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Interested in NFT and want to gain some trending insights? Are you looking for an ideal to follow, who can guide you through NFTs? In this blog, we have discussed some of the best NFT influencers to look out for in 2022.


Top 15 NFT Influencers To Follow in 2022

For those who are new to NFTs, the world might be overwhelming and intimidating at first. Or maybe you’ve just started your own NFT project and would like to employ an efficient marketing plan.

Fortunately, numerous industry leaders are using Twitter and other online channels to educate, encourage, and elevate the community.

The impact of NFT influencers, like any other market, is one of the most significant marketing networks for NFTs. Influencers are celebrities who primarily use social media to promote businesses and services. But how do you get started?

Well, we’ve got you covered. Unlike many other lists, we’ve put together a full-fledged report with the most comprehensive list of the top NFT influencers to watch out for.

1. Snoop Dogg 

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Recently, a lot of celebrities have raved about NFTs, whether they were promoting their own collections or pitching a new investment. But emerging musicians are increasingly looking to the area as a more alluring means of making a career than they may have in the conventional music industry.

Snoop Dogg, better known in the NFT community as Cozomo de’ Medici, has been extremely busy with collaborations and promoting new NFT collections at the same time. Snoop is not new on Web3, a decentralized internet version that makes use of blockchain technology. He has produced several of the digital assets he currently owns, such as CryptoPunk and Bored Ape NFTs. He has even before made NFTs of songs and a music video.

In the NFT industry, Snoop Dogg has launched an initiative. He drew a collaboration with The Sandbox, a potential metaverse game based on the Ethereum game, as a result. Players can create, own, and earn money from the games they play.

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2. RealMissNFT

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RealMissNFT is one of the female influencers who is fervently committed to implementing cutting-edge technology in her non-profit organizations. Her followers’ adoration and admiration for her work are one of the primary reasons for her fame. 

She is a writer for NFT plazas, where she writes on important trends and highlights the week’s most influential producers. She highlights other NFT accounts, things she’s enthused about in the community, and her own initiatives with little about 171,500 Twitter followers. 

Numerous artists are inspired by her everyday musings on Twitter, where she supports numerous little accounts. She gives a wealth of information on forthcoming NFT collections with great promise. RealMissNFT is now working on a Metantics project that will make it easier for everyone to create excellent NFTs. 

Collectors of this NFT collection inspired by cyberpunk will receive membership for life to Metaverse events held on platforms like Sandbox and Decentraland. This is definitely a project to monitor!

3. Crypto Baristas

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Crypto Baristas is the first NYC-based NFT initiative centered on a coffee shop. Fans like following the narrative of the crypto Baristas project, which is a major factor in its success. 

As the first NFT coffee shop in the world, @cryptobaristas has garnered the interest of thousands of Twitter users. There are NFTs accessible as avatars for the metaverse. Each of these avatars has a unique appearance and personality. 

The avatars are based on the coffee business and contribute to the green restoration, so you know where to go if your NFT project has humanitarian components. This NFT influencer also promotes coffee industry awareness, supports forestry initiatives in Honduras, and makes NFTs for coffee enthusiasts. 

They participate in several auctions and World Barista Championships. Launched in February 2021, Crypto Baristas is presently concentrating on developing additional physical locations, a roastery, and an education facility in New York City, in addition to seeking a partnership with a farm in Honduras. 

Follow the adventures of the Crypto Baristas and say hi to them on Twitter.

4. Farokh

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Farokh Sarmad Tehrani is one of the most prominent and well-known NFT influencers who entered the NFT industry in 2021 but quickly came to fame in this field. He is the creator of the digital media business GoodLife, and Forbes magazine ranked him among the top 15 Instagram influencers in 2017. 

Farokh began by hosting several celebrities for live NFT drops on Clubhouse, so establishing Clubhouse as a mecca for NFT enthusiasts and makers. Now, he is one of the most well-known collectors of Bored Ape Yacht Club, and he also owns CryptoPunk and Cool Cats, among other NFTs. 

Farokh is the developer of Rug Radio on Twitter Spaces, a completely decentralized Web3 media platform, and a membership permit is required to participate in the debate. The membership pass is a “living NFT” that allows anybody in the space to earn RUG tokens simply by possessing them. 

In addition, he manages a Discord group called “House of Farokh” with over 25,000 members who view it as a center for enthusiastic NFT debate. Farokh supports new NFT producers and collections via his Twitter feed, which is upbeat and informative.

5. Deezefi

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DeeZeFi is the founder of the NeonsDAO and a collector of the world’s most delicate NFT artworks with metaverse capability. NeonsDAO is one of the greatest forums for creating and trading NFT avatars to earn money. All NeonsDAO users may create wizards, warriors, and unique avatars. 

DeeZe was an early collector of NFT Crypto Punks as well as other high-performing NFTs. He is also the director and community manager of Fractional Art, a decentralized system that enables the fractionalization of NFT assets in return for tokens. 

At Fractional Art, you may purchase, sell, and mint NFT fractions. He is a collector, an active community member, and a prominent voice. Deeze has been active on Twitter for some time and has earned a good 243K followers. 

He maintains a vast gallery and particularly encourages photography NFTs. 

Additionally, he offers Twitter spaces in which he invites other prominent artists and photographers to teach younger audiences.

6. Dikasso

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Dikasso is your best bet if you’re searching for an NFT influencer with significant expertise in marketing NFT giveaways on Twitter. Dikasso, who is well-known as an astute NFT collector, enjoys spending a substantial amount of money on Rarible, the leading NFT marketplace. 

If your NFT collection is genuinely valuable, you have a collector impatiently awaiting the opportunity to purchase it. Dikasso, a VR/Digital artist and Pro NFT collector, is one of the leading NFT purchasers on Rarible, an Ethereum-based marketplace for the creation, purchase, and sale of NFTs. 

He is well-known for frequently presenting interesting projects and providing prizes for all of his fans. We learned about Dikasso through Rarible’s top buyers’ section. 

Since the beginning of the NFT adventure, Dikasso has consistently been one of the top NFT purchasers on Rarible, if not the top NFT buyer. It is true that Dikasso does not self-declare as a Pro NFT collection. Beyond collecting, Dikasso frequently shares interesting projects and hosts prizes for people who follow.

7. Nounsdao

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Nouns Dao is essentially an NFT that has become a meme. To broaden its reach and visibility, this firm has launched many initiatives rewarding NFT users who combine their characteristic spectacles with original works. 

In addition, Super Bowl advertisements incorporated these red hues. The Nouns initiative is intensely focused on community, governance, and financial resources (Nouns DAO). 

The Nouns project is unusual in that all cash earned via the sale of their NFTs is invested in a decentralized autonomous organization/fund that is controlled by the holders. 

The proprietors of the project do not benefit from the sale of each character, but instead, get one as a gift when numerous releases have been sold. Consider following this initiative on Twitter; although participation will be too expensive for most, it will be very exciting to observe how this project develops.

8. Beanie

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Beanie – Instead of generating or collecting non-fungible tokens, Beanie provides knowledge regarding non-fungible tokens, cryptocurrencies, and trade. 

Twitter users seek advice from Beani on how to sell NFTs, how to invest in NFTs, and how real-world developments impact the metaverse. Instead of manufacturing and selling NFTs, the Twitter account @beaniemaxi wants to deliver the newest information on the NFT industry. 

Over 182k people joined his social media profiles to receive his guidance on NFTs. Additionally, he established Beanie Capital to discuss forthcoming NFT and Defi initiatives. 

Moreover, he has a unique collection of NFTs, including CryptoPunks, Meta Hero, and Cool Cats, the most recent of which now costs over 300 ETH. Experts and novices in the realm of NFT will learn a great deal from him.

9. Gremplin

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Gremplin, the well-known NFT influencer makes unique artwork. This NFT influencer does an excellent job encouraging other producers in his domain, and his works may be found on his linktree. Additionally, @supergremplin offers insight into NFTs and crypto trends.

10. GmoneyNFT

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GMoney is yet another significant NFT industry personality and one of the top NFT influencers you must monitor if you want to stay current on the NFT business. This NFT influencer is respected for his cultural understanding and recommendations. 

He aids several artists, businesses, and collectors in establishing themselves in the NFT market. He is an investor in the $10 million Alethea AI project, which is designing a decentralized protocol for the creation of an “Intelligent Metaverse” populated by Interactive and Intelligent NFTs. 

He is also a general partner of Delphi INFINFT, a fund dedicated to investing in NFT ventures that were created with the crypto research and investment business Delphi Digital. 

Recently, Adidas teamed with GMoney, BAYC, and PUNKS Comic to make NFTs, and the debut of these products garnered over $23 million.

11. Pranksy NFT

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Pranksy NFT, another of the renowned NFT influences, is highly lively. This anonymous individual has one of the largest NFT collections in the world and is interested in using NFTs to address charitable causes. 

The owner is a supporter of the Blue Dragon’s Children Foundation, which rescues victims of human trafficking and slavery and aids children living on the streets. 

Pranksy is the owner and co-founder of the NFT Boxes initiative, a monthly package containing NFTs hand-selected by the owner. The firm supplies consumers with personalized boxes containing NFT collectibles. 

These NFT boxes were built by talented artists, and within them, users may find keys (they’d need to locate more for a larger prize) and tonnes of artworks. 

If you purchase a box and hold it until the end of the month, around ten distinct NFTs are airdropped into your account to simulate the opening of a box.

12. Artchick

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In the year 2022, it’s all about lady power!!! Women are succeeding in every industry and demonstrating their potential when given the chance. 

Therefore, let’s discuss ArtChick, a prominent female NFT influencer, and investor who has risen to fame by aggressively encouraging female NFT entrepreneurs. Artchick blogs regularly on her experiences as a woman in the NFT industry. 

However, she was regularly assaulted by community members who felt she was impersonating her gender, compelling her to take a hiatus from Twitter. 

The female boss is a big fan of the World of Women NFT collection and was instrumental in reviving the Fame Lady Squad project when it was discovered that it was comprised of Russian guys acting as women. 

Recently, she tweeted a marketing guide for NFT efforts that emphasized the significance of community engagement for the promotion and success of every NFT activity.

13. Gary Vee

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Vaynerchuk, often known as Gary Vee online, is a marketing genius who has recently shifted his focus to NFTs. He has started his own series, entitled “VeeFriends,” which consists of over 10,000 draws with incentives like gift boxes, mentoring sessions, and conference tickets. 

Critics may view the artwork as amateurish animal scribbles, however, some of these scribbles sold for more at Christie’s than Pollock and Warhol pieces at the same auction. And Vaynerchuk has been expanding his crypto presence.  

He invests in Twitter and the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. 

He has also helped fund the NFT platforms Candy Digital, which has a long-term license agreement with Major League Baseball, Mythical Games, which is providing a platform for other game creators to integrate crypto and NFT components, and Sorare, an NFT-driven fantasy soccer game. 

Recently, his firm, VaynerNFT, worked with the U.S. Open for a series of NFTs.

13. OhhShiny

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OhhShiny,  a community capitalist who invests in the metaverse, is the host of the Ohhshiny Show. In the NFT community, he is well-known for tweeting about the most recent Metaverse events and spotlighting projects and artists that are doing something special. 

OhhShiny Show on Twitter is well-known among NFT devotees for mostly discussing and delivering information about the Metaverse. 

In addition, OhhShiny hosts a show called Community Office Hours to showcase the newest Metaverse projects and creators and debate their missions and goals. 

By organizing a program on Twitter Spaces and asking the most brilliant thinkers in the NFT sector to speak, the OhhShiny show brings together the freshest and greatest from the edge of the metaverse. 

OhhShiny’s “Community Office Hours” show, which airs every Friday at 11 a.m. ET is an excellent example of assisting others. 

The Community Office Hours showcase initiatives and artists in the metaverse who are doing something unique, but may require assistance in advancing their endeavor. OhhShiny and his crew voice these new ventures while providing insightful guidance on their goals and objectives.

15. Mark Cuban

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Oh, we are not going to overlook Mr. Mark Cuban while discussing NFT influences, since he is now immersed in the game to an exceptional degree. 


Mark Cuban, business magnate, Shark Tank investor, and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, is also a crypto specialist and investor. Cuban supports several NFT platforms, as 80 percent of his assets are in the crypto industry. 

The list includes SuperRare, Mintable, OpenSea, and Cryptoslam, with the cherry on top being his distribution of NFTs to Mavericks game attendees, therefore expanding the reach and influence of NFTs. 

Cuban is the founder of, a platform for displaying digital valuables, and his outstanding portfolio includes Stoner Cats, Bored Apes, and Hashmask NFTs. 

The billionaire tweets some of his ideas on NFTs and cryptocurrencies to his 8.6 million Twitter followers, an audience that any normal NFT influencer would love.


As the metaverse expands, NFT influencers gain increasing popularity. Individuals who are focused on NFT trading seek out influencers in order to learn more about the process. 

There are numerous NFT influencers, some of whom instruct on NFT creation and others on NFT investment.

You can follow different NFT influencers depending on what you wish to learn and how you intend to use NFT marketing. The sooner you invest in NFTs and the metaverse, the sooner you can begin to generate income. 


What does NFT refer to?

The NFT token is non-fungible. It denotes a digital collectible that can only be purchased with cryptocurrency, such as an original work of art, meme, or piece of music. In contrast to fungible assets such as dollar bills and Bitcoin, which have value and can be exchanged for another unit, NFTs do have unique code and cannot be replaced.

And since each NFT is unique, it can be used to verify the ownership of digital assets such as artwork, audio files, virtual real estate, and even digital pets. These assets are blockchain-based, primarily Ethereum. The piece’s value is determined by its code, particularly during encryption.

What does NFT Influencer mean?

An NFT influencer has invested in, created, or promoted NFTs previously. Typically, these influencers have a sizable following, and people look to them for guidance on NFTs. The majority of influencers do not only provide insight on NFTs. Followers can also gain knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

As the highly-priced NFT video was sold for close to $7 million, NFT investors must comprehend this market and how to capitalize on it. NFTs are difficult to create and invest in, so establishing a relationship with an NFT influencer is essential for making the most profitable and strategic decisions.

What are the most important factors to consider when searching for the ideal NFT influencers?

Influencers are good assets for NFT marketing since the right influencers will help you reach your target users effectively. Even on a tight budget, partnering with the right influencer would then increase your reach and follower count overnight. How to locate the appropriate influencers to promote your NFT.

  • Identify the platforms – You must identify the platforms on which you intend to run your campaigns and search for NFT enthusiasts with a sizable following. The influencer you choose must appeal to the crypto brand’s fan base, particularly on each platform.
  • Social listening – It will assist you in comprehending industry insights and utilising them to your advantage. Knowledge of the industry inside and out will prove useful during the campaign planning phase.
  • Price-based – Brands can select influencers to promote their NFTs based on the anticipated ROI of their campaign and the desired level of engagement. When searching for content creators for your NFT project, you must take into account the variable compensation of influencers. Established influencers are typically more expensive than fewer known ones.
  • Budget – It is essential to establish a budget for your NFT influencer campaign. Your budget for the influencer campaign will be determined by your anticipated return on investment.

What are the advantages of forming a partnership with NFT creators?

Any brand interested in NFTs should consider forming a partnership with NFT influencers.  Due to the ongoing confusion surrounding NFTs and cryptocurrencies, these creators can help consumers feel satisfied navigating the crypto landscape and guide their purchasing decisions by leveraging their expertise.

Numerous NFT developers will tell you how an NFT is only as good as its surrounding community.  The NFT is not worth investing in if there is no solid team in place to aid in the project’s growth. Instead, buyers must find an NFT with a compelling backstory and a team with a mission to which they can relate.

Why Do Brands Need Influencers For Marketing?

Influencers in the NFT marketing space serve primarily to generate organic engagement by trying to educate your audience regarding your digital assets. Consumers today have shown significant interest in purchasing the products promoted by their favorite social media influencers.

These influencers’ content already has an engaged audience. Audiences disregard the ‘Ad’ or ‘Paid Promotion’ label and have faith in the influencer. This influence can be utilized by brands to attract audiences, eyes, and investors.


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