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Crypto wallets are essential in decentralized finance, with more and more people seeing the benefits of switching to a personal wallet over on-exchange storage. Especially looking towards news like Coinbase potentially filing for bankruptcy, taking with it all the customer wallets as collateral, there’s never been a better time to launch a crypto wallet.

Crypto Wallet Marketing: How to Drive Users to Your Wallet

If you’re in the process of launching your very own crypto wallet marketing campaign, then this is the article for you.

We’ll be covering everything you need to know about launching a successful crypto wallet marketing campaign, touching on the main tips, strategies, and avenues that you can turn to boost your chances of onboarding new customers. We’ll dive into:

  • What Crypto Wallet Marketing Is
  • What the Benefits of a Well Executed Crypto Wallet Marketing Campaign are
  • Best Crypto Wallet Marketing Avenues
  • Tips for a Successful Crypto Wallet Marketing Campaign

Let’s jump right into it!

What Is Crypto Wallet Marketing?

A crypto wallet is an online storage vault where you can keep all of your cryptocurrency safely behind private keys and personal encryption. It acts as a bank account, which you can then connect up to various online exchanges to deposit or withdraw funds to a certain platform. As useful financial tools that integrate into a range of different DeFi applications, people use crypto wallets every single day in the world of blockchain.

When discussing crypto wallet marketing, we are talking about the act of publicizing or spreading the word about a new crypto wallet that you’re launching. Within this market, you’re going to be directly advertising to members of the blockchain community, meaning you should draw upon elements from crypto SEO and PR, as well as blockchain marketing and PR itself. 

Crypto wallet marketing total valueSource.

However, crypto wallet marketing goes beyond the aforementioned categories, having a much more intense focus on the financial side of these marketing formats. Due to this, you’ll be directly targeting publications that actively discuss decentralized finance and its main benefits, always demonstrating how your product helps people save money or get more out of their investments.

As a user-facing product, your crypto wallet marketing campaigns will also have to directly touch on aspects of user design, how simple your platform is to use, and the functional aspect of which platforms you can integrate into.

What Are the Benefits of Crypto Wallet Marketing?

If you’re in the early stages of launching a crypto wallet, then marketing will be one of your primary focuses, ensuring that enough people learn about your product to onboard a stable base of users. No matter how fantastic your crypto wallet is, without users that actively know about your platform and store their finances there, your business won’t ever get off the ground.

When it comes to crypto wallet marketing, there are three core benefits:

  • Natural Traffic Through SEO
  • Publicity and Awareness
  • Positive Community Relations

Let’s break these down further. 

Natural Traffic Through SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the central pillar that all content on the internet stands upon. In short, SEO is the practice of ensuring that you optimize all your content in the eyes of search engines, meaning that systems like Google can more easily find your pieces, and then recommend them.

The difference between a website that ranks at the top spot for a search in Google and one that comes up on the 5th page is all down to their use of SEO. Within the world of cryptocurrency, although there is lots of competition, all of the main keywords are still relatively young. When thinking about trying to rank for a term like Local Doctor, you’ve probably got to overcome decades worth of businesses.

However, cryptocurrency is still a relatively new term, meaning that SEO campaigns are even more important than normal. This is especially true when it comes to launching a crypto wallet marketing campaign, considering that ‘crypto wallet’ is still a low competition search term.

Keyword research examples crypto

By ensuring that you’ve optimized your campaign for SEO, by doing crypto keyword research, and ensuring that you create content strategically instead of randomly, you’ll be well on your way to launching a successful campaign. As marketing campaigns often use these elements to ensure their success, great SEO for your site and all its extended materials will be a wonderful product of your efforts.

Publicity and Awareness

Brand awareness is one of the most important elements of any marketing campaign. But, going beyond this, the public perception of a company is even more important in the world of blockchain. When it comes to decentralized finance, people haven’t exactly had the smoothest ride over the last few years.

Even only looking at one year in particular, 2017, over 80% of all ICO (initial coin offerings) launched turned out to be some form of rug pull or generic scam to steal investors’ capital. Due to this, people don’t trust new companies, nor do they have a reason to. Considering that trust is one of the most important factors that drives sales, it’s vital that you win over your audience in the process.

One way that crypto wallet marketing benefits your business is through building up brand awareness. As more people come across your brand on social media and look to you as a source of reliable information and services, they will begin to build up a sense of familiarity with your product.

Over time, brand awareness is the difference between brands that sink or swim. Just take a look at how important branding is for marketing purposes.

Crypto wallet marketing brand importance Source.

Exploring the reasoning behind this, it’s obvious to see that a customer would prefer to use a crypto wallet from a service that they’ve heard from and seen all over the internet, rather than one that they don’t even recognize the logo of. 

Crypto wallet marketing ensures that your brand gets out into the public eye, boosting visibility, brand awareness, and overall uptake of your services.

Positive Community Relations

Building upon our last point, a lot of what dictates a company’s success in the world of blockchain is the relationship a company constructs between itself and the community as a whole. One of the best ways of winning over this community and ensuring that people think of your brand favorably is to ensure that your crypto wallet marketing campaign is producing valuable content.

If you’re just pumping out advertisements that do nothing but tell the world how great your brand is, you’re not really providing much value to the community beyond your product itself. However, when you turn towards making effective and useful content and posting it around the internet, you suddenly unlock a superpower of being a helpful company. 

Just look at one of the world’s learning crypto exchanges, Binance. While incredibly successful and useful at what they do, they’ve taken this to a whole new level by creating the Binance Academy blog space, which has a range of useful articles on all things blockchain. With this, they provide additional value to the community and move towards developing a positive relationship.

Binance AcademySource.

With this favorable relationship, people will be much more ready to invest in your product, as well as use your services. 

Best Crypto Wallet Marketing Avenues

Crypto wallet marketing is a broad topic, with several different avenues to choose from. While many that are new to marketing are overwhelmed as to where they should begin, we’ve cultivated the three best marketing avenues that you should pursue in your campaign.

Within your crypto wallet marketing campaign, always target:

  • Influencers
  • News Sites
  • Events

Let’s break these down further.

Influencer marketing

Circling back to the idea of trust within the blockchain community, one of the easiest ways to use your marketing campaign to instantly increase the number of people that know your brand and have a positive idea about it is to turn towards influencers. One of the best forms of crypto wallet marketing is YouTubers that work within blockchain. By partnering with them, they can produce video tutorials and other long-form content around your product.

With this, they actively show off your product to their audience, building positive sentiment and ensuring that you come out of the gates running. Equally, if you find small and medium influencers, you’ll be able to make your marketing campaign budget go a lot further than when focusing on other streams more common to digital marketing.

News Sites

A marketing and PR campaign wouldn’t be complete without focusing on getting your brand onto a range of different news sites. Thankfully, as blockchain is such a fast-moving industry, there are a huge variety of different outlets that you can focus on getting published in.

The easiest way of doing this is to focus on finding guest posting opportunities, getting in touch, and then proposing useful and informational content. Remember that if people find your content manufactured or boring, then you’ll have a hard time getting people to come to your crypto wallet.

Crypto wallet marketing searches

Always throw your net as widely as possible here, trying to get into as many publications as possible. Focus on quantity, with only a few tier 1 publications if there is money left in your budget.


Within the world of cryptocurrency, events are one of the easiest ways of getting people to take notice of your crypto wallet. This is also a great tactic when launching a variety of blockchain projects, using the scope of social media to advertise an event like an Airdrop. As a crypto wallet, you have lots of room to advertise your services, giving discounts to people that sign up through the event portal.

People flock to discounts and savings, meaning that if you’re offering value within this event, then you’re likely going to have a fantastic response. Remember to include a clause in your social media posts that asks people to retweet or repost your update to get involved, which will then naturally increase the scope of your campaign’s reach for relatively little.

Events are one of the best ways to boost the reach of your crypto wallet marketing campaign, with over 80% of marketers saying that live coordinated events are vital for long-term success.

Tips For a Successful Crypto Wallet Marketing Campaign

To close out this article, we want to offer some fast fire tips to help your campaign flourish. These tips aim to support and facilitate the growth of your campaign, helping it to improve over time and hit home with consumers.

Always remember to:

  • Be transparent – The community flocks to honest and transparent brands, so be sure to focus on these qualities in all of your communications. Never lie or overstate anything about your products, use facts to back up everything you say.
  • Focus on Value – What can your crypto wallet do that others can’t? By focusing on these elements, you’ll be able to make sure that people come to your brand with the right expectations, helping you to beat out your competitors and secure a top spot in the industry.
  • Demonstrate your UX – Show off your easy-to-use platform and make sure that people see its value. Over 70% of online consumers will stop using a service if its UX is bad, make sure you don’t fall into that category!
  • Be Active – Actively interacting with the community around you will ensure that people always see your brand, with your name continually arriving in front of the eyes of the wider blockchain world.

With these tips, you’ll be able to perfect your crypto wallet marketing campaign launch, helping you to overcome early roadblocks and create an honest and effective final campaign.

Final Thoughts

By following these tips, strategies, and outlined avenues, you’ll be well on your way towards launching a successful crypto wallet marketing campaign. 

If you want a helping hand with your campaign, then get in contact with GuerrillaBuzz today. With years of experience, we’ve crafted some of the very best marketing and PR campaigns in blockchain. We’ll be able to help you craft, launch, and run a flawless campaign for your new crypto wallet.

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