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When it comes to crypto trading, knowledge is crucial. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, you’re always looking for the next piece of information that will give you an advantage. There are many locations to receive information online, but Discord is one of the most popular for breaking news today.

Top 16 Most Popular Crypto Discord Servers for 2022


Anyone interested in getting extra trading ideas, learning about the latest market developments, discussing Discord crypto trading, or simply learning about the technology should head to Discord servers to plan and execute their next moves.

These servers have developed an incredible crypto eco-system, and in this post, you will learn about the top Crypto Discord Servers that you can join.

1. Axion

Axion discord server

Axion is a rapidly expanding discord channel where members are treated more like family than clients. Axion provides an open forum for users to discuss their trades and investments, as well as access to expert advice and analysis.

The company is known for giving premium trade signals, as well as entry and exit points for each trade. There is also information on how to carry out transactions and investments.

They also discuss schooling, profitable deals, and everything else linked to it. The Axion Crypto Community has over 36K members on Discord.

Key Features:

  • Open Forum
  • Professional advice
  • Expert analysis
  • Premium trade signals
  • Transactions and investments

2. Elite Crypto Signals

Elite Crypto Signals discord group guerrillabuzz

Elite Crypto Signals was founded with the intention of building a great community where anyone can debate cryptocurrencies and learn how to trade them.

They provide Trade Alerts, Education, and Expert Guidance. They provide trading indications based on technical and fundamental analysis, as well as handling the more sophisticated aspects.

Elite Crypto Signal has a discord group with over 26K members. 

Key Features:

  • Trade Alerts
  • Expert Guidance
  • Trading Indications
  • Operational analysis


3. Cryptohub

cryptohub discord group guerrillabuzz

Cryptohub is a beginner-friendly Crypto community dedicated to all things related to Crypto, such as gem hunting, IDOs, staking, NFT, trading, investing, and much more.

They also discuss NFT mints, new coin launches, NFT airdrops, and other topics. The community includes excellent crypto-related materials for newcomers, including an introduction to cryptocurrency.

Cryptohub has almost 12000 members. They have paid channels as well as a public channel where you can get information about signal alerts and much more.


4. r/CryptoCurrency

cryptocurrency discord group guerrillabuzz

r/CryptoCurrency, for any crypto-related information, is one of the most active groups on Reddit. There are about 4.6 million active members on the cryptocurrency subreddit, who debate anything connected to cryptocurrency news, strategy, opinion, and general discussion.

They even have a discord group with over 90,000 members, making it one of the few crypto-focused discord communities.

DEFI, crypto-trading, project spotlight, technical analysis, NFT games, minting, taxation, beginner, and many other topics have active channels.

This is the only Discord community you should join if you are a crypto trader, DEFI fanatic, NFT crazy, or newbie.


Key Features:

  • 90K members
  • Crypto Trading
  • NFT games
  • DEFI


5. r/Wallstreetbets

wallstreetbets discord group guerrillabuzz

r/Wallstreetbets, for traders, give real-time trading data. The Wallstreetbets subreddit has over 12 million members and is one of the most active trading communities on the internet.

The discord community of the subreddit wallsteetbets has over 600K members.

They feature the main chat room with various channels dedicated to gaming, fashion, computers, 3D printing, fashion, and other topics.

Stocks-and-options and snp5000-spx-es-spy-only are two channels where you can talk about trading in general.

If you’re interested in options trading, cryptocurrency trading, technical traders, or NFT collectibles, this is the discord community for you.

Key Features:

  • Real-time information
  • 600K members
  • Chat room with various channels
  • Active Trading community


6. Today We Push

todaywepush discord group guerrillabuzz

Today We Push is urging the committed community to embrace Bitcoin. A dedicated subchannel for crypto news, pump signals, and pump results exist on the Discord server.

This group was solely focused on increasing the price of cryptocurrencies once one of its members purchased them in order to create a significant effect and then dump them as the price rose.

They have almost 65000 members who are active. It’s one of the most popular crypto discord servers for pumps and dumps.

Key Features:

  • Crypto news
  • Active operations
  • Dedicated chat room
  • 65K active members


7. Mega Signals

Mega Signals discord group guerrillabuzz

Mega Signals is a popular Pump and Dump discord server with over 90,000 active members. They have a separate pump signal channel where they share the exact time you should pump your cryptocurrency holdings.

Mega signals have their own sub-channel where you may learn more about them. You also discuss the price debate and crypto-related news.

This group, which has over 100,000 members on Discord, helps consumers make the most of their investments by giving trading signals and a news feed to stay up with current crypto developments.

Key Features:

  • 90K active members
  • Real-time information
  • Sub-channel
  • Crypto-related news


8. Cryptex Common Wealth

cryptex discord group guerrillabuzz

Cryptex CommonWealth is a 4k member discord crypto community where everyone is eager to make money for themselves and their fellow members.

They provide a chat channel where you can talk about anything crypto, NFT, or trading-related.

Key Features:

  • 4K members
  • Chat channel
  • NFT
  • Trading-related information
  • Crypto news


9. Crypto & NFT Realm

crypto relam discord group guerrillabuzz

Crypto & NFT Realm is a fantastic crypto and NFT discord server. They have over 12K members following them.

They offer a separate channel dedicated to NFT and cryptocurrency news. They even have a discord server with a job board where you can hunt for intriguing positions with NFT and Crypto companies.

Key Features:

  • 12K members
  • NFT news
  • Cryptocurrency news
  • Server with a job board


10. Larva Labs

larva labs discord group guerrillabuzz

Larva labs are responsible for NFT projects including CryptoPunks, Meebits, and Autoglyphs, as well as professional and experimental initiatives.

If you want to remain on top of what’s going on in the NFT world, Larva Labs is one of the best NFT-based discord servers to join.

Key Features:

  • NFT projects
  • Professional advice
  • Experimental initiatives
  • Expert analysis


11. Cracking Crypto

Cracking Crypto discord group guerrillabuzz

Cracking Crypto is a must-read for everyone interested in learning how cryptocurrencies function. It is one of the crypto servers that has established a reputation for providing reliable data.

Several subchannels are dedicated to explaining various aspects of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology that underpins them. There are also other channels dedicated to crypto signals in the group.

Key Features:

  • Provides reliable data
  • Several subchannels
  • Dedicated to crypto functions
  • Real-time information


12. Spacestation

Spacestation Crypto Discord Group GuerrillaBuzz

Spacestation began as an Ethereum-based forum where ETH miners could meet to discuss solutions to their challenges. 

However, it has since expanded to cover practically every area of cryptocurrency. Miners, developers, well-known crypto personalities, and other cryptocurrency topics have their own subchannels.

Key Features:

  • Ethereum-based forum
  • Solution-based discussions
  • Covers all areas of cryptocurrencies
  • Well-known subchannels


13. Filthy Rich Futures

Flithy Rich Futures Crypto Discord Group GuerrillaBuzz

Filthy Rich Futures is a relatively fresh Discord server developed by professionals with the goal of assisting all of its members in receiving the biggest profits possible. They assist their members in making informed judgments in highly leveraged positions while ensuring that risks are kept to a minimum. 

The server is primarily focused on futures trading with larger leverage, which may result in greater losses. Members of the server, on the other hand, are protected by a set of rules that allow you to learn and succeed when trading.

Key Features:

  • Future Trading
  • Set of rules
  • Expert judgments
  • Expert analysis
  • Minimum risks


14. Krypto Kings

Krypto Kings Crypto Discord Group GuerrillaBuzz

Krypto Kings delivers precise trading signals from some of the most prominent paid signal providers. It also offers its users algorithmic trading tactics that they may employ to generate money while trading. 

Fully automated market scanners and technical analysis from the world’s greatest analysts ensure that you are always up to date and have access to the most up-to-current information on crypto trading.

Key Features:

  • Precise trading signals
  • Algorithm trading tactics
  • Completely automated market scanners
  • Technical analysis
  • Updated information


15. Cryptorand

Crypto Rand Crypto Discord Group GuerrillaBuzz

Cryptorand is a server dedicated to crypto market research and analysis. It has over 24,000 members and is one of Discord’s most popular trading servers. On two main channels dubbed Public Discussion and Public Charts, it offers some of the most cutting-edge insights and information concerning crypto trading. 

Aside from all of the important information, Cryptorand also features a feature where members can make jokes and memes, guaranteeing that they have fun while learning and trading.

Key Features:

  • Crypto market research
  • Technical analysis
  • 24k members
  • Cutting-edge insights


16. Crypto Dads

Crypto Dads Crypto Discord Group GuerrillaBuzz

Crypto Dads are the most well-known name when it comes to the finest crypto trading Discord available. Stock Dads, a premium financial education media company that hosts a stock trading discord server, is behind this. 

Crypto Dads takes advantage of its instructional content and network to be the finest community for trade alerts, educational information, one-on-one coaching, and more. Crypto Dads have a track record of turning crypto trading ideas into profitable wins for its users, thanks to its various play-callers.

Key Features: 

  • Instructional Content
  • Large network
  • Expert advice
  • Real-time information


Things to Consider While Joining Crypto Discord Servers 


Independent chat rooms dedicated to things like development announcements or forthcoming events are frequently found within distinct servers. 

After you’ve started engaging in channels and gotten to know other people, you can add them as friends, establish private chats, or even create private servers for trusted groups. There are channels to discuss news, the newest episode, markets, regulations, memes, and more.


A server is just the word for each community that is run independently. Anyone can build their own server, which can range from a small group of friends to big initiatives with hundreds of thousands of users. These are then separated into smaller channels, which are essentially community chatrooms dedicated to a specific topic or activity.

Chat Room

A Discord server, like a traditional chat room, can simply be a place to have fun and interact with other enthusiasts from all over the world. In a private conversation, though, you should be cautious about exchanging critical information or clicking links your new “friend” throws your way. Just because you had a fascinating discussion about a cryptocurrency you’re both interested in investing in doesn’t imply you should forego fundamental security precautions.


More people are likely to enter the cryptocurrency industry when the market approaches $2 trillion, and finding a helpful Discord community can help your profits rise faster. There are hundreds of more Discord groups available; these are just the top 17 we’ve found, each with its own unique purpose. Examine them to see if they’re right for you.


What are crypto discord servers?

A cryptocurrency Discord Server is an organized crypto community center on the social media platform Discord aimed toward all things cryptocurrencies, such as crypto market trends, trading, coin projects, crypto events, and retail funds. 

Each server features channels where you can communicate with other users via text, voice chat via voice channels, and share links, photographs, memes, and videos.

If you’ve ever been curious about cryptocurrencies and how they function and found yourself falling down a rabbit hole of information, Crypto Discord Servers are the way to go. 

What should you consider while using crypto discord servers?

Which projects you’re interested in will determine which Discord servers you join. On the Reddit page, you can find the bitcoin Discord channel or, more specifically, the Bitcoin subreddit. 

Other well-known cryptocurrency projects with their own subreddit will include an official link to a dedicated Discord server in their “Resources” section.

How are crypto discord servers helpful?

It’s easy to see why Discord is becoming a social media favorite among crypto fans. Discord provides many servers with subchannels to satisfy the demands of those wishing to learn about crypto, acquire free and paid trading signals to make money, and share their crypto knowledge.

Finding a supportive community can be critical in helping more people find their footing and thrive in the crypto ecosystem as the crypto market expands and more people enter the business. Almost everyone in the crypto field may find a home thanks to Discord’s extensive server network and close-knit community.

Why is it needed to be updated with the crypto trends while being in the industry?

A crypto enthusiast’s primary need is to stay current with the industry. To stay up with the unpredictable crypto and NFT markets, you need accurate, timely information. 

In the crypto industry, social media is used to construct communities, servers, and groups where current information is shared. Discord is one of the most widely used community platforms.

Discord servers are not as well-known as other prominent social media platforms. Discord began as a gaming network, but its amazing features quickly drew crypto enthusiasts in.

Why are crypto discord servers becoming prominent?

Discord servers allow several channels to be added to a single server. There are also many channels dedicated to various themes. It provides an opportunity to interact with other crypto aficionados.

Crypto enthusiasts can learn about the crypto market, trading, technology, news, ICO announcements, NFT airdrops, DeFi, and many other specialist topics in the crypto sector by joining Discord. Furthermore, there are channels dedicated solely to crypto-related discussions.

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