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Have you already optimised your crypto blog on-page SEO content? Have you already attempted to get your name out there but with little success? If so, it may be time to start thinking about crypto off-page SEO.

Crypto Off-page SEO – The Complete Guide


Crypto off-page SEO is vital for those looking to expand their business, garner natural traffic, build links to their site, and establish brand credibility. In this guide, we’ll be walking you through exactly how to optimise your blockchain website, ensuring your crypto off-page SEO is as good as can be.

We’ll be covering:

  • What SEO is
  • The difference between on-page and off-page SEO
  • What Crypto off-page SEO is
  • Why crypto off-page SEO is so important
  • The fundamentals of off-page SEO
  • How to track your off-page efforts

Let’s jump right into it!

What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is how effective your site is at being picked up by Google. If your site has good SEO, it’s more likely to rank highly in Google searches. This will affect how many people see your site in the Google rankings and thus visit your website.

In fact, it is estimated that 91% of Google users never go past the first page of search results. Can you think of a time you’ve ever gone to the second page? Neither can I.

If you’re not on that first page, there is a very low chance a reader will click on your website.

Considering how vast Google is, it’s easy to fall down the cracks. Just look at how many results there are when typing in a term like ‘Cryptocurrency’. You don’t want to fall into that 31 million! That’s why we need to focus on SEO, both on-page and off-page, to get you to that first page ranking spot.

Google Search Results millions of results per search

There are several types of SEO to focus on when building a website. The three main categories are On-Page SEO, off-page SEO, and Technical SEO. These all encompass Crypto SEO.

The three fundamentals of SEO, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO are changes you can make within the structure of a page to impact how it ranks. This section of SEO would include changes like increasing the density of a keyword, optimising your images, or making sure your page structure flows well.

ON-Page SEO Yoast crypto off-page SEO counterpart

If you want to learn more about On-Page SEO, we’ve written a complete guide! This complete guide will walk you through, step by step, every single thing you need to know about On-Page SEO.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is all about optimising your site for Google indexing and crawling. This practice ensures that your site can actually find, access, and index your site. Alongside your homepage, good technical SEO will make sure that every single one of your pages works and is searchable.

Crypto Off-page SEO

On the other hand, off-page SEO is everything that happens outside of your own website. If On-page is about your site, then Crypto off-page is about other people’s sites. Optimising your off-page SEO is about reaching outwards to those other sites and persuading them to drive traffic back to yours.

Key things to focus on when optimising off-page SEO are:

  • Link Building
  • Digital Public Relations
  • Guest Posting
  • Interviews and Podcasts
  • Infographics and Illustrations

In this guide, we’ll be walking you through these off-page categories. We’ll explain exactly what each one is and how you can optimise them for your own cryptocurrency website.

The fundamentals of off-page SEO

What is Crypto Off-page SEO?

Crypto off-page SEO focuses directly on optimising the way you work within the cryptocurrency community, using certain sites or tactics to gain a following away from your own site.

When writing in the cryptocurrency niche, there are a couple of different strategies when it comes to off-page SEO. Our guide is going to be focusing on crypto off-page SEO, helping your blockchain company get further exposure within the crypto community.

But, instead of blindly reaching out to guest post, we’ll be taking a look at the some of the best places and strategies you can use to build a presence in the world of cryptocurrency.

With this guide, you’ll be gaining brand recognition in no time!

What is the difference between Crypto On-page SEO and Off-page SEO

In our Crypto Blog SEO: The Complete Guide article, we walked through exactly how to optimise your site on-page. This spanned through things like altering meta descriptions,  optimising titles, creative effective slugs, and other on-page changes you can make.

The difference with crypto off-page SEO is that you’ll be working outside of your website. Instead of optimising your own content to make sure it is as great as possible for the crypto community, you’ll be reaching out to other sites and getting your name out there.

Put simply, crypto on-Page SEO happens in a bubble on your site. While crypto off-page SEO is when you step out of your site and into the larger world of the crypto community.

On-page SEO and Off-Page SEO work together

Why is Crypto Off-Page SEO important?

No matter how amazing your content is, if you don’t have strong crypto off-page SEO, the simple fact is that you will never rank. While amazing cryptocurrency blog content may find its way into the right hands over time and gain you some traffic, crypto off-page SEO can really speed up the process

There are three central benefits to off-page SEO. They are Credibility, Rankings, and Traffic.


When you get your content featured on other sites, you’ll generate backlinks that send a reader towards your website. A backlink, simply put, is just a link between a foreign website and your own site.

If readers from the crypto community are constantly seeing your IDO’s name across popular sites, they’re likely to become familiar with you. Over time, the increased exposure will mean they, too, begin to trust your website. This will bring more customers and a loyal base of investors.

Great content with wonderful On-Page SEO will be picked up over time by other sites interested in your work. From these sites linking to your website, you’ll generate a backlink.

If a website has more backlinks, Google will believe that the site is more credible. In turn, this will cause Google to begin trusting your site more. Take a look at this graph, showing a ‘Link Strength’ directly in proportion to money raised per project.

Link strength for crypto off-page seo strenght

One of the main factors for link strength is backlinks. As you can see, the stronger a link, the more money raised. People will begin to flock to your site, and Google will begin to think of you as a credible site.

This brings me swiftly on to the next main benefit of crypto Off-page SEO.

Google Rankings

If you have a plethora of backlinks under your belt, Google will consider your site to have a stronger link. Over time, as your credibility and domain rating improves, you’ll begin to rise through the Google Rankings.

When you begin to rank for certain keywords as they’re searched in Google, the number of people exposed to your site will also increase:

The number of keywords the target website is ranking for in the top 100 organic search results

The more keywords you rank for, the higher your website will go.

Further Traffic

More credibility leads to better google rankings, which leads finally to our final benefit – further traffic! It’s a snowball effect, as you get higher in the rankings, the more you exposure, which increases the likelihood you’ll gain backlinks, which further increases your credibility and position in the rankings… and on and on!

If you appear on more Google Search Pages, you’ll get more traffic directly to your site. This all starts with getting your crypto off-page SEO strategy perfect.

The global cryptocurrency market is currently worth over a trillion dollars. If you want to get yourself a share of that amount, you’re going to have to get your name out there! That’s why we’ll walk you through the main fundamentals of crypto off-page SEO

Total value of cryptocurrency is 1.28 trillion in 2021 info for crypto off-page SEO

Fundamentals of Crypto Off-page SEO

Now we know exactly why we want to boost our Off-page SEO, let’s walk through the fundamentals of exactly what we want to work on

Each of these is important in its own respect, so try and focus on getting better at all of them if you can! We’ll be focusing on:

  • Link Building and Community Posting
  • Digital Public Relations
  • Guest Posting
  • Interviews and Podcasts
  • Infographics and Illustrations

Link building

The benefits of crypto link building graphic showing the three main benefits for crypto off-page SEO

The main objective of a lot of crypto off-page SEO efforts is to cultivate link building. A strong profile of backlinks to your website will help more people find your site, as well as boosting you up the Google rankings.

You may be wondering, how exactly do I get other sites to link to mine? Well, apart from having fantastic content, there are a couple of methods you can try. We’ve already written a complete guide to crypto link building which will walk you through this in greater depth.

In this article, we’ll be discussing two main ways of link building. One is outreach, and the other is community posting.


The practice of outreaching is emailing or contacting owners or bloggers on other sites and asking them to feature you. But, don’t get this twisted. Outreaching is NOT begging for links.

Instead, this part of crypto off-page SEO requires that you provide reasons for featuring your content on their websites. Although there are plenty of guides out there for this, I always stick to one simple rule – personalise your messages!

No one wants to receive a spam email. In the modern world, I’m sure plenty of you reading this article will have inboxes that look something like this:

10000+ emails in a Gmail inbox

Receiving another email that has a clearly copied and pasted format isn’t going to be helping anyone. They will discard your email as spam without even blinking an eye.

Report Spam Link Building Gif

Outreaching Tips

When writing an email outreach in which you want someone to feature your blog in theirs, focus on what you can actually do for them, not the other way around.

Let’s say you’ve just finished a large piece of research in which you’ve come across some interesting statistics. That would be a great selling point for your blog. If that’s the case, you could approach someone like this:

Good Email for crypto link building that reads: Hi Name, I read your article about {A Topic You Know Well} and loved it! I’ve recently uncovered that {Statistic Related to the Topic} and think this infographic could go great in your article. Would you be interested in featuring my research with a link back to my article? Thanks! Crypto link building

Why this email format is more successful is because you’re actually personalising it. Even better if you comment something specific about their site. To get that information, simply navigate to one of their most recent articles, take a quick read, and discuss a part you liked.

Nowadays, most articles have a reading time at the top. That way, you’ll even be able to find an article which won’t take you too long to read.

Reading time to finish an article is 12 minutes in this example

That personal focus when doing crypto off-page SEO outreach goes a long way!

Community Posting

The crypto community is made up of 100s of niche websites where opinions, facts, statistics, and more are all shared. Interacting with those communities is a fantastic way of getting your name out there, and building your authenticity while also potentially paving the way to getting more backlinks.

Let’s take a site like Reddit. Reddit currently gets over 50 billion monthly views. That’s a huge community of people that could potentially lay their eyes on your content. There are also several other sites you can use here:

Social bookmark sites for crypto link building for crypto off-page SEO

Reddit is broken down into subreddits, smaller communities in which you can post things related to that topic. Cryptocurrency communities you can check out are:

  • /r/CryptoCurrency
  • /r/Ico
  • /r/CryptoMarkets
  • /r/Bitcoin
  • /r/cryptocurrency trading

A few of these subreddits have a lot of followers:

Reddit Crypto communities with their followers for crypto off-page SEO

There are plenty more out there for you to find. If you were to become an active member of these communities, you could begin to post links to your site, perhaps linking your content when answering a question.

This tactic is commonly used on Quora. Someone will answer questions on Quora about a topic related to their website, in turn linking to their site for a fuller explanation of the topic. Not only does this help the community by answering questions, but you’ll also be:

  1. Generating links for your site.
  2. Getting eyes and exposure on those links, driving traffic to your site.
  3. Establishing yourself, and your site, as an expert source of information in your field.

Apart from answering questions, what can I post?

Thanks to research published by Foundation Marketing, you can see that posts that include links do much better than those that don’t.

Foundation Marketing graph External links gain several thousands more upvotes on reddit in crypto off-page SEO

Let’s go back to our example of uncovering some new data. If you were to post a link to your data in a community that appreciates that information, for example a subreddit related to cryptocurrencies, you have a high chance of gaining upvotes.

When something has a lot of upvotes for the day, it is pushed up the search rankings within Reddit. Just like with Google rankings, that then means that more people are exposed to the content, leading to more likes, which in turn snowballs into even more people seeing the content!

crypto off-page SEO reddit

As you can see, the top post of today was a link to an article. What’s to say that couldn’t be your article?

If you want to know even more about the best link building strategies, be sure to check out our crypto link building guide!

Digital PR

Broadband Search has calculated that there are a total of 306 billion emails are sent each day. With statistics like that, it’s hard to refuse that we’re firmly in the age of the internet.

While public relations and off-page SEO were once viewed as disparate concepts, the continual uptake of the internet on an international scale has caused digital PR to take over the world.

By using PR and marketing to further the exposure a certain article or project, you can shortcut through the link building process. SemRush recently calculated that on average a digital PR campaign will gain between 10-24 unique domain backlinks.

Importance of Digital PR for Crypto off-page SEO Semrush infographic

However, the campaign also revealed that the very best digital campaigns received over 200 unique domain links. It’s hard to deny the incredible scope a well-placed and expertly crafted digital PR campaign can garner.

If you’re not sure how to go about creating an effective campaign, we’ve written a full guide on IDO Marketing and PR. If you want direct help from us, we’d be more than happy to book you in for a free consultation. Or, take a look at our recently YouTube video that goes over all the fundamentals of Blockchain PR.

Guest Posts

Guest posts go hand in hand with outreach. Instead of reaching out and offering data, why not offer to write a short article on someone’s website. If your own content demonstrates that you’re a complete whizz in a topic, why not offer your expertise to someone else.

Crypto off-page SEO works with guest posting in two main ways. The first of these is to include links to your own site within the article you write. This form of linking will provide backlinks towards your site, without taking away from the article itself.

Alternatively, at the bottom of most blogs, there is an option to include an author bio. This is normally a small area with a photo and a bit about the author. Here’s an example of one of these bios:

Author page on medium with a link to her content

As you can see from this Medium article, Tiffany has included a link to their own Facebook page in their author bio. If someone enjoys their article, this may push them to click the link and see what other articles the writer has posted.

Guest posts work because while you get something, you’re also providing a real benefit to other sites. You’ll be providing someone with a well-researched blog on your area of expertise, while also gaining your own site some valuable backlinks.

How to find Sites to Guest Post On

To find sites to guest post on, use the Quote Google Search Function. This function is where you use quotation marks to search Google directly for a term. Try typing in the following:

Crypto Off-Page Seo Guest posting gif

By typing in “Crypto” + “Guest Post”, you’ll be receiving a list of sites that directly list these terms on their website. This can instantly help you find some cryptocurrency sites that are open to working on guest posts. This is a wonderful place to start.

Crypto off-page seo guest post sites to post on

Alternatively, you can submit a post to an online blog like Medium. Medium accepts blogs from everyone and has over 60 million monthly visitors. That’s a huge quantity of new viewers for your blog!

Guest posting is one of the most common ways of doing off-page SEO and beginning your link building efforts. What’s more, blogging for other people will also help you build up relationships with other brands and people in the cryptocurrency space. Favours build-up, and could come in handy in the long term!

Interviews and Podcasting for Crypto Off-Page SEO

Doing interviews with other brands or appearing on an episode of a podcast is a fantastic way of boosting your exposure to the crypto community.

Not only will you have the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise in this field, but you’ll also get new people to listen to you and flock to your site. By giving examples of the content you’ve posted or knowledge you have, you’ll be able to advertise your brand throughout the course of the podcast.

Considering that podcasting is a vocal recording, it’s a form of communication that can easily form connections. People are always on the go, making audio content easy and convenient to consume. In fact, in 2021, around 57% of the USA have listened to a podcast or are regular listeners.

By contacting podcast hosts in the cryptocurrency space, you’ll be able to capitalise on this market, demonstrating your expertise, and advertising your blockchain website.

What’s more, you can ask to be put in the description of the podcast episode, generating even more links to your page!

Infographics and Illustrations

When I was explaining about outreach and guest blogging, I suggested that one of the best ways of getting someone’s attention was bringing them new information. While that’s true, one of the very best ways to present your newfound information is through a well-illustrated infographic.

A study by Vennage reported that 42% marketing experts considered that infographics were the most engaging form of content. Not only is an image easy to view, but it’s considerably more aesthetic than a simple text post!

In fact, posts that have visual content will receive, on average, a whopping 650% more interaction than just text posts. By creating infographics of your research, you can include them in your own posts, boosting your engagement.

Alongside this, you can send your infographics to writers that have written on a relevant topic, using outreach to ask them to feature your infographic. They’ll be receiving an image that will boost engagement, while you’ll be getting a backlink on their site!

If you’re not a graphic designer and would like to create some infographics, Canva offers a free infographic creation tool!

Canva Infographic Generator

How to Track Crypto Off-Page SEO Over Time

Now that you’ve tried out guest blogging and have created infographics, you may be wondering how exactly you can track your off-page SEO efforts.

Google Tools

One of the easiest ways to track where and when other sites are mentioning your content is through setting up a Google Alert.

If you navigate to Google Alerts, you’ll be faced with a page offering to create an alert.

Google Alerts for tracking crypto off-page SEo

Whenever you get a person linking to your content or site, you’ll receive an alert. This can help you have a real-time understanding of how your brand is growing. You can see that our recent Google Alerts have us featured on several high priority websites.

High priority websites that feature our work crypto off-page SEO

Both CoinTelegraph and Cryptopolitan linked to our content, sending us a Google Alert. By following those links on Google Alerts, you can see where other websites have featured your content.

GurreillaBuzz backlinks on CoinTelegraph

Alternatively, you could use a tool like Google Trends.

By typing in a search term, you can trace the interest over time of a particular search term. If you use your brand name as that search term, Google will produce a graph that demonstrates your relative popularity and organic clicks over time.

Interest over time google chart for cryptocurrency in crypto off-page SEO

Other Options

If you’re looking for a paid option, Ahrefs and Hootsuite both have a huge selection of SEO monitoring tools that you can take a look at.

Hootsuite is an all-encompassing tool that can summarise and optimise your content. Ahrefs contain several SEO tools that can trace backlinks, popularity over time, and more.

Hootsuite infographic

Whichever form of tracking you follow, just be sure to give things enough time to happen.

Crypto off-page SEO won’t happen overnight. I would recommend you give a particular strategy at least three months before you expect that it begins to see results. Anything over three months without any sign of results may need a little adjustment.

But, without tracking your crypto off-page SEO efforts, you won’t know if your brand is gaining traction over time. What’s not monitored, is ignored! Be sure to track your progress throughout.

Final Thoughts

Crypto off-page SEO is all about gaining your brand more exposure by working with other sites and promoting your content around the internet. From guest blogging to sharing infographics, there are plenty of strategies you can employ and get started with today!

If you want help from a team of experts that have years of SEO experience, get in contact with us! We’d love to give you a hand with your blockchain marketing, SEO, and PR campaigns.

Are you ready to take the next step towards success? Let us know in the comments down below which of these crypto off-page SEO strategies you’re most excited to try out!

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