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Crypto link building outreach is the process of gaining backlinks from the crypto community. Following this tutorial will help you move up the Google rankings!

Crypto Link Building Outreach – The Complete Guide

Link building is a vital part of any off-page SEO strategy. The process of cultivating these backlinks is known as outreach, quite literally reaching out to others and asking them to share your content. Crypto link building outreach works within this idea, cultivating links directly from within the crypto community.

A strong crypto outreach strategy will boost your engagement, pull more people to your site, and strengthen the domain authority of your website. Let’s just right into this complete guide!

What is outreach?

Outreach is the process of reaching out to other website owners and bloggers with the goal of getting them to feature links to your site on their website. These links, or backlinks, will point towards your website and let Google know that your site is a valuable source of information.

The more backlinks you acquire, the more likely your site it to move up the Google rankings.

Money raised per project and backlinks graph to demonstarte the importance of Crypto Link Building Outreach graph

Crypto link building outreach can take on many forms. From directly emailing people, to garnering a following on a social media website, there are a few ways you can go about it.

No matter what form of outreach you’re interested in, we’ll provide a comprehensive guide to securing more backlinks. Touching on the best communication tactics for different mediums, this article will tell you everything you need to know about crypto link building outreach.

Why is link building important for your Crypto Business

Link building is the backbone of crypto off-page SEO. It’s one of the largest parts of crypto SEO in general. No matter how good your content is, if people can’t find your content, it won’t matter. You need to make sure you apply solid SEO practices to your website to move up those Google rankings. One of the most important SEO practices is link building, which comes from a great outreach approach.

But what are the other benefits of link building for your crypto business?

Improve Site Rankings with Crypto Link Building Outreach

The higher you move up those Google rankings, the more traffic your blog will be getting. One assured way to do this is to adopt strong link building practices. By using outreach, you can get in contact with other site owners, persuading them to feature your site on their page.

The more backlinks that point to your site, the higher your site will rank on average. Just take a look at this Ahref’s Site Explorer chart that demonstrates the total amount of referring domains for a top position on Google.

Referring domains for top ranking websites

What’s happening here is that as the page gets more backlinks, it will move up the rankings. However, now it’s higher in the rankings, more people will see it. Due to this, more people will link back to the page as they find the answer to their questions on it.

This causes a cyclic link building effect. More links = more views = more links = more views.

Improve your domain score with crypto link building outreach

A Domain Authority, also known as a Domain Ranking, is a figure from 0-100 which demonstrates how strong your website’s backlink profile is. This is calculated from many factors, one of the most important of these being backlinks that point towards your site.

This DA/DR score demonstrates to Google how trustworthy your site is. As your DR score rises, Google is more likely to push your website up the Google Page Rankings, as it sees your website as somewhere that holds genuine and reputable information.

By using outreach to generate more backlinks, you will increase your website’s domain ranking over time!

Brand Authenticity

One of the problems with crypto as a niche is that it is still a fairly new currency. Bitcoin, the most widely known example of crypto, was only started in 2008. Although there have been plenty of new cryptocurrencies since then, there is still a long way to go before it’s a completely trusted medium of financial exchange.

2,329 IOCs launched in 2020 fact for Crypto Link Building Outreach

In the modern-day, cryptocurrency trading now accounts for 79% of the total global daily trading volume. If you want to launch an IDO project and gain a piece of that market, you need to establish yourself as a trustworthy brand.
A central part of great blockchain PR and blockchain marketing is increasing your brand awareness. By doing crypto link building outreach like participating in podcasts within the crypto niche, or getting involved in the crypto community on sites like Reddit, you’ll be able to boost customer recognition.

As more people become familiar with the name of your crypto company, you’ll become more trustworthy. One of the most sure-fire ways to garner trust is by ranking highly on the Google search pages. After all, would you prefer to trust a source from the first page of google, or the second? Although its only a small difference, with Moz calculating that less than 6% of traffic comes from the second page of Google.

That’s an incredibly 94% of search clicks that come from the first page alone. If you’re not on the first page, you’re seriously cutting down your own traffic opportunities.

However, as you move up those rankings, more and more people will start seeing your company. Over time this will build trust, securing you a spot as a reputable crypto company.

Total trade volume of crypto is 79% of the daily world's trading

What Types of Crypto Link Building Outreach are there?

There are several different routes you should take into account when doing crypto link building outreach. All of these will result in backlinks, but some may be more effective for your brand than others. We recommend you try all of these, as they can all be valuable methods of crypto outreach.

Let’s go through a brief overview of each main method.

What types of crypto link building outreach are there?


The dreaded emails section. Everyone knows about cold-emailing at this point. It’s the process of directly emailing someone and asking for a favor, often ending up with your email being moved straight to the trash.

However, in crypto link building outreach, you want to actually offer something of worth with your emails. You want to share information, bring news to the attention of people, or help other website users out. By sending emails that actually motivate a response, you can build up your contacts in the crypto community, as well as helping your site garner links.

Community Posting on Social Sites

Social sites are online platforms where you can share ideas around cryptocurrency. These have built up over time, with the internet now having several ‘meeting-places’ of sorts through which people can connect. The most famous of these is Reddit. However, there are many others, like SteemIt, Pocket, Tumblr, and Mix.

By posting about crypto news, ideas, and discussion topics, you can start conversations around your site. One of the ways of doing this would be to post an interesting statistic from your site to Reddit, where people would react and discuss the fact. This would secure a backlink for you, as well as possibly pushing others to write about or further use your link.

With these sites, the possibilities really are endless.

Social bookmark sites for crypto link building

Guest Posting

A guest post is where you reach out to another site and agree to write an article for them. Traditionally you’ll be writing on a topic you know lots about, like cryptocurrency. This will allow you to write useful content for the crypto community, while also gaining backlinks from the article.

Guest posts also offer you the opportunity to gain close contacts in the crypto community. If you’re discussing your post with an author on another site, you could offer an exchange of article. This would give you and another site author the opportunity to garner backlinks. This sort of interaction benefits everyone, and can secure you some contacts.

Article Structure for Blogs online

Interviews and Podcasts

Doing interviews and podcasts with other individuals or companies in the crypto community is a fantastic way of getting your brand out there. Not only does this provide you an opportunity to discuss something you’re knowledgeable and passionate about, but you’ll also have a chance to show your personal expertise.

These platforms often link to your own website in their podcast/interview description. If there is a written article that follows the article, this will also typically include backlinks to your website.

Although this won’t provide lots of backlinks, it cements your spot in the crypto community and can boost the exposure of your company considerably.

Guide to Crypto Link Building Outreach Through Emails

The key to writing a great email to a company you want to get in contact with is a strong base of research.

How to research a company before emailing

The main reason that emailing fails as a form of crypto link building outreach is a lack of personalization. Have you ever received an email written directly to you by a company that just totally misses the mark? You’re either not interested in what they have to say, or it doesn’t relate to you one bit.

Reporting spam gif

Now put yourself into the shoes of the company you want to approach. If they receive an email that has clearly come from a generic template that doesn’t actually acoomodate to them, then they won’t both replying. You’ll be lucky if they get past the first line.

Instead, we need to make sure that every email we send out is personalized. The first step to that is doing excellent research. Navigate to a website that you’d like to be featured in.

Company-specific research

Let’s pretend that we were trying to get featured on the Ahref’s blog.

Ahrefs blog front page

By navigating through their blog for a few pages, we quickly gain a lot of information about the type of content they are putting out. Make a list of a few things:

  • What are the main topics they cover?
  • Are there any repeated keywords?
  • Are there any tips/fact-based articles?

An example of this last point would be a listicle structure, with a number of tips or facts based on the title. Here’s an example of that:

10 lead generation tactics for crypto link building outreach post Ahrefs

While you may know the theme of the website quickly, what comes next is even more important. Go into some of those fact based articles, look for a list of tips/tricks. Once you’ve read through that article, think about if they’re missing anything.

If you can think of an additional tip or method, you’re in luck. Even better if you’ve done research in this area before, and have some empirical evidence to prove your point. Now that you’ve done your research and know what the website posts, you can reach out from a place of trying to help them by offering additional guidance or advice on their chosen topic.

How to write an outreach email

No one is going to reply to or act on an email that doesn’t cater to their personal brand. Due to this, you’re going to want to bring the information you think the creator would like based on your research. If they’re an SEO company, perhaps some SEO-related news or figures would be a great thing. If you’re a crypto company, try finding some new statistics out.

Once you’ve done your research and know what you’re going to write, it’s time to actually approach them.

At the bottom of most websites, you’ll find a Contact page. Here’s the bottom of the website for cryptonews.

Contact Us page on a website

Clicking this will open up a page where you can email the company directly. Sometimes the contact us page will have a list of emails that you can then select from.

Alternatively, you could find an author’s email on LinkedIn, if they’re comfortable sharing that data.

Once you’ve found the contact of the person you want to write to, head to your email app.

What is an email template?

There is no hard and fast email template to follow. This is what a lot of email templates look like:

Email marketing for Crypto Link Building Outreach

While these emails can do well, and I implore you to try, they will fall flat when compared with something personal. No one wants to receive a generic email that they’ve seen from hundreds of people. Instead of this, I recommend you do the following three things in your email:

  • Make sure you explain why your content is of value
  • Have content that is useful to the person you’re emailing. Do your research!
  • Demonstrate that you’ve engaged with their content and this isn’t just a cold email.

From there, the rest is about making your content as great as possible. You won’t be able to generate any leads from crypto link building outreach without having superb, and sharable, content!

Be original, and try to offer as much help to other creators as you can when reaching out.

Social Sites and Community Posting specifically for Crypto

While there are a lot of social sites out there, we’re going to be focusing on two of the biggest. These are Reddit and Steamit.


Reddit is a huge media platform. With hundreds of thousands of communities and millions of users, you won’t be surprised to find out that it has a thriving crypto community.

Cryptocurrency subreddit

Reddit is divided into Subreddits, which are smaller communities into which you can post content. There are Subreddits for cryptocurrency in general, as well as smaller communities for following specific digital coins. Reddit works through an upvote system, with every vote causing your post to move higher up the rankings for a certain period. You can sort by ‘New’, ‘Top Rated’, and ‘Hot’, hot being posts that are currently gaining lots of upvotes.

Reddit Scroll

By posting a link to your article with an interesting headline or infographic to a subreddit, you’ll be increasing the exposure your site gets. What’s more, if your graphic is designed well or your statistics are well-researched and actually interest people, then people will begin to upvote. From this, you’ll move up even higher on the Google rankings. This is great if you’re looking for some easy exposure in a crypto community. All you need, as always, is fantastic content ready to share!


Steemit is a community board that fills up with posts based around certain niches. For this article, we’ll be focusing on the crypto niche.

Steemit works by using a digital currency as the base for its upvote system. If you post something, every time it gets an upvote, you will get a tiny amount of that digital currency. The same goes for those the like your posts being awarded a bit of ‘steem’ for curating on the site.

Steemit interface for crypto link building outreach

Apart from the potential to actually earn money on Steemit, it’s a great place to participate in the crypto community. By posting to Steemit, people will see your content. If it’s useful or creative and relates to the niche you’re posting it in, they’ll often leave an upvote. Just like Google rankings, more people backing your post will push it further up the Steemit rankings.

Going back to the research you conducted for your email outreach, you can post statistics on Steemit. If you have uncovered some interesting information, why not share it. Even better, create a neat infographic to share with the platform.

On sites like Reddit and Steamit, attaching a photo to your post will garner more upvotes. You can use this to your advantage, posting your infographics, gaining upvotes, and boosting the exposure of your site.

Links posted on these sites also count as backlinks to your website. What’s more, if a larger number of people are seeing your content, they, too, might use your statistic in a future article and link back to your site. It’s a win-win situation!

Guest Posting for crypto link building outreach

If you’re looking to find somewhere to guest post on, Google can be of help. By using quotation marks, you can search through Google for exact terms.

Guest post crypto Crypto Link Building Outreach

By typing in “Guest Post” + “Crypto”, we get the following results:

Guest post crypto google

As you can see, there are plenty of websites we could select to write for. By selecting one of these, we can see that there is an email that we could use, or a contact form we can fill out.

If you have a great idea for a guest post, it’s an easy way of getting some backlinks directly to your profile. Just be sure to fill your article with a couple links towards your site. Or, you could use your author bio to point to your website. guest post

Alternatively, if you don’t want to go down the Google route, you can reach out by email and offer to write a guest post for one of the contacts you’ve made through email crypto link building outreach.

Interviews and Podcasts for Crypto Link Building Outreach

There are three main ways of finding interviews and podcasts to be on for your crypto blog.

How to get interviews and podcasts

Reach out

The first of these is by using social media sites such as Twitter and reaching out to hosts of podcasts. This could, technically, also be a method of arranging guest posts.

If you’re active on a social site like Twitter, it’s a good idea to reach out to other members of the crypto community. Just like emailing, this doesn’t have to be directly asking to be on their podcast. However, over time, if you see something you enjoy from their feed, direct message them and give them a compliment or discuss the topic further.

That way, when you do eventually come to ask to do a podcast episode together, there will already be a history of interaction that you can fall back on. Just think, would you rather do a podcast with someone that you’ve talked to previously or a total stranger?

Have a media presence

The second method of getting podcasts and interviews is to have a public profile. This goes hand in hand with growing your website’s position. As you become more of a recognized person in the crypto community, either through engaging with other creators, posting useful articles, or from clever marketing campaigns, you will become a talking point.

Once people know that you’re an expert in the crypto industry, they’re more likely to reach out through social media and ask you to do a podcast episode with them. This tactic is definitely more of a long game, you won’t have any results overnight. But, it can be very valuable in the long run!

Start your own podcast!

One thing you can take complete control over is the content you publish. What’s stopping you from publishing your own podcast. If we look at the 7 best cryptocurrency podcasts in 2021, they were all started by a person or a group of people just looking to discuss crypto content.

If you make your own podcast, you can also summarise articles into blog form, providing event more content for your blog. This allows you to build up your reputation, while also providing valuable content for your website!

Final Thoughts on Crypto Link Building Outreach

Outreach is the heart of link building. Without strong crypto link-building outreach, you’ll never be able to gain backlinks and move up those Google rankings.

From Reddit and Steemit to podcasts and guest posting, there are a plethora of ways you can start crypto outreach.

If you need help with your crypto link-building outreach strategy, get in contact with us today. We have years of experience in the blockchain PR and blockchain marketing industry and can help launch your business.

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