTs, or Stablecoins. With this considered, it’s still unlikely that the marketing agency you partner with would have people that understand this market at all, beyond just knowing the main buzzwords.

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Equally, traditional digital marketing agencies don’t have the specialist knowledge that a blockchain marketing agency would have, meaning they can’t as efficiently connect with your target audience. 

With this in mind, it’s a terrible idea to simply look for a digital marketing agency when you’re intending to run a blockchain marketing campaign. 

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Blockchain Marketing Agency?

Moving away from traditional and embracing firms that specifically focus on Web 3 PR and blockchain marketing content is a fantastic idea if you’re looking to help your project succeed. As a service that’s entirely dedicated to this particular area of content, hiring a blockchain marketing agency is a fantastic way of increasing the quality of your campaigns while also boosting their likelihood of positive reception.

When exploring the benefits of hiring a blockchain marketing agency, the following advantages instantly come to mind:

  • Understand the Speed of Blockchain
  • Know the Best Streams
  • Familiar with Best Tactics
  • Improved ROI

Let’s break these down further.

Understand the Speed of Blockchain

As a relatively young industry, blockchain is one that’s exploding with innovation. Due to its continual tendency to self-innovate, combined with the range of new projects that are continuously springing up, news in the world of blockchain moves quickly.

Within traditional news outlets, a news story could last a few days or even over a week without becoming irrelevant. In the world of blockchain, this is almost never the case. Due to this, those actively working in blockchain marketing need to be able to rapidly respond to the speed with which this industry can change.

For an example of this, huge swings in crypto may break headlines one day, but then will have totally reversed the next day. Even when touching on individual projects, there were over 6,000 cryptocurrencies launched in 2021, making nearly 17 new projects each day that were all submitting press releases to major outlets. 

Bitcoin weekly performance range Source.

When developing blockchain marketing strategies, your agency will be able to create shorter and more precise content that you can reform into different stories, articles, and pitches. With this, you can continually get your project’s name into major media sites without fading into rapid obscurity. 

When hiring a blockchain marketing agency, you know that the team you partner with understands the field and how quickly news becomes old. With this advantage, they ensure that your brand always stands out.

Know the Best Streams

Web 2 and Web 3 have two different directions when it comes to advertising and social media. Web 2 is very much planted in the supremacy of a few dominating social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok being the prime places for media publications to go for.

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While there is an extent of crossover when focusing on publicizing blockchain content, the main streams are actually none of the aforementioned sources. Especially within the world of cryptocurrency, the best places are actually often thought of as Secondary Media Sites by traditional media outlets.

Sites like:

  • Reddit
  • Steemit
  • Twitter

All have active communities where blockchain content actively flourishes. If you were running a blockchain marketing campaign and only focused on traditional social media platforms, then you would miss out on many of the best sources of traffic.

Just look at Reddit; only one of the many subreddits designated to cryptocurrency has over 5,200,000 members, with absolutely anyone being able to post to these subreddits and gain traction for a marketing campaign.

Reddit for blockchain marketing agency

Hiring a blockchain marketing agency ensures that you’re working with people that understand not only what to create, but where to post it.

Familiar with Best Tactics

Alongside the best streams where blockchain marketing agencies will post their created content, the methods they use to disseminate information around the internet are also drastically different from those used within traditional digital marketing spheres. 

In digital marketing, some of the most popular digital marketing strategies are email marketing and social media marketing. While there are some crossovers with blockchain marketing, the main strategies that a blockchain marketer will use are vastly different.

Social media campaigns blockchain 

For example, when hiring a blockchain marketing agency, they will often focus on blockchain influencer marketing, as well as other approaches that work well within Web 3. If you’re looking to ensure your campaigns go as far as possible, using strategies that leading blockchain marketing agencies have created with crypto in mind is vital.

Improved ROI

Of course, with the above benefits outlined, hiring a blockchain marketing agency is going to provide you with a much better ROI with your initial marketing budget. While digital marketing agencies may be able to offer certain packages, their lack of knowledge and experience will lead the campaign into a period of frustration, with leads only slowly trickling in and the community as a whole not paying attention to your content.

Hiring a blockchain marketing agency helps to ensure that you make every penny count when it comes to your PR campaign. Instead of wasting money on ineffective strategies or on sites that carry little influence in the world of blockchain, your blockchain PR team will help focus your strategy to increase your ROI.

With these considered, it’s always a good idea to think about hiring a blockchain marketing agency.

How To Source a Potential Blockchain Marketing Agency

Although you might be sold on hiring a blockchain marketing agency, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be able to find one easily. Due to blockchain being a considerably smaller area of focus than something as general as digital marketing, there are much fewer choices to select from. Even with all these choices in mind, you want to be making the right one.

To help you find the right blockchain marketing agency for you, we’ve outlined the following steps:

  • Lead Generation
  • Site Inspection
  • Case Study Examining 
  • Initial Screening Call

Let’s break down each one of these further.

Lead Generation to find the right blockchain marketing agency

Finding the right blockchain PR agency always best begins with gathering as many leads as possible. To do this, all you need to do is use Google to find a range of different results. There are two main ways to do this, the first being using Google’s search term quotes.

By using quotation marks, you can search for specific things on Google, with the results only coming up if they have exactly that term on their site. By using a phrase like “Blockchain Marketing Agency”, you’ll be able to find a range of potential leads, as well as a range of articles that focus on detailing the top 5, 10, 15, or so on, number of best agencies you could contact.

Agency search

Alternatively, you can find great blockchain marketing agencies by searching for specific blog terms. The best blockchain agencies will have an active blog where they continually post content. By searching for a term that would likely come up on a blockchain marketing agency’s blog, like “DeFi Marketing Tips for a great campaign”, you’ll be able to find companies that are writing this sort of blog.

Most of the time, the very best marketing sites have active blogs, meaning this is a huge green flag if you find a lead through this second way.

Using these two methods, try and generate as many leads as you think are necessary, looking to create a selection of different options for you.

Site Inspection

After you’ve found your list of potential candidates, it’s time to inspect their websites for positive signs that they could be the perfect match for your business. When exploring a website, there are three things you want to look out for:

  • Well-designed – Every website you visit should be aesthetically pleasing with a continual color scheme. If their site isn’t nice to look at or simply doesn’t work, then they likely cannot create graphics and make good design choices for your blockchain marketing campaign.
  • Blockchain-specific offerings – Many digital media companies try to follow trends, just creating landing pages for different niches of digital media. If the site you’re on doesn’t seem to actually specialize in Web 3, blockchain, crypto, or areas to that effect, then it’s likely you’re not on the best marketing site for you.
  • Blog content – Blogs generate 97% of links for a website, as well as being indexed 434% more often than companies without a blog. If the company you’ve found doesn’t have an active blog, they likely aren’t taking their own business particularly seriously, and should be a huge red flag about their ability to run your campaign.

blockchain marketing agency frontpage Source.

As you can see here, from the front page of GuerrillaBuzz, you can instantly see a coherent level of branding, with the core colors being shades of purples. Within the menu bar, there are links to blockchain content, alongside Web 3 services, demonstrating that this brand has extensive knowledge in this area. Finally, the presence of a blog section is a great indicator of an active and well-established business.

Case Study Examination

Case studies are one of the leading methods that marketing brands use to demonstrate how effective they are at what they do. When assessing your potential partner’s website, you should always endeavor to search for available case studies. Considering that 92% of online consumers actively search for social proof, a marketing brand that is fulfilling this through their case studies are definitely on the right track.

Equally, case studies can demonstrate major achievements of a brand, alongside directly explaining what solutions they can offer to your blockchain project. When hiring a blockchain marketing agency, if they have a case study that demonstrates proficiency in something that you’re actively trying to achieve, then you’ve found a serious contender for your future marketing partners. 

Make sure that the case studies are:

  • Easy to find
  • Impressive
  • Solution-orientated
  • Aligned with your vision

With that, you’ll have a much easier time finding a brand that can work well for your blockchain business.

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Initial Screening Call with your blockchain marketing agency

When you’ve narrowed down your potential pool of partners to around 2-3 options, you’re ready to begin initial screening calls. These calls are where you can ask questions to the blockchain marketing agency and find out if they’d be a good match for you. 

There are a few core areas that you should go into:

  • Discuss KPIs
  • Discuss their experience in the field
  • Talk about reporting and what metrics they can feed back to you
  • What is their approach to schedule?
  • What is their attitude like?
  • Discuss potential budget figures and project scope.

These broad 6 questions are fantastic for getting a generalized idea about what sort of brand you’re going to be working with. While some of these questions tell you more about the blockchain marketing company itself, others will help you gauge if they’re a good social fit for you.

After all, although commonly overlooked, nothing is worse than running an extended PR project with a company that you don’t see eye-to-eye to when it comes to goals, reporting, metrics, or any other aspect. Once you’ve had your initial calls, you can ask for quotes from each of the companies that you’re potentially going to hire.

With all the information from your call, their previous case studies, and a quote from each brand you’re considering working with, you’ll have absolutely all the information you need to effectively start hiring a blockchain marketing agency that will work for you. 

What to discuss on your initial call with a blockchain marketing agency list

Final Thoughts on Hiring a Blockchain Marketing Agency

Hiring a blockchain marketing agency is the single best decision you can make if you’re looking to increase the ROI of your marketing budget. By partnering with a blockchain marketing and PR company, you’re able to access their experience, connections, and understanding of the industry to instantly increase the likelihood of your campaign’s success.

If you’re looking for an outstanding blockchain marketing and PR company that ticks all of the boxes, then GuerrillaBuzz is the agency for you. We have years of experience working with blockchain clients, over which time we’ve worked with some of the largest names within this industry. Alongside happy clients, we’ve also created a network of media outlets and influencers that we put to work when launching our campaigns.

From blockchain marketing services to help with your Web 3 PR launch, we’re the best possible company for you. Get in touch today to see exactly how we could help your company shine in the world of blockchain. 

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