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In this article, we’ll teach you absolutely everything that you need to know about Metaverse PR. From the top tips to our favorite strategies, we’ve got it all.

Metaverse PR: How to Get More Coverage for Your Blockchain Project

One of the largest technological advancements in recent years has been the introduction of and the widespread popularization of the metaverse. Following the widespread induction of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) into the mainstream, the metaverse is now taking its position as the most talked-about aspect of modern blockchain technology. If you’re launching a metaverse project or simply want to know more about how to use the metaverse, then these metaverse PR tips will point you in the right direction.

This article will cover absolutely everything you need to know about metaverse PR, demonstrating what it is, how it works, and how you can take advantage of this advanced digital space. We’ll be covering:

  • What metaverse PR is
  • What forms of virtual metaverse PR there are
  • How you can use metaverse PR to bring exposure to your blockchain project
  • The three best tips for success in metaverse public relations

Let’s get right into it. 

What is Metaverse PR?

The metaverse is a digital space that’s brought to life with the power of virtual reality. While this technology has existed for years, the metaverse is about using this space as an integrated network of different 3D virtual worlds. This means that people can access this space, be it through VR or not, and then move around as if it were the real world. With this creation, brands and businesses are beginning to create their own virtual presence within this space, with industries like real estate currently selling off parts of the metaverse to companies. 

In fact, the real estate-based sales within the metaverse have already topped $500 million, demonstrating the extent to which this is already sweeping the world. Metaverse PR is about advertising in this virtual space, using it as a platform to further gather visibility for a blockchain project. 

The reason that metaverse PR is so successful for blockchain PR projects is that everyone actively using the metaverse is highly likely to have a thorough understanding of how blockchain works and the core ideas behind it. When advertising on common social sites like Twitter, while there are blockchain communities that you can tap into, then vast majority of people won’t know or care about a blockchain project.

On the contrary, the metaverse is something founded with blockchain at its heart, with the ready application of NFTs, cryptocurrency, and other blockchain-based digital systems commonly active in this virtual space. With those using the metaverse already being a digital native when it comes to the blockchain, it’s no wonder that this is one of the very best places to advertise your project.

That’s why metaverse PR is so effective for blockchain projects, currently being an understated and underused format of engineering massive blockchain marketing campaigns.

What Forms of Virtual Metaverse PR Are there?

In 2021, the total value of the metaverse was valued at around $210 billion USD, demonstrating that there is a huge amount of capital currently available within these systems. With this considered, you may be wondering how exactly PR can take place. Alongside buying virtual spaces and creating a store, there are a range of ways that blockchain projects can undertake metaverse PR.

The two most common ways of conducting metaverse PR at this current stage are:

  • Virtual Brand Partnerships
  • Virtual Product Placement
  • Advertising within the Metaverse

Let’s break these down further.

Virtual Brand Partnerships

One of the most effective ways of bringing exposure to your crypto PR project has always been to offer partnerships to influencers and other brands. These connections allow you to increase the scope of your PR project, pulling in more customers through the largest span of your campaign.

This is no different when it comes to metaverse PR, with this being a leading strategy. Virtual brand partnerships are when your blockchain project offers a collaboration with other companies or simply with the metaverse itself. You can offer your customers certain benefits when they sign up to a virtual space, often coming in the form of NFTs.

At their peak value, NFTs reached a total sales figure of over $12.6 billion in just one month. While this figure is currently lower, NFTs are still a valued commodity within the blockchain community. 

With this considered, the brand Clinique has gone all-in on metaverse PR, creating avatars, clothing, and makeup looks that their users can get access to through their metaverse portals. When someone signs up to the metaverse through Clinique, they can access a range of different NFTs, further boosting the likelihood that people will move into this virtual space through their brand.

They’ve even recently released a metaverse diversity platform, which highlights the importance of creating a unified and diverse experience within this virtual world. Their metaverse PR campaign has had a lot of success, bringing in customers to the metaverse while getting their brand all over the internet in news coverage.

Campaign example for metaverse Source.

Virtual Product Placement

The second of the two metaverse PR formats that we’ll be discussing is by far the more popular of the two. While brand partnerships often focus on getting people into the metaverse, product placement focuses on those that are already actively using the metaverse. 

Companies that are popular in Metaverse PR Source.

There are currently a range of different industries within the metaverse, ranging from game developers and social networks to live entertainment and software packages. With these in mind, there are a range of product placement opportunities. For example, by partnering with gaming networks, brands are able to bring elements of their blockchain project into a game or digital space.

This was seen when Hasbro partnered with the gaming company Roblox, bringing their range of Nerf Guns into the metaverse for players to use. Even in the fashion industry, we’re now seeing brands turn to the metaverse as a wonderful space to exhibit their designs.

The brand Balenciaga has launched a full range of metaverse clothing, bridging the gap between the physical and digital world by allowing people to buy their clothing as virtual NFTs. With this, people are able to wear branded clothing within the metaverse, giving that brand even further exposure as people see their clothes in this virtual space. 

Fashion in the metaverse Source.

The crossover between fashion and the metaverse has been one of the most focused on elements of metaverse PR, with this being an easy application of both due to the vast availability of NFTs.

Advertising in the Metaverse 

The global advertising industry is worth almost $600 billion USD, with this figure only set to grow in recent years. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that people are now speculating that advertising in the metaverse is set to be a phenomenon worth billions of dollars.

Global advertising industry valueSource.

Just like with physical spaces, the metaverse is filled with locations that can be visited and are popular to see. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that these spaces can be filled with virtual advertisements, with these billboards relaying information directly to users. Whether it be putting banners around the stadium in a virtual game or filling a popular location with billboards of your brands, this is a strategy that’s working well for blockchain projects.

To a large extent, this was also seen within Fortnite, where the gaming company has hosted virtual concerts which feature popular artists like Ariana Grande. This particular concert generated over 27 million unique players tuning in for the event.

Ariana Grande Fortnite concertSource

This isn’t the only artist that’s used the metaverse to promote themselves, with Travis Scott earning 20 million USD in one concert from the huge amount of NFTs and merch that were sold during his Fortnite concert. During both of these concerts, advertisers had the opportunity to buy billboards and other promotional materials to distribute to millions of viewers.

This is metaverse PR on the largest scale possible, but there are opportunities to do this in a range of different locations, using billboards, flyers, or posters that are distributed around the virtual cities. Acting as a prime location for advertising, this is perfect for metaverse PR.

How Can I Use Metaverse PR To Boost the Exposure of My Blockchain Project?

Your blockchain project, whether it be an NFT collection, a DeFi application, a crypto project, or a DeFi exchange, is always going to be related to the metaverse. As a system that completely relies upon blockchain and has flourished because of the development of this technology, metaverse and blockchain have become directly intertwined. 

With this in mind, one of the very best ways to boost the exposure of your blockchain project is to turn to metaverse PR. Within this virtual world, the vast majority of people will already have experience with blockchain and understand how it works. With this out of the way, you can spend less of your campaign focusing on explaining how blockchain works, and more on demonstrating the value of your products.

Metaverse PR Total market value Source.

Depending on what you’re launching, you’ll most likely want to select a different set of metaverse PR tactics. Let’s quickly move through each of the following categories of metaverse PR to recommend what sort of blockchain project would most likely benefit from it.

Virtual Brand Partnerships

Virtual brand partnerships are a very flexible way of advertising in the metaverse as all you need to do is find an opportunity that works for your brand. This will heavily depend on what sort of blockchain project you’re attempting to launch. For example, an NFT campaign would work well with a metaverse site that allows people to equip their avatars with clothes or items. By forming partnerships with certain metaverse establishments, you’ll be able to bring a huge amount of publicity to your brand.

Virtual Product Placement

Virtual product placement is most commonly used when you have a product to sell. Whether that be an NFT collection that you want to publicize and ensure more people stumble across, or a cryptocurrency that you want more people to know about, you’ll need something to sell. With this in mind, crypto exchanges and other DeFi applications are less effective with product placements, as there isn’t much variation in what you could offer to your audience. That said, if you do have a cryptocurrency or NFT blockchain product, then this is one of the most effective ways of advertising in the metaverse. 

Advertising in the Metaverse

Advertising is by far the most flexible form of metaverse public relations. Just like the real world, you’re able to buy an advertising space and then fill it with whatever you would like. You can rent a billboard in a central location in a metaverse world for around $1150 a month, with this low cost often having your products seen by hundreds of thousands of people. As many people still don’t understand this virtual space, this makes it the perfect opportunity as you’re able to get a low-cost form of advertising that a high volume of people may see. If you’re launching any form of blockchain project, this form of metaverse PR is one of the very best you can go for.

Across these three opportunities for metaverse public relations, you’ll be sure to find something that works for you. 

Metaverse PR NFT trading volumes Source

Best Tips for Success Within Metaverse PR

Now that you’ve singled out which particular metaverse PR opportunity would work for you, let’s discuss some of the very best tips for success when launching a metaverse public relations campaign.

Each of these tips comes directly from GuerrillaBuzz’s years of experience working on blockchain projects, with our history of launching successful metaverse PR projects leading us to these conclusions.

When creating a metaverse marketing campaign, you should try and keep three core things central:

  • Make the most of the technology
  • Flashy Goes a Long Way
  • Embrace Trends

Let’s break these down further.

Make the most of the technology

Within the world of blockchain and the metaverse, you cannot shy away from these particular creations. Instead of trying to replicate typical advertising techniques in this virtual space, you must adapt your strategies to use and facilitate the use of these new technologies.

One of the best ways of doing this is to readily use NFTs. As a widely traded medium, NFTs are a great way of both rewarding people that take an interest in your brand while also boosting the scope of your project.

NFT Metaverse PR statistics Source.

People will use the NFTs you give out, giving them a reason to follow your project while also resulting in some on-the-ground marketing through branding.

Flashy Goes a Long Way

As you may imagine, in a virtual space filled with tech-enthusiasts, boring won’t get you anywhere. When launching metaverse PR campaigns, you should endeavor to launch campaigns that are memorable and have lots of color.

Don’t bore your market, attempt to get people as excited as possible about your project. Go for flashy, exciting, and concise marketing efforts.

Embrace Trends

If you thought the world of blockchain marketing moved quickly, then the metaverse PR will be a whole different ball game. This virtual world moves incredibly quickly, meaning you need a great marketing team behind you to ensure you can release advertising campaigns that are directly related to current trends.

If you’re taking weeks to release a marketing campaign in the metaverse, then the core idea behind the campaign might already be a past trend by the time you release. Instead of waiting, be sure to produce as quickly as you can. By creating something short and sweet that is in line with social media trends we’re currently seeing, you’ll be well on your way to creating interest in your product.

What’s more, if you manage to time your release perfectly and align with a trend, you’ll get even further marketing from people that are actively seeking out materials to do with that trend. Always monitor what’s going on and then produce as quickly s possible.

Final Thoughts

Metaverse PR is by far one of the most recent developments within the world of public relations. While still not hugely understood by the vast majority of those that work within PR, it actually acts as the perfect location to advertise your blockchain project and bring further exposure to it.

As only digital natives are currently using the metaverse, it’s no wonder that this is the perfect place to launch your blockchain PR project. If you need help in this new field of metaverse public relations, then be sure to reach out to GuerrillaBuzz. Since the release of the metaverse and its wide popularization, we’ve helped companies launch incredibly successful metaverse public relations campaigns.

With our history of excelling in blockchain PR and marketing, we’re able to craft the perfect metaverse PR strategy for you, helping your blockchain project to boost visibility and gain traction. Be sure to reach out to us today for a free consultation where we can walk you through the fundamentals of how we can help your blockchain project to excel. 

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