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9 Best NFT Marketing Strategy: Complete List For NFT Creators

Since 2018, the world of NFTs has exploded into popular culture, increasing their presence by over 8x during this period. Throughout the vast majority of 2020 and 2021, interest in NFTs has continued to increase, now making this one of the hardest markets to break into. If you’re about to launch your own collection, then you need to employ NFT marketing strategies to ensure your artwork is met with a range of different buyers.

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That said, if you’re an artist that’s never had experience in launching marketing campaigns, then it can be difficult to know where you should begin. To help you plot a course toward success within the world of NFT collection launches, we’ve listed the top 9 best NFT marketing strategies that you can use.

Each of the following strategies focuses on a different method of helping your NFT campaign to gain traction. Every single one of these NFT PR strategies can help you to spike interest in your launch, draw in new customers, and get your collection noticed by the masses.

Let’s get right into it.

NFT Marketing 9 Methods


Especially as an NFT creator that doesn’t have much experience in the field, without any contacts or a major audience that follows you, working with other creators can be a great way of leveraging the number of people you can connect to.

By partnering with other NFT content creators, you can actively use the audience of other creators to bring attention to your projects. Additionally, with continual PR efforts around your collaborative launch, you have a high chance of gaining a whole new range of fans that you can then turn to for future singular promotions.

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This is one of the best NFT marketing strategies to use if you’re a solo creator that doesn’t have a background in launching successful campaigns. 

Discord Servers

Discord has long been one of the go-to locations for blockchain marketing. Although NFTs are a more recent technology, the fact that Discord is a fantastic place to market new campaigns hasn’t changed at all. 

Pasting links that direct those within a Discord server toward your artwork is a fantastic way of helping people to find your work. However, this is definitely a strategy that takes a lot more time than you would initially expect. 

Discord NFt community

One thing to note is that Discord is not a place that takes well to spam content. With this considered, you should never just join a Discord several and spam links to your collections. Instead of this, you should try and join servers a few weeks or months before you release your collection.

Once you’ve joined, you should then begin to actively communicate with others in this group. With this, you’ll become familiar to those in the Discord server, and build up a name for yourself. When you do come to sharing your work, you’ll get a much better reception as people know you haven’t just joined to promote your work, but are an active member of the community.

Email marketing

In the world of digital marketing, email marketing is one of the leading forms of communication, with the number of daily email users circling around 4 billion every single day

Going beyond this, an email newsletter is a very low-bar-to-entry form of marketing. You can craft a weekly newsletter that gives your followers a quick update on how the collection is coming along, focusing on including a few print screens of your content as you’re developing it.

This active form of content sharing works well as a NFT marketing strategy as NFT collections are, of course, a very visual medium. By sharing insights with your users throughout your development journey, you can build up hype for your collection launch, as well as connecting directly with your audience. 

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Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective forms of generating awareness around your NFT collection, with a strong track record in the blockchain industry. The vast majority of marketing managers find influencer marketing to be either effective or very effective, with this being a reflection of the amount of trust that consumers have in the influencers that they follow.

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When you partner with an NFT influencer, you’re able to take advantage of their audience, using their influence to gain favor with a range of people that are directly interested in NFTs. Alongside getting exposure within the NFT industry, you’re also given the backing of that influencer, helping to increase the interest in your project from a commercial standpoint.

The act of partnering with an influencer makes your project in demand, increasing the amount of excitement around its launch and ensuring that more people are waiting for the day they can get their hands on your digital artwork. 

Launch Press Releases

Press releases are an effective way of getting the announcement of your collection into new outlets within the blockchain space. You can create a range of different press releases, using these to prime your audience to be ready for your launch.

For example, you can create the following press releases, then send them to news outlets throughout the NFT collection development cycle:

  • NFT Collection Announcement – Where you detail what you’re going to create
  • NFT Collection Launch Date Revealed – Where you tell the media outlets when you’re going to release the collection.
  • NFT collection Launched – The day you launch your collection, you can ensure media outlets cover the launch.


NFT Marketing Press Release Ideas

With this tiered NFT marketing strategy, you can ensure that you cast the net as widely as possible, ensuring that many people see your press releases. Be sure to aim to publish in a range of media outlets, as well as include lots of photographic content of what you’re going to be creating and launching. This will help convert those only curious in your project into devout followers, and, hopefully, buyers down the line.

Marketplace Listing Drops

While the world of NFT marketplaces was once ruled by only OpenSea, the possibility to share content has now expanded greatly past this early monopoly. There are now many different NFT platforms that users can turn to when publishing their non-fungible token content.

Each of these NFT marketplaces have the benefit of instantly exposing your work to lots of people that use the platform. When you list your work, people can then actively browse through the collection, seeing further information as well as the sales price.

This is a fantastic method to use in tandem with other NFT marketing strategies on this list. As other marketing methods will send a heavy flow of people to your NFT listing page, the marketplace will recognize that you’re getting a lot of traffic. With this, they may put your collection on the Hot or Featured pages, meaning you’ll get even more traffic to your content as people that use the platform flock to your collection.

This can easily snowball into a very effective technique.

Another NFT marketing strategy that you can use to get people to take notice of your NFT collection. PPC is one of the leading on-page conversion techniques, with this NFT marketing strategy allowing you to put your work front and center.

Pay-Per-Click advertising is where you use services like Google to target specific demographics, then pay the ensure that your advertisements appear on their search engine. For example, you could use the keyword NFT, and select a region of the world and a general age range.

With this, you’ll be able to narrow down your demographic targeting, ensuring that your NFT campaign ads are seen by the right people. 

One tip for running PPC campaigns for NFT launches is that when selecting an age range, the biggest consumers of NFTs are Millennial men, with 23% of this demographic regularly buying NFTs. With this in mind, you should focus your campaign on these demographics to ensure you have the highest possible conversion rate. 

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Reddit is a fantastic content area for those about to launch an NFT campaign to focus on. As Reddit is a completely free site, you’re able to create posts that showcase your NFT collections whenever you would like.

With communities of nearly 500,00 members strong, if your post goes viral, you’re able to gain access to a huge and, most importantly, concentrated space where people are interested in new projects. Alongside memes and news (another potential place to share links to your press releases), many people showcase their art here.

If people take a liking to your art, you can gain a lot of traction. Here’s an example of an NFT that did incredibly well on the Subreddit r/NFT.

NFT Marketing Strategies Reddit Subreddit Source.

For context, this post was all about a person releasing their first NFT collection about distorted space. They received over 200 comments and nearly 2,500 likes on the post, helping to launch their collection into fame almost instantly.

Out of all of the NFT marketing strategies on this list, Reddit is one of the most effective as you don’t need any capital to get started. 

NFT Reddit

Twitter Marketing

Much like Reddit, Twitter is a fantastic social media site to focus on when launching crypto campaigns. Many fantastic blockchain marketing campaigns have taken place on Twitter, with this being a location where many enthusiasts of all things crypto tend to congregate. As a NFT marketing strategy, this is especially effective when you have an audience to directly market to on Twitter.

That said, we understand that many of you launching your first campaign may not yet have an audience. To help you, we’ll Twitter marketing down into two categories:

  • Twitter Marketing with an Established Audience
  • Twitter Marketing from Scratch

Let’s see how these strategies differ.

With an Audience

If you already have a Twitter audience, then it will be significantly easier to run marketing campaigns on this platform. All you need to do is create posts that showcase your art, posting them regularly to your site. Much like email marketing, the ability to attach photos to your posts will help enormously here.

By continually posting updates to your content, you’ll be able to ensure your audience maintains an interest in your content and flocks to your page once the collection launches.

Without an Audience

If you don’t have an audience and still want to use Twitter to market your NFT collection, then you need to make use of hashtags. Hashtags like #NFT, #NFTCollection #NFTLaunch, and others of that general selection will ensure that whenever anyone looks for those terms, your work will show up.

NFT twitter

By using lots of hashtags, you boost the potential to be seen by users, helping you to then increase the intrigue people have with your collection. Just like Reddit, it only takes one viral post to completely change the trajectory of your campaign. 

Our advice is to start as early as possible, as those within the world of blockchain like full transparency. If a user can see that you’ve been working on a campaign for months, regularly updating your Twitter page, then they’ll be much more likely to appreciate the work you’ve put in and potentially buy a piece in your collection.

Twitter NFT Marketing Strategies examples

Start These NFT Marketing Strategies Today

NFT marketing can come in many forms, with a more-is-more approach often working wonderfully for this niche. If you’re looking to spike interest in a collection that you’re releasing, then engaging in all of the strategies on this list is a great place to begin.

That said, if you’re tirelessly working on finishing your collection on time, then you might not have much time for conducting any of these NFT marketing strategies. With that in mind, it’s often best to work with an NFT marketing agency. At GuerrillaBuzz, we have extensive experience marketing and launching successful NFT campaigns.

We offer a whole host of NFT, Web3, and blockchain marketing services, allowing you to make use of our advanced network of connections to get your artwork seen by the world. Reach out to our team today to see exactly how we can promote your NFT collection and ensure your launch is an explosive success.

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