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If you are looking for Crypto Telegram groups, then this blog is for you. With so many groups out there, finding the best ones might be difficult. This article will not only discuss the best groups, but also the things you should consider while joining any group.

Top 20 Crypto Telegram Groups 2022 Worth Checking Out

Telegram has a special relationship with cryptocurrencies, supporting pump and dump channels, legitimate trading signals channels, as well as cryptocurrency news and debate groups. In crypto telegram groups 2022 and streams, there’s a little bit of everything some of it’s interesting and useful, some of it’s useless, and some of it’s just simply dishonest.  Crypto-focused channels and groups may be incredibly beneficial to subscribers who are interested in crypto-related news, reviews, token sales or crypto marketing.  

It’s understandable that many Telegram users are looking for a reliable channel or group that transmits useful information while weeding out crooks. Here, are the top 20 crypto telegram groups 2022 worth checking out: 

1. DeFi Million 

DeFi Million is one of the most popular crypto telegram channels. DeFi Million, which has about 275k members, is a great location to get trade signals, and many traders join to get free information about DeFi tokens and other cryptocurrencies.

The community routinely buys specific tokens in large quantities, leading their prices to rise and benefiting the entire community. This group has a long record of influencing new coins while also making massive profits for its members.

The folks behind the channel were among the first to play the ‘pump and dump’ game, which is another way of describing a situation in which a digital asset’s value is inflated as a result of a huge number of people buying it all at once.

2. ICO Speaks

ICO Speaks is the greatest crypto discussion telegram group for new cryptocurrency companies and crypto investors. AMA (ask me anything) sessions are open to all members of the group. Admins use public talks to moderate and negotiate with users, and they do not allow spam or scams to be posted in the public group.

3. Minter Network 

Minter Network is one of the most well-known cryptocurrency Telegram channels created by the well-known and popular Reddit community “WallStreetBets,” which took a unique approach by creating a Telegram server for those interested in raising the value of cryptocurrencies. 

Simply put, their network of over 300,000 people buys a specific cryptocurrency at a specific time, causing the price to rise and generating large profits for its members.

They carry out daily pumps and are incredibly consistent with their outcomes; as the largest Telegram group, they have by far the most influence in the cryptocurrency world, allowing them to push currencies to absurdly high prices.

4. BTC Champ

BTC Champ is one of the most popular cryptocurrency telegram channels, to swap BTC/ETH and USDT without incurring any fees. You can only trade with a maximum of 100 USDT. The channel can also be utilized as a news source in addition to this role.

5. DeCenter

DeCenter is completely focused on economics and digital money, among other issues. Furthermore, the group is dedicated to teaching members of the community, regardless of their level of expertise in the subject.

In addition, the channel is incredibly informative because it publishes a morning newsletter that covers industry news. Members of the community also have unrestricted access to articles with in-depth analysis. 

Members can express themselves on crypto-related themes in multiple sub-channels dedicated to various topics such as trading, mining, DeFi, and general debate, which is the most advantageous element of this.

6. Bitcoin Bullets

Bitcoin Bullets is one of the most well-known in the bitcoin and trading communities. It provides bitcoin bullets every day, and the trade data is shared with customers. It also gives customers market data to help them decide where and when to invest their money. 

This channel also features market analysis and commentary, as well as the latest global news related to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies from across the world.

7. Margin Whales

Margin Whales debuted in the year 2018. Margin Whales provides leverage recommendations for the Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrency markets. 

It disseminates bitcoin market analysis and forecasts the cryptocurrency market’s future conditions. It also provides a big number of accurate target predictions for the user’s benefit.

8. Wall Street Gems

Wall Street Gems are the world’s most profitable trading community, in terms of profit margins. The channel does not offer a VIP account or a personal contact mechanism. Free bulletins and other information about trading targets for cryptocurrencies, among other things, are supplied to users. 

9. Altchica

Altchica will particularly appeal to cryptocurrency traders because it is well-known for distributing cryptocurrency signals. 

Altchica currently has over 10,000 members and is continually expanding. It is one of the most active communities of traders and investors looking to make money.

This group of people incorporates the channel’s indications into their own trading activities, and the channel is still developing. 

On the channel, there is also a VIP sub-channel that disseminates information needed to complete a transaction, even to those with little or no prior trading experience.

10. ICO Listing

ICO listing contains information about initial coin offers (ICOs). 

Any member regardless of level, who wishes to participate by publishing a post detailing all of the benefits of his or her suggestion is welcome to join the group. If the concept is thought to be truly intriguing, the other members will discuss it. 

Your job is to listen carefully to what’s being said and to invest if you’re truly interested in the topic. You can contact a person directly if their account is available for dialogue.

11. Binance Killers

Binance Killers channel presents the most up-to-date cryptocurrency market analysis on a daily basis. It also uses graphs and numerous rules to provide useful advice on how to invest in the crypto market. 

It also discusses Wall Street and trading concepts. Users can also learn about various graph patterns such as the candlestick pattern, lengthy black and white candles, and forex scalping strategy, among others.

12. Bitcoin Bullets

Bitcoin bullets are one of the oldest cryptocurrency and trading channels on the internet. It distributes bitcoin bulletins on a daily basis, as well as trading PNL data to users. 

It also provides market analysis to help users decide where and when to invest. Along with market research, this station broadcasts the most recent global news about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies from across the world.

13. Margin Whales

Margin Whales delivers Bitcoin and Ethereum leverage signals. It was founded in 2018 and presents bitcoin market analysis as well as forecasts for the crypto market’s future prospects. It also offers a number of effective target forecasts that are beneficial to consumers.

14. Fed Russian Insiders

Fed Russian Insiders is a channel for traders, investors, and market analysts. Users can also share whether or not they are willing to trade any of their bitcoins here. This channel also reports on when and for what price celebrities are purchasing bitcoins.

15. Wall Street Queen Official

Wall Street Queen Official provides the most up-to-date information on Bitcoin and Ethereum price fluctuations. Users may get global updates on how cryptocurrencies are affecting various countries. In addition, this channel offers bitcoin stock for cross-asset models.

16. Wall Street Gems

Wall Street Gems are the world’s most profitable trading community. It lacks a VIP account or a personal communication system. Users receive free bulletins and other information on cryptocurrency trading goals.

17. Lucky Block

Lucky Block is one of the best crypto telegram channels in our opinion. The Lucky Block project is one of the most intriguing protocols aimed at revolutionizing the online gaming industry.

Unlike some of the other Telegram groups on our list, joining Lucky Block is completely free.

Subscribers to Lucky Block’s channel will become part of a vibrant community of over 40,000 active investors. These subscribers will receive daily updates on the project’s roadmap, company news, market updates, and other community-specific perks.

18. is one of the most well-known crypto trading signal providers., based in the United Kingdom (UK), has gained a large following as a result of its ability to create profitable projections for its members.

The CryptoSignal team offers real-time trade signals to its subscribers on both crypto-fiat and crypto-cross pairs. This company is also concerned about risk management. The majority of signals have a maximum stop-loss of 1%.

This provider’s signals include all of the information needed to invest in cryptocurrency. The crypto pair, needed limit, stop-loss, and take-profit levels are among them.

19. Verified Crypto Traders

Verified Crypto Traders’ telegram group is a prominent crypto signal provider situated in the Netherlands. The service provider offers a VIP service with special benefits. 

A dedicated service for scalping and swing trading, which considers short to mid-term trades, is available on the VIP channels. Users can also get personal portfolio reviews and crypto project reviews from the Verified Crypto Traders team.

20. WolfxSignals

WolfxSignals WolfxSignals is a simple-to-understand Telegram channel with high-quality Cryptocurrency and Forex information. 

They’ve been trading since 2017 and have a unique set of features that you won’t find on any other channel. Unlike other channels, WolfxSignals has a free group of roughly 40,000 users who exchange honest, straightforward, and simple content.

Their technical assistance is fantastic. The answer will be concise and will assist you in understanding trading firsthand.

Every week, they share two crypto signals and two forex signals on the free channel. Then there are two paid channels, each of which offers roughly 15 signals per week. They accept a variety of payment ways to ensure that you are not duped.

Things to Consider While Joining Crypto Telegram Groups

New Crypto Launches

Telegram’s robust privacy features make it ideal for new crypto initiatives. Messages and chats are private and secure. Without fear of fines, new projects can readily reach out to customers all around the world.

Users may easily stay up to speed on market trends on their mobile and laptop thanks to the availability of multiple platforms. Telegram’s ability to support numerous user accounts is also a significant advantage, since users may quickly create multiple accounts for their cryptocurrency activity.


There’s no denying that Telegram is a hub for crypto trading signals. Telegram is a messaging app that allows forecasting organizations to simply automate their signal distribution process, and it also has a bot feature.

This makes it simple to send signals to thousands of subscribers in seconds without having to start the process manually. Telegram enables news channels and broadcast services, allowing businesses to quickly engage with hundreds of thousands of people.

Past Performance

We discovered that trustworthy companies offer verified outcomes when looking for the top crypto trading signals in Telegram groups. This means you can see each and every signal the provider has sent out, as well as whether it resulted in a profit or loss. 

Of course, signal services that are prepared to release this information openly are confident in what they offer and, as a result, are likely to have a good track record in this area. With that in mind, keep in mind that past performance is no guarantee of future outcomes.


Now that we’ve learned about the biggest crypto groups on Telegram, there’s one more thing to consider: crypto telegram management. Managing these Telegram groups and channels is difficult for brands. 

Solutions to these problems may be found with the help of a community manager. As a top crypto marketing company, Blockwiz can connect you with expert community managers that will help you create a devoted and engaged audience for your channel or group. 

For all of your crypto telegram management needs, get in touch with Blockwiz professionals right now.

A community manager who is well-informed and motivated about the subject can assist regulate and managing a group of like-minded people. 

The community manager is also essential in ensuring that community concerns are addressed promptly and to the benefit of the community.


What is a Crypto Telegram group?

A telegram group is similar to a chat room in which anyone can write whatever they like. These groups’ community managers employ Telegram bots, which are versatile and make life a lot easier. 

You are welcome to join the discussion by asking questions, sending a direct message to the post’s author, or simply watching. 

Cryptocurrency Telegram channel groups are frequently used to keep members up to date on current cryptocurrency market movements and to facilitate discussion.

What should you consider while using a crypto telegram group?

Crypto Telegram, like the other CTs, encapsulates the finest and worst aspects of the industry. It’s everything here if you know where to search, from the lowest-level scams to the highest-graded enterprises. 

Failure to master crypto Telegram, like the crypto markets, comes at a steep price. After all, Telegram is your feed, tailored to your preferences. Don’t be afraid to discard channels that no longer offer you that warm feeling, just like a cryptocurrency you’ve fallen out of love with. Life is too short to waste it on mediocre conversation and awful memes.

Why does crypto use telegram?

Telegram has simplified the process and provides various tools, like channels and groups, that are useful for sharing information about an ICO or potential future ICOs. Initially, the program populates groups and channels with bots. 

The bot swarm attracts real people, who quickly follow. According to certain sources, Telegram’s ICO was cancelled due to regulatory issues. Given the app’s role in the ICO marketing ecosystem, it’s likely that it’ll need to set platform guidelines.

Do you need to consider crypto telegram groups as part of your marketing campaign? 

Telegram channels can be used to boost sales, increase ad revenue, raise brand exposure, and improve customer service, among other things. The ability to have an unlimited number of members and subscribers is one of the key advantages of Telegram channels. WhatsApp groups, for example, allow 200-2500 people to join. So, it’s a great way to use Crypto Telegram groups for marketing.

How can you use Telegram groups for Crypto marketing?

Telegram’s monthly active users have climbed to 400 million as of April 2020. Every day, 1.5 million people download and join the app. Because of the platform’s expanding popularity, marketers can take advantage of several of the following benefits.

  • Allows advertisers to keep their customers up to date.
  • Allows marketers to communicate with their customers more effectively.
  • Allows businesses to provide customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Brands can use it to generate visitors to their websites.
  • Boost user participation.