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This article teaches you all the tricks and tips that you should think about or include when creating your DeFi marketing plan for 2022.

How to Build The Ultimate DeFi Marketing Plan for 2022

When launching your own DeFi marketing scheme, a huge part of what dictates whether you find success or fail to catch the public’s interest is how effective your planning skills are. Blockchain marketing is not a practice that you can just readily jump into without experience; on the contrary, it is a field of marketing that you must actively understand before you can slip into this world.

If you’re about to launch a DeFi product – whether that be a crypto exchange or a new ICO project – then you’re going to have to have a robust DeFi marketing plan in place. This plan will outline every single social avenue that you’ll be using, as well as help you direct your focus to specific areas of your campaign.

Especially considering blockchain is a field that is becoming more followed over time, there is now more competition than ever before, meaning you really must focus on constructing an effective campaign that captures as much of your audience as possible. 

Interest Over time DeFi Marketing Plan Source.

Without a DeFi PR plan in place, you’re often left with more work to do and fewer results to show for it, having to throw a wide net and hope it lands on something worthwhile. On the other hand, Defi marketing plans that are effectively organized and structured will help you focus on the highest conversion streams for you, helping you to boost your campaign to success.

In this article, we’ll be outlining the X parts of making a DeFi PR plan, helping you to construct one for your upcoming launch.

We’ll run through the following steps:

  • Community Research – Know What Community You’re Targeting
  • Secure Your Foundations
  • Identify Your Social Media Streams 
  • Move To Community Support

Let’s break these down further.

Community Research – Know What Community You’re Targeting As Step One of Your DeFi Marketing Plan

The world of blockchain marketing is incredibly vast, ranging from NFT projects that have an art focus to purely financial platforms that appeal to a whole different subsection of users. Depending on the type of DeFi project that you’re looking to launch, the communities that you’ll actively seek to engage with will change. Due to this, the first step to constructing your DeFi marketing plan is to work out where you fall within this spectrum.

Look into the fundamentals of your DeFi project, are there any communities that directly come to mind when thinking about the style of campaign you’ll be running? Let’s take a look at how you can target different communities within a specific project using the example from above.

  1. NFT project: Alongside the blockchain and investor communities, you can also focus on those interested in digital art.
  2. With that established, you’re then able to focus on connecting to people within the digital art community, using Reddit streams or other social channels that are popular among this group of people.
  3. By posting about your NFT project, as well as any updates about its launch within these spaces, you can access an additional audience subset that was previously untouched.
  4. Repeating this in all of your connected communities will build up your base of supporters.

Across these four steps, you’ve effectively defined what communities will have an interest in your project, and then contacted those people directly through advertising or simply entering their spaces. Over time, connecting with a community that’s genuinely passionate about your project will ensure its success.

DeFi Marketing Plan for NFTs Source.

Considering only 1 in even 4 know what an NFT is, you’re always best going straight to the core of the communities that will understand and enjoy your product or platform. 

Secure Your Foundations

A huge part of creating an effective DeFi marketing plan is ensuring that you have your platform or product’s branding as established as possible. Your brand’s homepage is the first thing that an investor is going to see when they arrive on your page, meaning that if your website isn’t impressive, then you’re going to put off potential clients before you’ve even begun.

Branding and marketing relationship Source.

The cross-over between these two streams, branding and marketing, is huge, with effective branding helping to increase the conversion rate within a successful marketing campaign. Equally, bad branding can totally derail a marketing campaign, causing you to lose out on a valuable segment of the market.

There are three steps when trying to secure the foundations of your project:

  • Create a Coherent Brand
  • Understand Brand Voice
  • Search Engine Optimization

We’ll break these down for you.

Create a Coherent Brand

When planning out your DeFi marketing plan, always think about your brand first. A consumer can recognize the most successful brands in the world by simply looking at the logo, with even the general color scheme evoking a sense of familiarity. Just look at the photo below and see how many you recognize from this. While some brands incorporate their anime directly into their branding, like Barbie, others do so simply through a central icon.

Recognizable brands Source

This reflects the fact that when a company has an established brand, they’re able to instantly connect with their audience, recognizing them and then building up a sense of familiarity. This is particularly the case when trying to establish a place in the blockchain community.

Great Branding Leads to Trust

The world of DeFi, although currently worth over 100 billion dollars, is not a place where trust and transparency run rampant. In fact, in 2018, over 80% of all ICO (Initial Coin Offerings – new cryptocurrencies) were scams, with a rug pull occurring only a few weeks after major funding was secured. 

With this common perception from investors of DeFi projects being unregulated and potentially dangerous, one of the most effective ways you can make your DeFi project appear reliable is by ensuring you have great branding.

Ensuring that you have a great color scheme, brand homepage, and that your copy is well constructed in all parts of your website builds authority. With this, over time, people will become familiar with your brand, trusting it more and more as you stay around and continue to deliver great work.

Always build your brand before you do anything else, you can’t launch your DeFi PR plan with an unfinished company. Equally, if you are still in the building stages, be open about that! Create blog posts and write about your progress, document your growth, and provide a trail that demonstrates simply how far you’ve come in this industry. This is a core part of your DeFi marketing plan and should be remembered at all times.

Understand Brand Voice

When people think of branding, the vast majority will think about the visual side of a brand, with logos, color scheme, and design elements coming to mind. While these are indeed vital parts of constructing a brand, they are not the only elements you need to consider.

An additional, yet critical, part of creating a brand is making sure that you have a certain brand voice created. This brand voice will extend into every piece of content you make, from email newsletters and updates to articles on your blog and even how you compose social media posts.

An interesting example to follow when making your company voice is looking at Mailchimp. Back in 2016, Mailchimp made their internal voice and tone guidelines completely public. This covers everything from voice and tone to writing about people, specific grammar and mechanics, and writing for social media.

DeFi Marketing Plan voice and tone of mail chimp Source

By working through their tone of voice and style guide, you’ll be able to get a sense of exactly what they’re building up. Follow their ideas to learn more about WHY they write in a certain way, what impression they want to give off, and how they achieve that effect.

Writing is an incredibly important part of your business as it’s how you connect and engage with your customers. Without a strong and coherent sense of writing, you won’t be able to connect or deliver an effective DeFi PR plan throughout.

Search Engine Optimization as a Part of Your DeFi Marketing Plan

Another core element of ensuring that your digital presence online is doing as much work for you as possible is to ensure that your DeFi marketing plan includes a heavy focus on SEO. Search Engine Optimization is the act of ensuring your pages rank well on Google, using an array of tactics to boost your rankings.

Within your DeFi PR plan, the vast majority of the work you do will be to gain traffic to your site. While this is the core purpose of a marketing plan, there isn’t much of a focus placed on natural traffic, with paid ads of influencer schemes being the main methods currently used.

SEO DeFi Marketing Plan Source.

By creating a wonderful level of crypto SEO on your site and within all the communication content that you construct, you’ll be able to boost your ability to secure natural traffic, rank better within the world of blockchain, and boost the success of your campaign.

Identify Your Social Media Streams

The world of traditional digital marketing is ruled by Facebook, with this social media platform having nearly 3 billion total users. This is a huge market that you can’t simply ignore, but not one that is the most important within the world of blockchain marketing. On the contrary, other social media streams like the nearly as equally popular is YouTube. This is a much better place to focus on anything to do with Defi as there is an active community that follows trends and information within decentralized finance.

Monthly users of each platform DeFi Marketing Plan Source

Equally, Reddit is a fantastic social media platform for anything related to DeFi, with huge communities flocking around blockchain projects. Knowing which platforms are right for your DeFi project will depend on what sort of project you run. However, identifying these early on and using them to boost the visibility of your platform is vital.

Equally, you can use your wide spread of social media profiles to capture small segments from many different locations. Whenever you post a company blog, you should plan to launch it on all of your different social media accounts, creating a net of new leads directly into the post.

Always plan to focus on a few core social media accounts, but create all of your accounts before you begin the campaign launch part of this project. 

Move to Community Support Within Your DeFi Marketing Plan

Once you’ve established yourself across many social media platforms, you can then move to monopolize your connections in these spaces. For example, you’re able to take advantage of two of the most prominent methods of launching a new platform or product into the world of DeFi.

These are crypto influencer marketing and utilizing the power of airdrops. Across these two streams, you’re able to connect to people within the community, generate traffic to your marketing project, and enjoy the benefits of the audiences that other people have built up. Influencer marketing is a wonderful way of pulling in attention of many different groups, with this being one of the most effective approaches to DeFi marketing at the moment.

The construction of your DeFi Marketing plan should attempt to both engage with, but also directly benefit the community. For example, you can plan article posts around educational topics, helping to educate your audience.

Over time, providing quality content will help to keep your audience engaged with what your working on, helping to bring in natural traffic over time. Considering that transparency and engagement with the audience are two of the main things a consumer looks for in social media marketing, you should always aim to include this within your DeFi marketing plan.

Best social media marketing DeFi Marketing Plan Source.

Final Thoughts on Creating a DeFi Marketing Plan

When structuring and eventually executing your DeFi marketing plan, you’ll likely run into a range of roadblocks if this is your first time working within the blockchain community. As traditional digital marketing and blockchain PR are incredibly different fields, you need to make sure you understand how to work within these communities.

If you’re looking for a helping hand to make your DeFi PR plan stand out from the crowd, then get in touch with GuerrillaBuzz today. With years of experience, we’ll be able to walk you through everything you need to know about working within this community, aid with structuring your plan, and ensure that it’s a hit once you begin to execute it.

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