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This guide walks you through absolutely everything you need to know about crypto keyword research, demonstrating the best tools and tips!

Crypto Keyword Research: The Beginner’s Guide to SEO

Keywords are the heart and soul of a post. Before you can even begin the practices of crypto SEO and crypto off-page SEO, you’re going to need to come up with an effective crypto keyword research strategy for your website.

Not only do keywords ensure that your site is concentrated around a central niche, but they also are the very first step towards ranking on Google. They are essential if you want to see your cryptocurrency company take off. Without any further hesitation, let’s take a more in-depth look at the world of keywords.

What is a keyword?

Whenever you write an article, a keyword will be the one word or short phrase that describes the content. If you had to summarise the whole article down to just one word, that would be your central keyword.

As someone searches for a certain keyword on Google, related pages will then come up. So, in a way, a keyword is how Google categorises your page and ensures it comes up on the right Google searches.

Let’s stay you’re writing a website about cooking recipes. You’ve just finished a fantastic article all about the best chocolate cake recipe. Although the post may cover a lot more than just the words ‘chocolate cake recipe’, the best way of letting people organically find your page is to list under that keyword.

Chocolate Cake Recipe suggested by Google

Then, when someone types in ‘chocolate cake recipe’, your post will come up, letting them access your whole post.

Listing your article with the right keyword is essential to ranking well on Google. If your post has nothing to do with your listed keyword, people may stumble upon your page, find nothing of use, and swiftly leave. Alternatively, if your post is directly linked to the keyword, they’ll find your post and stay to read it.

At heart, a keyword is a one-word, or short phrase, summary of your post

What is crypto keyword research?

The process of crypto keyword research is all about working out which keywords give you a better chance of ranking on that first page of Google. As we know from a 2014 study by Advanced Web Rankings, roughly 67% of SERPs are taken by the first five listings on Google.

It’s incredibly rare for someone to go to the second page, with only around 5% of people ever clicking that ominous ‘Page 2’ button.

Vast amount of Google Results with many results


With over 2 billion results on a simple Google search, consider how unlikely it is that someone is going to be navigating through all those pages.

The act of keyword research is ensuring you know which keywords are right for your business. One easy way to do this is to ask yourself what your content is really about, at its core. If you’re a blog that focuses on fitness content, there isn’t much point trying to rank for baking tips!

Another way to work out which keywords would be a good fit for your content is to check out competitor sites. Keywords are almost always included in the title of an article. Due to this, you can navigate to the blog section of a competitor site.

Once you’re there, check out if any keywords keep on reoccurring. By taking a look at the blog section on the website, we can see that ‘SEO’ occurs constantly. It’s clear that SEO optimisation tips are at the heart of their business, so they keep on using that keyword when producing content.

Example of Yoast SEO crypto keyword blog and their related blogs

Once you’ve had a think about your own brand, and have taken a look at some competitors, you’ll likely have a better idea about what keywords you’re aiming to rank for.

Why is crypto keyword research important?

If you need blockchain PR or blockchain marketing help, finding the right keywords is often one of the first steps. Although you may know what a keyword is and how to do keyword research, you might be left in the dark as to why crypto keyword research is important. There are three main reasons that crypto keyword research is integral to your crypto business.

Here are the main reasons why keyword research is so important:

  • Allows you to rank higher in the Google searches
  • Drives traffic to your website
  • Builds customer awareness and brand authority

If you want a more general overview of blockchain PR and blockchain marketing, we’ve produced concise YouTube videos you can watch.

Rank higher using crypto keyword research

When people find a link to your website and actually spend time on it, Google is more likely to view your site as a valuable place for content. Alternatively, if people only spend a second or two on your site before clicking off, the reverse will happen.

If you write a blog post about the best places to travel to in Italy, and actually rank for ‘best places to travel in Italy’, then someone clicking on your link will be rewarded with relevant content. Due to this, they’re likely to spend more time on your site, actually engaging with your content.

Notice how all the top results for ‘vanilla ice cream recipe’ all include that exact term in their titles.

Vanilla ice cream recipe Google Search

This is no coincidence, they have optimised their On-Page SEO in order to cultivate a strong position in the google rankings. One part of this is to include your intended keyword in the title.

If you want to know even more about how to optimise your cryptocurrency blog, check out our Crypto Blog SEO guide.

Knowing what keywords are relevant to your content is the first step of getting up those Google rankings. You’ll never rank for a keyword that doesn’t apply to your content. Know what your content is, then work out a suitable keyword for it.

Ranking for a certain keyword on Google is almost a cyclic process due to this. Once you rank for a keyword, more people will click on and spend time on your page, which further strengthens your position. That then exposes you to more people and onwards and onwards.

Drive traffic to your website

As you organically move up the rankings for a particular keyword, you will gain more traffic to your site. Especially if you make it all the way to that first page of Google, more and more people will get exposed to your content.

Not only will you be providing excellent content that ranks for the right keyword, but you’ll be getting rewarded with even more exposure due to this.

Build customer and brand authority with crypto keyword research

As more people find your content, now that you’re ranking on Google, a greater number of people will see your name.

When we type ‘Latest News’ into Google, we receive a list of news sources that are covering recent news. If I had never heard of any of these sites like ‘BBC News’, ‘Sky News’, ‘The Sun’, or ‘Express’ before, I would now assume they are fairly reputable. Or, at the very least, popular enough to rank on the first page of Google.

News websites google rankings BBC top

If your company places highly on a Google results search page, readers will automatically assume that you are an authority on that topic. Just like how we can assume BBC News is a leader in the news industry, we can assume sites that rank highly are leaders in their own right.

As you rise up those rankings and gain traffic from new people, your brand is noticed by more and more people. Not only does this build brand awareness, but it also builds brand authenticity.

There’s a reason that 61% of marketers say improving SEO is their top marketing priority. Ranking highly does a great deal for your company. You’ll be establishing yourself as a top brand, gaining more traffic, and moving up the rankings.

That all starts with knowing your keywords and getting on the rankings.

Why is crypto keyword research particularly important for your blockchain company?

Cryptocurrency is an expanding niche. In January of 2015, there were only around 500 types of cryptocurrencies. Two years later, in September of 2017, there were over 1,100. Jumping forward to April of 2021, there are now over 6,700! As you can see, the cryptocurrency trend is booming, and only getting larger by the moment.

Global trade value of crypto keyword research for cryptocurrency businesses 79% of daily trade volume globally

That considered, starting a blog or IDO in this niche means that you’re increasingly against the competition. Keyword research is one of the primary ways in which you can beat out the competition and rank highly on Google.

Uptrend of CryptoCurrencyill

Track Popularity

If you know current trends and what keywords are gaining popularity, you can stay ahead of the curve and publish content that is useful and urgent.

What’s more, considering the large number of new cryptocurrencies that are being created every year, it’s a good idea to establish yourself as an authentic brand. You can do this by rising through the Google rankings. Demonstrating that you’re an authority on crypto can give you an edge over the rest of the competition. People trust brands they recognise. The only way to do this is to get noticed again and again.

Let’s face the fact that most cryptocurrency companies don’t care much for SEO practices. Luckily for us, this is a mistake on their part. By capitalising on the excellent practices of keyword research, we can enable our site to have better SEO. This will push us up the Google rankings, surpassing competitor companies and securing a spot on that first page.

If you begin to rank commonly for many different keywords in the cryptocurrency, you’ll be ensuring people come to think of you as a dominant player in the cryptocurrency market. Considering that this is a market worth over 1 trillion, it’s a good idea to take up as much space as you can!

Total Users of CryptoCurrency

The top 10 global crypto exchanges account for 79% of global daily trade volume, what’s to stop you from becoming a part of that market? All that’s standing between you and ranking is some quality crypto keyword research and SEO!

How to come up with keyword ideas

Coming up with keyword ideas will not only help focus your blog, but may provide you with future avenues to publish in.

After you’ve had a think about what keywords suit your website and what topics you want to rank for, there are a few other methods you can try.

There are three main methods of coming up with crypto keyword ideas:

  • Competitor Blogs
  • Google AutoSuggest
  • Google Keyword Planner

Competitor Blogs

I’ve already touched on this slightly already, so I won’t spend too long on it. If you’re writing in a specific niche, you can navigate to a competitor’s website and find what keywords they often tend to use.

Not sure of what competitors to go for? Search for your site’s main keyword and check out the top links. Let’s pretend we’re an interior design company trying to find our main competitors. We can type in ‘Interior Design’ and the city we’re in to get a list of related brands. Within seconds we get a whole list of close competitors. Here are the first few results:

Interior Design website links at the bottom

As you can see, just by typing in ‘Interior Design’, we receive a whole list of websites that we can consider competitors.

If we click on one of these competitors, we get an idea about exactly what they’re writing about. This can, in turn, inspire us to write about similar topics. These keywords they often use can provide a base for our own future research.

competitor research crypto keyword research looking up related keywords

Just look at the large range of possible topics we could write on! That’s all from doing a quick competitor search.

Google AutoSuggest

When you type something into Google and scroll right to the bottom, you get a list of things people are also searching for. If we search ‘Bitcoin News’, we get the following recommendations at the end of the page.

Related searches for crypto keyword research at the bottom

  • News today
  • Bitcoin news now uk
  • Price news today
  • Bitcoin crash today
  • What happened to bitcoin today

All of these are potential other keyword areas you could then focus on. All of these options came from simply typing your own keyword into Google.

You can follow this process even further by then selecting one of the recommended keywords. For example, if I click on ‘Bitcoin Crash Today’, then scroll to the bottom, I get even more keywords recommended to me:

Further related searches for crypto keyword research at the bottom of the google page

Once again, you’ve got 8 new possible avenues of content production to access!

This can even be done with articles, with some possible options coming up under related articles:

Alternative keywords suggested by Google

Be sure to pay attention to Google, it’s an incredibly powerful tool!

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is one of the easiest ways of finding similar keywords for your crypto blog.

typing Related Keyword typing into Google Keyword Planner

If we try typing in ‘Cryptocurrency News’, we get the following results:

Google keyword planner window how it works with lists

This is a whole sheet of possible keywords you could then incorporate and write about on your Cryptocurrency blog.

Not only will this provide you with new keywords, but Google Keywords also demonstrates the competition of a certain keyword. But, more on that slightly later.

Crypto Keyword Research Tools

When it comes to doing keyword research, there is more to it than just finding keywords that relate to your crypto blog. In fact, things like competition and search volume are two other important factors.

Considering these are more technical qualities, we’re going to need the help of some crypto keyword research tools. We’ve already mentioned one, Google Keyword Planner, but there are plenty more we can utilize. Let’s take a look at some of the most widely used ones:

  • Google Trends
  • Keyword Generator by Ahrefs
  • UberSuggest
  • AnswerThePublic

Google Trends

Although not technically generating new keyword ideas, Google Trends is vital when seeing the popularity of a keyword you will be using. Google Trends will produce a graph of interest around a particular term.

Google Trends to work out successful crypto keyword research

You can even compare multiple terms against each other, providing a visual depiction of public interest. By picking up on the popularity of keywords rising right as they begin to do so, you’ll have a better understanding of which keywords you want to focus on.

Now let’s move on to some tools that will help you find new keywords, and get more information about current ones.

Keyword Generator by Ahrefs

Ahrefs are SEO heavyweights. Unsurprisingly, they have their very own keyword generator that is free to use.

Ahrefs tool keyword and the related metrics

When searching for a keyword, you’ll be able to see metrics like keyword difficulty, search volume, clicks and CPC (cost per click), as well as global volume by country. You can customise the keywords that they recommend to you, filtering out keywords with a high difficulty or low search volume.

You can even take a look at the SERP overview for certain keywords, seeing which sites rank highly for certain keywords. This is another useful way of finding out who your competitors are, and which keywords they tend to use.

Further ahrefs metrics like KD

Ahrefs is an incredibly comprehensive tool, one that you can try for free. After a short trial, you will have to pay to use this service.

Uber Suggest

UberSuggest is similar to Ahrefs in that it will give you a plethora of useful statistics and metrics about any given keyword. The only downside is that, once again, you can only use the tool a few times before committing to a subscription service. You get three searches per day for free.

With these searches, you’ll be exposed to a large variety of metrics. From general metrics:

UberSuggest metrics with graphs

And also content ideas based on similar keywords:

UberSuggest content suggestions

UberSuggest is a very powerful tool when working with Crypto keyword research

Answer the Public

AnswerThePublic is a way of generating further keyword research around your central keyword. They generate a list of charts that show, in a visual format, what people search for alongside your keyword.

AskThePeople Cryptocurrency News gif of typing that in

For example, when we type in Cryptocurrency News, we get the following information. Here is an example of a chart that AskThePublic will generate, giving you a list of possible future leads.

Askthepeople visual suggestions

However, my favourite part of AskThePublic is the extensive list of alphabetised searches that they provide. Just take a look at the first couple of letters and the detail they provide:

A-Z crypto keyword research on ATP

If you want some new ideas for content and possible keywords, this is a great site to rely on.

What are you looking for in a crypto keyword?

But once you’ve got all this information, how do you actually decide what makes a good keyword?

Well, the main pillars of a great keyword, one that you are going to be able to rank for, are the following:

  • High Search Volume
  • Low Competition
  • Strategic Positioning

What makes a great keyword for SEO

High Search Volume

When looking at a keyword on a tool like Ahrefs or Google Keyword Planner, you receive information about how many people are, on average, searching for this keyword. When looking for a good keyword, you want to ensure that it has a high or medium amount of searches. There’s little point ranking for a keyword that no one is searching!

Low Competition

This is one of the harder things to balance when doing keyword research. Normally, the higher the search rate, the more people that try and secure a page ranking. Due to this, you’ll often find the two scale together.

The sweet spot is finding a keyword with a high or medium search rate, but with a low competition. These will be easier to secure a place on the first page of Google for.

Strategic Positioning

As we established, cryptocurrency is a niche that will only continue to grow in the coming years. Considering that around 106 million people are currently using cryptocurrencies, this figure will only continue to grow.

If you identify a niche that is in its early stages of development, you can strategically start building your blog around that topic. If you’re right about a certain niche taking off in the future, then your long-term strategy of building around the topic will pay off in dividends.

Uptrend for crypto keywords finder on 'bitcoin'

By establishing yourself as an authority on a subject early on, you will eventually start ranking higher and higher over time. Time really does pay off. Don’t expect to see instant changes and returns. SEO is always a waiting game.

In regards to crypto keyword search, it could be a good idea to start thinking about what possible trends you’d expect to see in the coming years. That way, you can take action now, and stay ahead of the trend.

What is keyword difficulty?

A term that often gets thrown around when discussing keywords is ‘KD’, or ‘Keyword Difficulty. To put it simply, this is a term that covers how difficult it is to rank for any given keyword. A keyword with a low KD would be much easier to rank on the first page of Google for than one with a high KD.

It is normally measured from 1-100, with the hardest keywords being towards 100.

How does keyword difficulty work?

KD difficulty

Two of the main statistics that are taken into account when giving a keyword a difficulty are domain authority and page authority.

Take a look at the first page of results for a keyword using a tool like SERPChecker. This will give you the difficulty of keyword, as well as telling you the top pages’ domain authority and page authority.

Keyword difficulty by Ahrefs

If you then check the top pages’ domain authority against your own, you may discover that yours is much lower. If there is a considerable gap, you may be better off looking for another keyword.

Try and find that sweet spot between difficulty and popularity when doing crypto keyword research.

Wrap up

Great crypto keyword research is the foundation of a solid SEO base. You’ll never rank unless you find keywords that accommodate to your content and find that balance between search rate and competition. We hope this guide has given you some insight into how you can do your own keyword research.

If you need a helping hand, be sure to get in contact with us, we have years of blockchain marketing experience and can ensure you a solid keyword research plan.

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