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In this article, we explore everything you should know about the differences and the benefits of a crypto PR agency over an in-house team.

Crypto PR Agency Or In-House Marketing Team: Which Is Best For My Blockchain Company?

The world of blockchain marketing is vital for companies as it allows them to reach a larger audience while also generating new leads. Often, a crypto PR agency will cover these campaigns, offering higher ROI and rates of success. Without a constant influx of new leads, blockchain projects stagnate and can start to lose money, making them vital for company longevity. In the world of traditional marketing, around 11% of a company’s total budget goes to marketing.

However, a traditional in-house marketing team often doesn’t have the skills to readily translate their work into the world of blockchain. Instead, companies will work with a crypto PR agency, as they have direct exposure within this niche.

11% of crypto PR agency get budgets

As the world of blockchain is difficult to break into, you need a crypto PR agency that deeply understands the field and what content resonates with certain audiences. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the core benefits of a crypto PR agency and contrasting them with those of an in-house marketing team.

By the end, you’ll know exactly which will be better for your blockchain company. Let’s get right into it.

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In-House Marketing Team vs Crypto PR Agency: What are the main differences?

When it comes to creating a core definition between these two formats of marketing teams, the main difference is their relation to your business.

  • In-House Marketing Team – An in-house team is your own marketing team, made up of your marketing department. Often, these will be people that you’ve worked with for many months or even years, ensuring that you have a good working relationship with this team. Equally, as they are in-house, they’ll be able to directly communicate with your other teams with ease, making data silos a thing of the past. As they’re already hired for you, they’ll also be accessible and ready to go whenever you want to launch your campaign.
  • Crypto PR Agency – A crypto PR agency is an external team that you specifically hire to run a blockchain marketing campaign. As they are a group of marketers that has experience directly within this niche, they will provide a much more detailed and specific marketing campaign for you to follow. Instead of working with your in-house team, you will work directly with this external group, using them to springboard your campaign into the blockchain community.

While there are benefits and drawbacks to each of these, the one that will be best for your blockchain company is often a reflection of exactly what you’re looking for. Next, we’ll be breaking down the benefits of each format of marketing team, helping you to decide which is more appropriate for your business.

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What are the benefits of an in-house marketing team?

Your in-house marketing team will be a group of people that you’re already incredibly familiar with. As they’ve been working for you for quite some time, they will already know everything there is to know about your brand, like what tone of voice you use, your brand practices, and what campaigns work best for you.

Working with an in-house marketing team comes with a range of benefits:

  • Faster communication
  • Understanding of Product
  • Dedication
  • On-site

Let’s break these down further.

Fast Communication 

The main benefit of your in-house marketing team is that everyone that the campaign manager needs to talk or discuss with will be in one single location. If you’re still working in an office, this means that your marketing team can simply walk over to another department if they have any questions or need to clarify something.

For example, if the marketing team wants to get the all-clear on a campaign before launching it, they would only need to go to the project manager and ask. Instead of sending out emails and Slack messages in order to get people’s attention, you can do everything in person, which leads to much faster communication.

Equally, as your marketing team will be familiar to other employees, it will be much easier to ask for and to receive information. This increases the production speed of your blockchain marketing campaign, helping to put you on the right track from day one.

Understanding of Product

When you partner with a crypto PR agency, you have to run them through the fundamentals of your blockchain project and company to ensure they know exactly how to market you. This isn’t the case with an in-house marketing team, as they are already aware of your overall product and your main sales channels.

Due to this, an in-house marketing team will take less time to get started with a campaign, as they don’t have to go through a brief introductory period at the start of the campaign. Getting right into the heart of the campaign, you’ll be able to launch quicker when working with your in-house marketing team.


When you work with an in-house marketing team, you’re working with employees of your actual company. Considering that the average salary of someone in marketing is nearly $70,000, you’re paying these individuals to actively work to make your company better. 

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As you financially compensate these employees, the success of the campaign is also inherently tied to their own financial success. If they perform well, they may have the chance of getting a promotion or a raise, meaning that they will try their hardest to make a fantastic campaign.

This level of dedication may not be present when working with a crypto PR agency, as you might be seen as just another project for them. Especially if the crypto PR agency that you’re working with doesn’t have many reviews, you can’t always trust their dedication to the project. That’s why you should always partner with a crypto PR agency that has lots of reviews on their sites, to make this more of a neutral point in the conversation.

What are the benefits of a crypto PR agency?

The other approach to launching a marketing campaign in the world of blockchain is to directly partner with a crypto PR agency. When working with an agency, you get access to certified experts in the field, allowing you to create campaigns that go further and have a greater impact.

There are three main benefits of working with a crypto PR agency that help to make your campaigns so effective:

  • Detailed Knowledge of the Blockchain Community
  • Understanding the Best Crypto PR Channels
  • Industry Connections

Let’s break these down further.

Detailed Knowledge of the Blockchain Community

The blockchain community has grown over the past decade into a force that you can’t ignore. The total value of blockchain is now predicted to reach $163 billion dollars by 2027, demonstrating the huge community backing that’s rallying behind these projects. 

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However, this community is notoriously difficult to break into, with a high bar for trust. Without knowledge of how this community works, it can be incredibly difficult to create campaigns that focus on the right information. While a traditional marketing campaign can simply focus on the benefits of the project, a blockchain marketing campaign must also attempt to be as transparent as possible.

By including a range of internal metrics, product breakdowns, and exactly how the crypto project works within their campaigns, crypto PR agencies are able to relate to the community. From there, they can build trust, helping your brand to go further and reach more people than ever before. With this, you’ll get more investors in your blockchain company and excel in this area.

Understand the Best Crypto PR Channels

Blockchain marketing and traditional digital marketing are completely different industries. Not only do they focus on different things, but they also utilize different marketing channels. If you’re launching a crypto marketing campaign on traditional digital marketing channels, then the potential success of that campaign will be radically reduced, leading to a campaign that costs a lot without generating many leads.

When you work with a crypto PR agency, you know that they understand the marketing channels that the blockchain community uses. Instead of wasting time and money targeting typical sites like Facebook, a marketing manager with experience in crypto will be able to leverage crypto-based social sites.

With this in mind, you’ll be able to create much more effective campaigns, ensuring that anything you launch will reach the blockchain community disseminate through all of their related channels.

By focusing on the right social sites, you will gain more traction with your campaign, helping to increase leads while keeping costs level.

Industry Connections within your Crypto PR Agency

A huge part of running an effective crypto SEO and PR campaign is to leverage two vital parts of blockchain marketing; these are influencer marketing and news site posting. Both of these marketing methods require industry connections, with a database of good influencers being needed, as well as connections within the largest crypto news sites being vital.

While an in-house marketing campaign might be able to get the campaign ready to launch faster, they won’t be able to find these connections without spending weeks or months extra searching for them. Without these connections, the potential for your campaign to go viral and increase the number of eyes on it is significantly reduced.

On the other hand, a crypto PR agency will be able to turn to their contacts and leverage them, getting your blockchain company endorsed by a range of influential individuals, as well as posted on all of the most important crypto sites.

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With this, more people will see your company, its campaign, and the good work that you’re doing within the world of blockchain. By leveraging these industry connections, a blockchain marketing agency can radically boost the efficiency of your campaign for the better. 

Which should I choose for my business?

When trying to decide between working with a crypto PR agency or an in-house marketing team, the first thing you should ask yourself is about the priorities of your campaign. Depending on what you’re looking for in a campaign, the general design will change. The vast majority of the time, although an in-house team offers initial speed, the quality of their campaign will fall short, while also costing more.

Here are a few general rules to follow:

  • You’re looking for speed – Go for an in-house team, as they will be able to get to work the very same day and launch something as quickly as possible.
  • You want quality – If you want a high-quality campaign that will resonate with as many people as possible, then you should go for a crypto pr agency, as they have a deep knowledge of the field and will allow you to create a much more effective campaign structure.
  • You’re looking for low-cost – While many people think that an in-house marketing campaign will be cheaper than when working with a crypto PR agency, they are mostly wrong. While the campaign itself might cost more with a crypto PR agency, you won’t have to continually pay people a salary as you would with your in-house team. Due to this, crypto PR campaigns actually work out as much cheaper when you’re working with an agency.

By looking through the above three scenarios, you’ll be able to work out which marketing team is best for you.

Final Thoughts on Hiring a Crypto PR Agency or an In-House Team

If you’re looking for a world-class crypto PR agency with years of experience, then GuerrillaBuzz is the brand for you. As experts in this field, we’ve launched a countless number of successful crypto PR campaigns, working with some of the biggest names in blockchain.

As a fast and reliable crypto PR agency, we’ll be able to spring to action and get your campaign off the ground as rapidly as possible. Over the years, we’ve built up connections with some of the biggest names in this industry, with our positioning on new sites and within the influencer community making us a prime candidate to run your crypto PR campaign. No matter what you need, we’ll be able to deliver an unparalleled experience. 

Get in touch today and see exactly what we can do for you within your next crypto campaign.

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