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Crypto wallets are essential in decentralized finance, with more and more people seeing the benefits of switching to a personal wallet over on-exchange storage. Especially looking towards news like Coinbase potentially filing for bankruptcy, taking with it all the customer wallets as collateral, there’s never been a better time to launch a crypto wallet.

Crypto Wallet Marketing: The Definitive Guide [2024]

Leading a crypto wallet company goes beyond just attracting users; it’s about building trust in a market that’s seen its share of distrust. It’s a tough nut to crack, but here’s the good news.

Since launching GuerrillaBuzz I had the chance to work, consult and get to know hundreds of companies in the ecosystem, helping many to become market leaders. Getting hands on experience with several crypto wallet companies helped me understand the small nuances that can help crypto wallet companies shine, what make the user trust the company, download your wallet and use it for long time not only for a day or two.

In this guide I’ll share with you how to run a successful marketing campaign for your crypto wallet company. In addition I’ll go over a successful project and analyze it in a simple way and list some of the common marketing mistakes crypto wallet companies make and how to avoid them.

This guide is for beginners in marketing, and also advanced CMOs that saw a thing or two. I begin with most basic info, so if you feel advanced in anything marketing related, feel free to jump chapters using the table of contents below. Let’s begin:

What is Crypto Wallet Marketing:

Crypto wallet marketing refers to the strategic efforts used by crypto wallet providers to attract new users and gain deep trust within the security-conscious crypto community. It prioritizes demonstrating features like encryption, multi-factor authentication, and transparent data handling practices – all essential for protecting user assets.

What Are the Benefits of Crypto Wallet Marketing?

Crypto wallet marketing isn’t just about growth, it’s about survival in a competitive and security-focused landscape. Done right, it offers several key benefits:

  • Gaining New Users (the Right Way): Effective marketing isn’t about attracting just anyone. It targets savvy crypto users looking for a wallet they can rely on for both security and ease of use.
  • Earning Positive Reviews and Trust: Positive reviews from real users are way more powerful than anything you say about yourself. Marketing can showcase social proof and foster open dialogue with your community, building that long-term trust.
  • Building a Respected Brand: In the crypto world, reputation is everything. Smart marketing showcases your commitment to security, transparency, and maybe even a bit of that rebellious blockchain spirit that attracts many users.
  • Reaching New Audiences (Strategically): Expanding your reach means knowing where to find your ideal users. It might be niche crypto forums, targeted influencer partnerships, or offering educational resources that beginners find valuable.

Effective Marketing Channels and Methods for Crypto Wallets Companies:

The sheer number of online platforms can be overwhelming when marketing your crypto wallet. While big names might seem tempting, they’re often not the best fit. True success lies in finding communities where genuine conversations about security and blockchain tech are happening

Let’s dive into the most effective channels for promoting your crypto wallet:

Reddit: The Heart of Crypto Conversations

Reddit has been a hub for crypto discussions since 2017, and boasts a massive 2.2 billion monthly visitors. Subreddits like /r/cryptocurrency, /r/bitcoin, and /r/ethtrader offer huge, engaged audiences interested in blockchain technology.

subreddit map viz - guerrillabuzz

Success on Reddit means understanding the rules and culture of each community. Focus on providing value and participating authentically before ever promoting your wallet. For a deeper dive, read our Reddit marketing guide for crypto projects.

Key Tip: Become an active, helpful member of relevant subreddits before even considering self-promotion. Learn what topics resonate with the community, respect the rules, and always prioritize offering genuine value.

To master Reddit marketing, I’ve developed the A.C.E approach, which stands for:

  • Authenticity: Be yourself, engage honestly. This builds trust far faster than shilling your wallet.
  • Content: Share valuable insights, answer questions…be the expert users seek out.
  • Etiquette: Abide by each subreddit’s rules and culture. This shows respect and builds credibility.

Reddit A.C.E approach for Reddit Marketing - GuerrillaBuzz

LinkedIn: Proving You’re a Legitimate Player in Crypto

LinkedIn might not be the most exciting marketing channel, but its focus on professional connections makes it surprisingly powerful for crypto wallets. In an industry where trust is key, LinkedIn helps you build a reputation as a legitimate and reliable player.

  • Humanize Your Team: Branded profiles for everyone, with clear bios, show there are real, experienced people behind your wallet.
  • Establish Authority: A company page and thought leadership from founders builds credibility and showcases your expertise within the larger fintech landscape.
  • Attract Serious Investors (If Relevant): LinkedIn is a network of potential business partners and investors who are looking for well-run, trustworthy projects.

Pro Tip: Create a dedicated “Team” page on your website, and link directly to your employees’ LinkedIn profiles. This strengthens your brand’s trustworthiness for both users and search engines.

YouTube: Educate Your Audience, Build Crypto Wallet Trust

Think about where your ideal users seek information. They’re likely searching Google for guides and turning to YouTube for in-depth explanations. This makes YouTube a powerful platform to:

  • Showcase Expertise: Teach viewers about crypto security, wallet types (hot, cold, paper), and how to make informed choices.
  • Drive Traffic: Educational videos naturally link back to your website for further resources or product info.
  • Build Community: Host AMAs (Ask Me Anything) to address user concerns directly. Transparency is highly valued in the crypto world.

Pro Tip: Remember that first time you sent crypto? The double-checking, the slight panic? Your audience feels the same way! Create content that guides them step-by-step through their first transactions, across various coins. This builds trust and positions you as a true leader in the space.

SEO: Get Your Crypto Wallet Found in Search

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a powerful marketing strategy to help your wallet gain long-term organic visibility. By understanding Google’s guidelines and creating genuinely helpful content, you can:

  • Grow Your Organic Traffic: Attract more qualified users searching for crypto wallet solutions.
  • Improve Your Online Presence: Rank higher for terms potential customers are searching for.
  • Build a Sustainable Advantage: Strong SEO reduces reliance on paid ads (PPC), saving you money.
  • Fuel Your Growth: More visitors means more potential users, building a strong foundation for success.

Key Actions to Take:

  • Keyword Research: Run a keyword research to discover the terms your ideal customers search for (e.g., “secure Bitcoin wallet”).
  • On-Page Optimization: Use keywords naturally in your website’s titles, descriptions, and content.
  • Technical SEO: Ensure your site loads quickly, is mobile-friendly, and is easy for search engines to crawl.

Pro Tip: Don’t rely on platforms like Medium for your crypto wallet’s blog. While convenient, they keep most of the traffic and SEO benefits for themselves. Invest in a high-quality blog on your own domain.

Twitter: Build Partnerships and a Crypto-Savvy Community

Twitter, despite recent controversies, remains a key hub for the crypto world. It’s a place to:

  • Educate and Engage: Share informative threads, eye-catching visuals, and thought-provoking discussions that appeal to your target audience.
  • Network and Collaborate: Connect directly with potential partners, influencers, and other projects in the web3 space.
  • Stay Informed: Keep a pulse on industry trends, news, and the latest conversations among crypto enthusiasts.

Tips for Success:

  • Be Authentic: Don’t just shill your wallet. Contribute to the larger crypto conversation with genuine insights.
  • Prioritize Quality: A few valuable threads are better than constant low-effort tweets.
  • Seek Collaboration: Engage with other accounts, offer to co-create content, demonstrating a team-player mindset.

Pro Tip: Proactive outreach to brands and influencers can be incredibly valuable. However, remember these keys to success:

  • Craft a Compelling Pitch: Explain why a partnership makes sense, highlighting what you uniquely offer.
  • Focus on Mutual Benefit: Don’t make it all about you. Show how the collaboration helps them reach their goals.
  • Build Relationships First: Engage with their content genuinely before pitching. This builds trust and increases your chances of a positive response.

How to Drive Users to Your Wallet:

Knowing which channels attract users is only half the battle. Driving targeted traffic with a high intent to actually use your wallet is the key to success. Focus on quality over mere numbers.

The search term ‘Bitcoin Pizza’ have 4000 monthly searches

Bitcoin Pizza monthly searches - screenshot from Ahrefs

How to store ethereum have only 80 monthly searches

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But the intent for the people who search ‘how to store Ethereum’ is a lot higher to download and use a wallet. Therefore, it’s not only about the traffic potential but the intent you are looking for.

Here’s how to attract these high-intent users:

  • Build Trust with AMAs: Host regular “Ask Me Anything” sessions to address concerns, demonstrate expertise, and foster transparency – all essential for the crypto audience.
  • Amplify Content on Social Media: Share new blog posts, videos, etc., across relevant platforms (Reddit, Twitter, Discord). Don’t just post links – spark discussions that highlight your wallet’s value.
  • Get Listed: Ensure your wallet appears on reputable review sites (G2, Capterra, etc.). These are trusted sources crypto users turn to for comparisons.
  • Leverage Product Hunt: A strong launch and community engagement on Product Hunt can earn visibility, awards, and long-term credibility.
  • Craft Compelling Ads: Target your ideal user with ads that are informative, entertaining, or address specific pain points. Showcase what makes your wallet unique.
  • Seek Strategic Partnerships: Identify projects with a complementary audience. Offer a win-win referral program or collaboration to expand your reach and tap into an established user base.

Pro Tip: Track the sources of your highest-converting users. This data informs where to double down on your efforts.

Challenges in Marketing Crypto Wallets and How to Overcome Them

Over the years, working with hundreds of crypto projects, including many wallet companies, I’ve seen common patterns in the challenges they face. While there are numerous potential roadblocks, let’s focus on the most prevalent ones. Understanding these challenges and implementing strategic solutions is key to achieving success.

Lack of Trust- Showcase your team on a dedicated website page, with links to LinkedIn profiles.
- Actively maintain official social media accounts.
- Seek external security audits and certifications if possible.
- Practice transparent communication, especially during market downturns or security incidents.
Building trust is an ongoing process
Competition- Focus on a niche (e.g., privacy-focused wallets, wallets for a specific blockchain).
- Offer unique features or unparalleled ease of use.
- Leverage influencer partnerships carefully, prioritizing genuine collaborations.
Carve out a clear identity to stand out.
Technical Complexity- Create beginner-friendly educational content (videos, blog posts, etc.)
- Design a highly intuitive user interface (UI) for your wallet.
- Provide excellent customer support, especially for technical issues.
Demystify crypto wallets for wider adoption.
Regulatory Uncertainty- Stay informed about changing regulations in your target markets.
- Proactively adapt your marketing messaging or product features if needed.
- Highlight your commitment to compliance to reassure users.
This adds a layer of complexity, but shows you're a serious player.

PR for Crypto Wallet Companies: Is It Worth It?

Public Relations (PR) can be a double-edged sword for crypto wallets. Done right, it builds credibility and long-term brand recognition. Done wrong, it’s an expensive way to get minimal results. Here’s what you need to know before investing:

Key Considerations:

  • Cost vs. Other Channels: PR in the crypto space is notoriously pricey. Compare the potential ROI to alternatives like content marketing or targeted ads.
  • Focus on Branding, Not Traffic Spikes: Tier-1 publications might drive minimal direct traffic. PR’s true value is in building trust, which takes sustained effort.
  • Long-Term Investment, Not a Quick Fix: Don’t expect a one-time press release to make you famous. Consistent PR alongside other marketing activities is more effective.

Insider Tips for Effective Crypto Wallet PR Campaigns

  • Define Your Goals Clearly: Are you seeking investor attention, aiming for wide user adoption, or trying to establish thought leadership? This informs your PR strategy.
  • Have Your Messaging Ready: Before approaching media, have your company story, key features, and target audience defined.
  • Partner Strategically: Choose a PR firm that understands crypto, not just one with media contacts. This ensures relevant, high-quality placements.

Is PR Right for You?

If you have a realistic budget, a clear message, and a long-term mindset, PR can be a powerful tool for your crypto wallet. If you need immediate user acquisition, other channels might offer a better ROI at first.

MetaMask Case Study: Learn from a Crypto Wallet Leader

Analyzing successful marketing strategies by another company can offer valuable lessons for your own project. Let’s analyze MetaMask, a dominant player in the crypto wallet space, to identify actionable insights for your marketing efforts.

Why MetaMask?

  • Market Share: They hold a significant portion of the user base, suggesting effective audience targeting and messaging.
  • Brand Recognition: Their name is synonymous with Ethereum wallets, indicating strong brand-building efforts.
  • Marketing Presence: We can observe their tactics across various channels (SEO, PR, etc.)

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What you can learn from MetaMask:

  1. Clear Documentation: MetaMask’s documentation effectively educates users, emphasizing clarity, especially for those without technical backgrounds.
    MetaMask Docs Section video
  2. SEO Strategy: MetaMask’s high-quality, active learning section boosts their organic site traffic, indicating a well-invested SEO approach.A9ee188b 191b 4dfb 8c87 Dbdc1f91c247
  3. Educational Focus: Their content, while not directly aimed at acquiring new users, serves to educate, building authority, trust, and brand recognition.Aca345e9 4df4 4c7d 8af2 Bfcb5bbdcbf9
  4. Technical Articles: MetaMask’s technical content showcases their expertise in security and encryption, crucial for wallet users. These articles cover their experiences, challenges, and solutions, emphasizing their commitment to user security.41158d3e 80bc 4404 8aa3 Eca46f0a5a06


Building a successful crypto wallet company demands more than just a great product. Smart, strategic marketing is essential for establishing trust, reaching the right users, and carving out your niche in this competitive landscape.

Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint. While there’s no single “magic bullet,” the tactics and insights shared in this guide provide a solid foundation.

Key takeaways to keep in mind:

  • Know Your Audience: Tailor your messaging and channel choices to where your ideal crypto wallet users seek information and build communities.
  • Prioritize Trust: Security features are paramount, but so is transparency about your team, your practices, and how you handle user data.
  • Educate, Don’t Shill: Genuine expertise and helpful content build lasting authority far more effectively than constant self-promotion.
  • Consistency is Key: Marketing, like blockchain technology itself, is about long-term commitment. Don’t get discouraged by slow starts – stay the course!

Ready to Take Action?

If you’re looking to level up your crypto wallet marketing, consider these options:

  • Revisit Your Target Audience: Are you truly clear on who your ideal user is and what their pain points are?
  • Analyze Competitors: Adopt the MetaMask mindset. What are successful wallets doing well, and where could you improve to differentiate yourself?
  • Seek Further Guidance: If you’d like personalized support developing a strategy or executing specific campaigns, reach out for a consultation.

I wish you all the best in your crypto wallet marketing journey!

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Yuval is a savvy SEO and marketing expert with over a decade of experience. Specializing in the blockchain industry, he's the go-to guy for crypto companies looking to simplify their digital marketing strategies and achieve explosive growth. As a digital nomad and successful company builder, Yuval brings a fresh, creative perspective to every project he tackles.

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