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Exploring the 8 vital tips you need to know when launching a DeFi marketing campaign, this guide gives you all the knowledge you’ll need to know. Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to launching a flawless campaign.

8 DeFi Marketing Tips for a Powerful Public Relations Campaign

Decentralized finance – any financial system that is not embedded within governance from a fixed point (a bank or a government) – has rapidly grown over the past decade to a point of no return. What was once thought of as a gimmick financial system is now incredibly diverse, with fruits of DeFi ranging across everything from NFT digital art to crypto exchanges and GameFi systems. If you’re looking to launch a DeFi marketing campaign, then you’re up against fierce competition.

That said, considering that the total locked-in value of DeFi is currently circling around $227 billion USD, there’s a huge market segment that you can target and grow into. This valuable industry is deeply embedded and connected to the technologies that blockchain offers, with knowledge of how this community and technology functions being vital for success.

To help you along your way to becoming the next big DeFi platform, we’ve collected 8 DeFi marketing tips from our years of world-class DeFi PR and marketing. Over these 8 tips, you’ll learn a great deal of what you need to consider, what tactics you need to apply, and how to structure your DeFi marketing campaigns.

We’ll be covering:

  • Search Engine Optimize 
  • Build Up Active Social Media Profiles
  • Go Beyond Your Own Site
  • Broaden Your Post Visibility
  • Airdrops and Events Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Investor Updates
  • Referral Programs

Without further hesitation, let’s get right into it!

What is DeFi Marketing?

DeFi Marketing relates to the promotion of any decentralized finance product or platform, whether it be a crypto exchange or a native token for a new P2E gaming project. The intention of DeFi PR is to gather a community around a new platform, creating excitement and ensuring that people learn more about your product.

The end result of a good DeFi marketing campaign is lots of public attention, combined with an influx of new investments for your project.

With that covered, let’s dive right in to the 8 DeFi PR tips that we’ll be outlining for you.

1 – Search Engine Optimization for DeFi Marketing

Whatever format of blockchain marketing campaign that you’re trying to run, a core part of your marketing efforts should start with and continually include crypto SEO. SEO, standing for Search Engine Optimization, is the process of optimizing your content to ensure that it is well received by search engines. 

61% of marketing experts consider SEO the most vital element of any campaign they launch, demonstrating the extent to which you should take this into account. What’s great about efficient SEO is that it becomes a gift that keeps on giving. At the beginning of your DeFi marketing campaign, you can use keyword research to rapidly find areas of content that you should be creating.

SEO DeFi Marketing facts Source.

As you actively pursue the opportunities that keyword research reveals to you, you’ll build up the optimization of all of the pages on your site, including homepages. By doing this, your DeFi product will have a much more stable base to grow upon, leading to more natural conversions over time.

Natural traffic is hard to come by in any form of marketing campaign, with anything related to finance like DeFi being even more so. Due to this, investing early in SEO efforts during your DeFi marketing campaign can go a long way toward making sure your platform or project is as successful as possible. 

2 – Build Up Active Social Media Profiles for your DeFi Marketing Campaign

One of the core elements of DeFI PR and marketing is an active and balanced control of social media pages. When it comes to something as difficult to break into as the blockchain community, you need to ensure that large elements of your time are spent in making sure that people can find your project. If your only forms of contact with the blockchain community are through paid advertising and your own site’s homepage, then there aren’t many ways you can get your name out there.

Alternatively, if you set up profiles for a range of different social media accounts, then you’ll be able to actively boost your social range. What’s more, considering that the blockchain community is not concentrated on a medium like Facebook, a ‘More is More’ approach may actually work well in your favor. While Facebook has 2.91 billion users, that doesn’t mean you should only focus on that source.

Social media ranking sitesSource.

At the beginning of your campaign, you should make sure that you’ve set up an account on all the major social media, and ones that may not instantly come to your head – like Reddit. Reddit and SteemIt are two popular social media platforms for crypto-based content, making them the perfect target for any of your DeFi marketing campaign efforts.

Cross-channel DeFi marketing is also a great opportunity to create a cohesive brand representation across many different platforms. Be sure that you have a core concept of what your brand is, what it stands for, how it communicates, and its core marketing materials. You can then create a cohesive profile style and voice across all of your social media accounts.

With this strategy, you’ll boost the visibility of your DeFi PR campaign while also creating a professional brand image.

3 – Go Beyond Your Own Site

When focusing on SEO and creating a strong central hub for your DeFi platform, it’s very easy to spend lots of time worrying and directly working on your own site. While this is important, as your website will most likely be the first thing that a potential investor or customer sees, there is more to a DeFi campaign than just this.

One of the most important elements of running a successful DeFi marketing campaign is acquiring backlinks to a range of different websites. Backlinks act as a mark of approval from one website to your own site, indicating to Google that your site is trustworthy. With this in mind, the more you acquire, the more likely a search engine is to put your site towards the top of their rankings for a DeFi-related keyword.

Backlinks also help you improve the domain rating of your own site, further contributing to factors that will help you rank well online.

Ahrefs fact Source.

Over time, the sites that have the most backlinks often rise to the top of the rankings, meaning that you should actively pursue opportunities to get backlinks on other sites. The very best way of doing this is through guest posting, with a secondary focus of press releases.

4 – Broaden Your Post Visibility

Whenever you spend hours constructing a well-written and detailed blog post for your website, while it may pull in some natural traffic, there are ways you can push its visibility even further. One of the ways of doing this and making the most of your DeFi Pr campaign efforts is to boost its visibility by posting it in several places.

Instead of just posting a blog and hoping that people see it, you can drum up additional traffic by posting on your social media accounts. While social sites like Facebook and Twitter offer users the ability to directly share links to their blogs, other sites require a little more creativity.

For example, when using Reddit, which has over 430 million monthly users, if you’re able to post your blog and get people to see it, you can radically boost its visibility. You can recycle a part of your article and post it on Reddit, testing how intrigued people are. If you strike up interest, you can then include a link to read the full article, bringing in more users from this social use of Reddit. 

5 – Airdrops and Events Marketing

One of the core focuses of a DeFi PR event should be making sure people from around the world hear about the launch of your DeFi project and flock to it. A useful method that you can rely on in this regard is airdrops, with the promise of a discount or freebee being enough to attract users.

By utilizing your social web that you constructed all the way back in tip 2, you can create a range of posts that ask people to engage with your airdrop for the chance to win or gain something from your DeFi product.

Twitter AirdropSource.

Depending on what you’re launching within the world of blockchain, what you place the focus of your airdrop on will vary slightly. For example, if you’re launching:

  • Cryptocurrency – You can give out a small amount of cryptocurrency to anyone that signs up to your platform. 
  • NFT Collection – Include a discount code for anyone who signs up to your platform, follows your account, or gets involved with your launch.
  • Crypto Exchange – You can offer competitive rates or native coins whenever someone signs up to the platform.

Across these airdrop events marketing strategies, be sure to include the fact that they must engage with the post itself. On a site like Twitter, this could mean that you ask them to retweet your post to secure the offer that you’re putting out there. This will help to ensure your post visibility is as high as possible.

6 – Influencer Marketing for Defi Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing that you can launch when running a DeFi marketing campaign. Influencer marketing is used by over 87% of companies, demonstrating just how huge this has become. 

The world of DeFi PR is no different, with this being a vital strategy that you can employ. By working with influencers and using them to promote your platform, you’re able to get a level of instant trust. This is due to the fact that people today build up relationships with the people they follow. 

DeFi marketing Influencer Marketing Source.

By utilizing these relationships, you can rapidly improve the scope of your DeFI PR campaigns.

7 – Investor Updates

Once you’ve constructed a well-optimized website, your journey doesn’t just stop there. A continual part of DeFi PR and marketing campaigns is ensuring that those that you’re bringing on board have a range of information about the ongoing development of your project.

You should endeavor to start a weekly blog post where you update the progress that your platform is making – especially if you’re in the earlier side of development. Equally, you could also create an email marketing list, sending out a quick weekly or biweekly roundup of everything that’s going on within your platform.

Keeping people informed helps them to trust in your platform, with continual updates letting them know that you are indeed actively working on the platform. Over time, if you build up a bank of these updates, investors will be able to see active documentation about how you’ve developed, further helping you to build trust within your DeFi Pr campaign. 

8 – Referral Program As a Core DeFi Marketing Principle

Finally, we turn to one of the most tried and tested ways of getting new people on board with your product or platform. Considering that 92% of consumers trust a recommendation from friends above all else, this is one of the most effective ways of getting new people to sign up for your platform.

DeFi Marketing Referral FactsSource.

By creating referral programs, using similar rewards to those that you would offer within an airdrop, you’re able to turn individual people into social marketers for your business. Especially if your referral rewards are good, this can turn into a huge point of marketing for your DeFi platform.

Final Thoughts on DeFi Marketing

Creating and managing a successful DeFi marketing campaign is an incredibly difficult mountain to scale, often requiring a large number of planning skills and an apt knowledge of how the blockchain community functions and interacts. When considering the different tools, strategies, and approaches that one has to pay attention to, it’s no wonder more and more blockchain companies are turning towards DeFi PR and marketing agencies.

When working with a leading DeFi marketing agency like GuerrillaBuzz, you are able to access a pool of knowledge, years of experience, and connections within the blockchain community that lift your campaign off the ground. If you want to take the difficulty out of your DeFi campaign, then schedule a meeting with us today to see exactly what we can do for you.

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