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Creating an effective crypto marketing campaign is the difference between a new launch that gains traction and one that fails to pick up steam.

10 Steps to a Successful Crypto Marketing Campaign in 2022

As the general understanding of how cryptocurrencies function and what they do increases, more and more people are looking to get involved with this format of digital currency.

In fact, with the total marketing cap of cryptocurrency circling around the 2 trillion mark, it’s no wonder that people are seeing now as the perfect time to get into cryptocurrency. If you’re looking to launch your very own crypto, then you need to be prepared to create and execute an effective marketing campaign.

Fact about cryptocurrency total market cap

In this article, we’ll outline the ten steps you should integrate into your blockchain marketing campaign to ensure that you have all of your bases covered. After following the following steps, you’ll be well on your way to creating a highly impactful crypto launch.

Here are our ten steps for success.

  • Keyword research
  • Research your audience
  • Website Design
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Active Blog
  • Select the right avenues
  • Diversifying your posting
  • Link Building
  • Continual Updates
  • Referral Scheme

Let’s get right into it.

Keyword Research for your Crypto Marketing Campaign

Within a marketing campaign, a keyword refers to central words or phrases that relate to your project, which will help you secure high rankings on search engines. In a crypto marketing campaign, this could be something as general as cryptocurrency’, but will often be more specific and closely linked to your project.

By using a free tool like Google Keyword Planner, or some of the free searches each day on Semrush, you’re able to generate an understanding of which keywords would be beneficial for your campaign in terms of crypto SEO. With this knowledge, you can then begin to content plan, both content that you can post to your site, but also what keywords you want to target on a larger scale. 

Crypto marketing keyword research Source

Be sure to look for a balance between how many searches for a keyword there are in a given period against the competition. Looking at the above graphic, you can see that cryptocurrency is almost impossible to rank for as there is so much competition. Due to this, you’re always better off singling out more specific keywords and basing your marketing strategy on them.

Research your audience

While the blockchain community will rally behind seemingly any cryptocurrency that has a good enough marketing campaign, this does not necessarily mean that you’ll be targeting the whole community at once.

Instead of taking a generalist approach when it comes to marketing, you should always try and narrow down your audience, both by figuring out who your ideal customer is, as well as how you want to target them.

Depending on the specifics of your crypto project, you’re able to find a different audience for your project, targeting them and accommodating directly to the people you want to bring on board. A great example of this is any cryptocurrencies that a company launches in relation to a blockchain game. 

GameFi marketing takes advantage of both blockchain and gaming communities, narrowing down their target audience and allowing a campaign manager to be more specific with their ideas. Considering that over 71% of people prefer personalized advertisements, you’re always going to get further with your campaign if you’re directly targeting people that want to hear about your project.

Website Design

After researching your audience, establishing what they’re looking for, and understanding the keywords that you want to target, you’re ready to construct the website for your crypto project. This website should be your principle of brand identity, showing off who you are and exactly why you’ve crafted this project.

As the blockchain community is still fairly untrusting, you should work to make sure that your website has as many details about your project as possible. By this, we mean that you should include a whitepaper of the benefits of your cryptocurrency, the tokenomics behind it, and why you’ve decided to do this launch.

Considering that over 80% of ICOs in 2017 were scams, people aren’t quick to trust new cryptocurrencies, making trust into something you need to win over. 

Social Media Accounts 

Once you’ve established your brand identity, you’re then able to create your social media accounts, ensuring that your fundamental color scheme, tone of voice, and design elements carry over to every single area. 

crypto marketing brand identity Source.

Comprehensive branding ensures that everyone you come into contact with on the internet, no matter which avenue, will begin to recognize your brand and associate it with a certain style. Over time, familiarity can turn into trust, making this an important step in any crypto marketing campaign. 

An Active Blog Should Be a Core Part of Your Crypto Marketing Campaign

Once you begin your marketing campaign, you should strive to launch a blog as soon as possible. An active blog shows investors that your project is active, helping to build up trust in your project.

Equally, a blog is vital for search engine purposes, with this space allowing you to target keywords and build up your rankings on search engines. Combined with the keyword research you conducted earlier, this will be one of the most important parts of your campaign.

A blog also provides you a go-to location where you can provide your audience with high-quality, free resources. Over time, if you become known for sharing great information, people will flock to your page and inadvertently learn about your cryptocurrency in the process.

Select the right avenues

Crypto marketing campaigns are not like traditional campaigns. Skirting over the history lesson, you should be avoiding sites like Facebook, using others like Reddit, Steemit, and YouTube as primary marketing avenues.

Equally, influencer marketing is highly important within this community, with over 60% of customers being directly pushed towards a decision by an influencer in our modern era. Influencers also provide a seal of trust, helping to get their followers to trust your brand intern.

Diversifying your posting within your crypto marketing campaign

Much like how you should move across distinct avenues when compared to traditional digital marketing, you should also try and diversify your posting as much as possible. This is mainly done in two ways:

  • Writing – Be sure to write about a lot of different consent within your crypto niche, pandering to many audiences within this decentralized community.
  • Posting – Aim to publish in a range of different news sites, boosting your visibility.

This second point brings us on to our next step.

Link Building

Link building is vital for any crypto PR or marketing campaign. You should always engage in a vast degree of link building, boosting your own domain rating while also increasing your visibility online.

Try and find guest post opportunities online within the crypto niche. Thankfully, as this niche is so news-heavy, with things changing at the drop of a hat, it should be easy for you to find a range of publications that are currently accepting submissions.

Check out our full link building guide for more details.

Continual Updates

Once you’re actively participating in your campaign, you should try and continually update your investors. This could be through your home blog, posting updates about how your DeFi project is going and developing. Equally, as the vast majority of people have an email account, you could also do this by creating an email newsletter.

Email often feels much more personal, with sites like Binance using this stream to create a sense of benefitting the community while providing a human perspective on modern news that is occurring.

Binance Newsletter

Referral Scheme

Finally, after your campaign is up and running and you’re starting to onboard new customers, you should attempt to implement some form of referral scheme. Customers are 81% more likely to engage with a brand if it comes from a referral, as well as having a 37% higher retention rate.

Using a referral scheme is a wonderful way of benefiting the customers you already have, while also instantly amplifying the range of your campaign and generating new leads for your business. Within the world of crypto marketing, this is one of the most effective ways of finding new customers, with the budget that you use on your side of the deal benign vastly lower when compared to other strategies like PPC marketing.

Crypto marketing facts about influencer marketingSource.

Final Thoughts

While these ten steps may seem expansive, the truth is that an effective crypto marketing campaign will do all these and more. Due to the steep competition in the world of cryptocurrency, you need to make sure you’re using as many resources and spreading across as many marketing avenues as possible.

This article serves as a wonderful launch point for your crypto marketing campaign, helping you to hit all of the marks that help drive towards success. That said, if you’re looking for a way to boost your campaign and get guided help from experts in the field, then book a consultation with GuerrillaBuzz. 

With years of industry experience, we’re able to guide you through a range of additional marketing strategies, taking control of your crypto campaign and ensuring that you successfully launch an impactful, streamlined, and effective campaign. 


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