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Walking through everything you need to know about driving traffic to your crypto exchange PR campaigns, this article goes through the best tips and strategies you should be using.

Crypto Exchange PR – Driving Traffic to Your Exchange with Public Relations

Crypto exchange PR is the act of advertising your exchange within the blockchain community, ensuring that the right groups of people see, interact with, and sign up for your platform. As crypto exchanges face fierce competition, this isn’t an easy market to break into. However, with the right PR strategy, you’ll be able to demonstrate why your platform is a cut above the rest and secure a fervent following.

In this article, we’ll be exploring the best ways of driving traffic to your crypto exchange PR campaign, covering PR tips for launching your campaign and the five best channels you should be using.

Without further hesitation, let’s get right into it!

Four Essential Tips for Launching a Crypto Exchange PR Campaign

When it comes to launching your crypto exchange PR campaign, you shouldn’t go in completely blind. On the contrary, doing extensive market research on the audience you’re trying to capture and the market you’re trying to reach are vital parts of the process. That’s not to mention the fundamentals of your own platform, with a solid design and branding scheme always making a huge impact.

Our three essential tips for a fantastic crypto exchange PR campaign are:

  • Do Research Early
  • Solid Branding Comes First
  • SEO For Natural Traffic.

Do Research Early

Customer-centric businesses are 60% more profitable than their counterparts, demonstrating the importance of knowing exactly who your customers are and how you can appeal to them.

The first step of any successful crypto exchange PR campaign is to do extensive market research on the audience that you’re trying to attract. Instead of just guessing, you should run testing campaigns to see who typically engages with your content.

From there, you’ll have a better idea of what your target audience member looks like, helping you to engineer all of your future PR efforts towards making sure they feel accommodated for. This is an essential step of any PR campaign, and one your crypto exchange should always do before launching.

Solid Branding Comes First

Every single successful crypto exchange, perhaps even every brand as a whole, has strong branding fundamentals. Without a clear and cohesive style, tone, brand design, logo, and company colors that spread across all of your sites of engagement, you’ll be unable to generate.

Crypto exchange PR why branding matters


There are a huge range of benefits to solid branding for your crypto PR campaign. Most of all, it generates a sense of visibility. You won’t need to specifically mention the name of your brand for someone to recognize that it’s your company posting. This level of visibility and recognition can go a long way to creating followers of your platform and project. 

SEO for Natural Traffic

Crypto SEO is the practice of getting your blockchain-related project to rank naturally well on search engine results pages. This is one of the most important elements of running an effective PR campaign because it is one of the only sources of free and natural traffic that you’ll come across within the world of PR.

While the vast majority of PR strategies are outward-looking, creating a stream of traffic that comes from your own on-site efforts is an incredibly powerful tool that you should not overlook.

Crypto exchange PR how seo works


Doing some crypto keyword research around which keywords you should be targeting within your campaign is a fantastic way of streamlining the content you post. While you can be creating educational content for your audience, it will also be tailored to SEO strategy, helping you to instantly boost the ranking of your site.

Over time, this approach will generate natural traffic to your website, helping you climb above your competitors and secure a spot as one of the top crypto exchanges. 

Crypto Exchange PR Publicity Streams

One of the largest parts of successful crypto exchange PR campaigns that will distinguish between those which succeed and those which fade into obscurity is the publicity streams that they use. As the blockchain community is fairly hard to break into, with trust at an all-time low, you need to rely on the correct form of publicity streams to get you on the right track.

Instead of focusing on spamming campaign materials to every corner of the internet, you’ll have much better results if you choose a few select streams and focus on them heavily. With that in mind, we’ve selected five crypto exchange PR publicity streams that are the most effective:

  • Media
  • Influencers
  • A/b Tested Advertisements
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Airdrops

Let’s break these down further.

Media Channels

Public relations would be nothing with the media industry. Newspapers and blogs are the heart of the blockchain community, being the fastest way to distribute news to a large group of people. As huge corporations, media companies have countless employees working around the clock to ensure that there is a continual stream of updating news.

Within the world of blockchain marketing, news moves incredibly fast. While in traditional media, you may see the same few stories floating around for a few days, in the world of cryptocurrency, things take only hours to become old news. Even the most groundbreaking new crypto releases will only last a day or two at max, demonstrating how fast-moving this industry can be.

Due to this, you want to take a ‘more is more approach when it comes to media outlet publication. Instead of fighting tooth and nail to get published in a tier-one news site, like Forbes, you’re much better off focusing on 10-15 tier 3 publications. While this isn’t true in the world of traditional marketing, crypto is all about exposure therapy.

You want to get your crypto exchange pr materials out there as frequently as possible, with each article only lasting around a day before it’s no longer anywhere near the front of the news cycle. With this in mind, you should attempt to build up a network of different sites that you regularly post on. 

After establishing these guest posting opportunities, which you can find by simply searching for them on Google, you’ll be one step closer to constantly getting your name out there in front of mass markets. 

Crypto exchange PR guest posts Source.

Influencer PR and Marketing

Over the past 10 years, influencer marketing has become one of the leading forms of PR that very few people are focusing on. Especially in the world of blockchain PR, where trust is a vital commodity that you must earn, influencer marketing is an incredibly successful endeavor.

For every $1 that a brand spends on AdWords PR, they receive around $2 back. However, for every $1 that a brand spends on influencer marketing, they receive an average of $11.69 back, demonstrating the huge difference in ROI that influencer marketing offers.

Influencer marketing return on investment


When launching a successful crypto exchange PR campaign, one of the most effective strategies that you can follow is to build up a network of different influencers that you turn to. While we’ve written a complete guide to crypto influencer marketing, we’ll quickly run you through the top steps.

  • Find your channels – depending on whether you want video content, written content, or photos, you should select the social media you target slightly differently.
  • Find influencers – by scanning through the masses, you can find a range of small and medium influencers that you can partner with without having to break the bank.
  • Testing influencers – After you’ve recruited a handful of influencers, measure the success of each one of their campaigns. The most successful individuals are the ones that you should work with again and again.

With this, you’ll be able to generate a lot of traffic to your crypto exchange marketing campaign, helping you to get off the ground and earn a solid user base. Always turn to crypto influencers when launching this format of campaign.

A/B Tested Advertisements for a Strong Crypto Exchange PR Campaign

While there are now a range of different strategies that you can use to drive traffic to your campaign, the most tried and tested of these is always going to be PPC advertising. However, instead of just running PPC campaigns about your crypto exchange project, you should create a system when you’re only launching effective advertisements

You can do this by running A/B testing on your campaigns, which is a practice followed by over 77% of all businesses in the USA. Over time, these tests will ensure that your campaign is as optimized as possible, always pulling in the largest amount of interaction that is possible. 

How A:b testing works


Alongside testing which advertisements work best for your crypto exchange PR campaign, you’re also able to see which areas your ads work well on. For example, some exchanges may benefit from a video advertisement that shows all its best qualities. On the other hand, a different campaign might see its best results when using banner ads on crypto websites.

Experimenting with these different ad formats will help you find what works best for you. Over time, this will help you boost interaction and increase your ROI within all of the campaigns that you launch. 

Affiliate Programs

An affiliate program is where you hire a range of influencers to post about your crypto exchange. Each one of them is given a specific link or referral code, with their posts helping to send more people to your site. For every X amount of people that they send to your exchange that begin to use it, they get financial compensation.

Within this marketing tactic, you’re able to give people an incentive to post your content without actually directly paying for every single ad they put out. Many people that have large audiences use affiliate marketing to make fantastic livings, with the sheer amount of people that trust them and use the services they recommend netting them many referrals.

Crypto exchange PR influencer marketing guide Source.

By putting the infrastructure in place that allows people to work with your brand, you’re able to generate a natural form of self-renewing marketing that will drive sales. As a crypto exchange, one of the core barriers stopping you from success is the initial stage of getting people onto your platform and proving that your brand is trustworthy.

By working with affiliate programs, you can effectively get around this problem, instantly bringing more customers on to your platform.

Airdrops within your Crypto Exchange PR Campaign

Another incredibly useful method of crypto exchange PR, especially if you have your own native token, is to make use of your social channels and launch airdrops that people can get involved with.

A crypto airdrop is where users get a set amount of a cryptocurrency for free if they sign up for a service through an airdrop. As you’re a crypto exchange, you’ll be able to offer your own native token for these purposes, instantly creating a sense of excitement for the big launch day of your platform.

What’s more, as airdrops are commonly run on social sites like Twitter, you’re able to include a clause in the terms and conditions that states that people must retweet your airdrop to get the reward. With this, you’re able to amplify the reach of your campaign, making use of social chain of interaction that links through sites like Twitter.

As soon as one person retweets you, you’re instantly seen by their whole audience. Often, as your followers will be directly related to the crypto community, this will lead to your brand getting seen by upwards of 10s of thousands of people within the world of blockchain.

A well-executed airdrop will generate a huge amount of public excitement for your brand. 

Final Thoughts on Crypto Exchange PR

Crypto exchange PR, as an act that will successfully launch your exchange into the mainstream, is a hard feat to pull off. While many companies try to use their in-house marketing teams, we always suggest that you look for a crypto PR agency to help you through the process.

With years of experience, GuerrillaBuzz has all the knowledge, social channels, and skills you’ll need to make the launch of your exchange a roaring success. Get in contact with us today to see exactly what we can do for your business. 

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