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NFT PR is a field of public relations that expertly draws from several sources, converging them into one singular campaign strategy. With a range of different channels, applications of NFTs, and strategies to follow, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

NFT PR – Everything You Need To Know (2023)

Within this post, we’ll be documenting everything you need to know about NFT PR, going through the basics of NFTs all the way to the best strategies and channels that you should be using if you want to launch a strong campaign. 


In this article, we’ll be covering:

What is an NFT?


NFT is an acronym that stands for Non-Fungible Token. For those not aware, ‘Fungibility’ is the extent to which something can be duplicated or copied. Discussing this in relation to blockchain, cryptocurrencies are fungible as there are millions if not trillions of the same currency or token available to trade. On the other hand, a piece of digital artwork is unique and, therefore, the perfect candidate to become an NFT.

NFTs most commonly are minted (created) on Ethereum, with the token standards permitting different uses of the blockchain infrastructure. Two tokens to differentiate fungibility and non-fungibility are:

  • ERC-20 – This is the standard token and is fungible
  • ERC-721 – This is a non-fungible token that is used to create NFTs. They cannot be duplicated, so are perfect for this creative medium.

An NFT can be absolutely anything, from an item in a game to a digital piece of art or even a piece of text. You can turn anything that’s on the internet into an NFT by minting it as an ERC-721 token. This was expressly demonstrated within the PR stunt by Jack Dorsey, the creator of Twitter. During the peak of NFT hype, he minted his very first tweet as an NFT and sold it for almost three million USD.

Jack twitter NFT PR example


Digital Art NFTs

Especially in regards to digital art, NFTs ensure that creators have more control over their content. While digital artwork was notoriously stolen when online, minting digital art as NFTs ensure that the owner will always retain the rights to the original of their creation. As you can see, we’ve listed the NFT of the tweet above, which calls into question – can’t I just print screen an NFT and claim it as my own.

Well, technically, yes. However, NFTs work as information about their owner is stored on the blockchain within a smart contract which is added to an unalterable block of information within these infrastructures. While someone could print screen an NFT, as I have done above, they do not technically own the NFT. 

NFTs have become incredibly popular over recent months as more and more investors begin to buy pieces from different artwork collections. The most famous of these is perhaps the Bored Ape collection, which has now passed over $1 billion USD in total value.

Bored Ape NFT


Who owns NFTs?


When someone uses an NFT marketplace to buy an NFT, they exchange cryptocurrency for the ‘ownership’ of it. However, just like with real art, the actual owner is still always going to be the artist that created it. While the buyer can use the NFT (for example, Twitter now allows NFT profile photos), they are only listed on the smart contract as the buyer and not the owner of the piece.

While this is an interesting roadblock, this information hasn’t stopped the NFT market from exploding in value, reaching a total of X

NFT interest int he Media.


What’s more, the total trading volume of NFTs seems to be increasing, with the past several months seeing impressive boosts in the total amount of NFTs traded within the largest marketplace, OpenSea.

The facade of ownership is one of the core reasons that NFTs have exploded onto the scene. This is directly combined with the notion of scarcity, with people wanting to buy something that there is ‘Only one of’ and hoping the price goes up over time. 

With the development of NFTs, they have penetrated into a range of different markets. NFTS have touched upon everything from the world of galleries to gaming. Due to this, the application of NFT PR is vastly broader than more specific fields of PR, like Blockchain PR, GameFi PR, of Play2Earn PR.

What is NFT PR?


More than anything, NFT PR is an intersection between three different types of public relations. It lies at the CenterPoint between art public relations, blockchain PR, and GameFi PR, drawing from these areas and informing its practices based on them.

As a mixed field, NFT PR is incredibly broad, which means there are many more potential avenues that a campaign manager can target when searching to publicize a campaign. Additionally, as NFTs have various different applications, many campaign managers will get information based on the purpose of their NFT.

For example, a campaign manager working with NFTs within one of these categories may choose to run their campaign differently:

  • Digital Art – Art is a voluminous and intensely interesting field of NFTs. Serving as the backbone of NFTs, this form of PR requires interlinked actions within the world of art and will utilize major market platforms to generate awareness of a collection that an artist is about to release.
  • Games – NFT gaming, also known as GameFi, will draw upon PR tactics used within the gaming community, directly appealing to both the blockchain and gaming communities at the same time. 
  • Fashion – Much like Games, NFT fashion items need specialist knowledge in the fashion PR industry, with targets pulling from there alongside blockchain marketing strategies. 

Simply due to the vast possible avenues of application for NFTs, no one NFT campaign is going to be the same. That said, we’ll try and break down the ones that are most viable, no matter what form of campaign you’re running. These strategies will pull from different NFT campaigns, demonstrating the best practices and avenues that you can follow.

The mix between different PR streams

The Advantages of Running a PR Campaign for Your NFT Art

As the NFT market becomes increasingly competitive, it can be challenging for NFT artists to get noticed by potential investors. However, a well-executed PR campaign can help you get the exposure you need to stand out in this vast ecosystem and attract investors to your art. The goal of NFT PR is to get your work seen in the right place, at the right time, and in front of the right people.

By leveraging the power of tier 1 news publications such as CoinTelegraph or prominent Reddit crypto communities, you can get your work seen in a positive context and increase the chances of attracting potential investors. Once you have gained brand awareness and authority, you will start to receive recognition and interest from potential investors.

A smart PR campaign can help you achieve this much faster than going without PR. By multiplying your growth potential, PR can help you reach a wider audience and drive up sales.


What Avenues Should I use use for NFT PR?


Creating an effective NFT public relations campaign is vastly driven by choosing the correct avenues for your specific NFT project. Each avenue provides access to a different audience, content method, and targeted approach.

What avenues should be used for NFT PR

We’ll be covering X of the most important avenues to familiarize yourself with when running a campaign. A strong NFT PR campaign will utilize:

  • Online Auction Houses
  • Social Media
  • Alternative Media
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Facebook and LinkedIn 

Let’s break these down further.

Online Auction Houses


Online auction houses for NFTs are called as NFT marketplaces, which are where the majority of people will go to buy, sell, and exchange their NFTs. Within these spaces, a digital artist can mint NFTs and place them for sale. While many DeFi exchanges also offer NFT capabilities, Binance being one of the biggest, we recommend you focus on actual NFT marketplaces when navigating your PR campaign.

One of the largest marketplaces in the world is currently OpenSea. This is a go-to location when running an NFT PR campaign, as you can effectively build up your own profile on the account. When creating digital artwork to sell, you can place it on your page, where others can then go to learn more about you, your artwork, or your latest collection.

Top NFT projets


By utilizing the account page, you’ll be able to start to build up a space where users can learn more about why your collection is to be sought after. One of the main features to take note of here is the ‘Items’ section, which will tell the world how many pieces you’re selling. As one of the central features of NFT profitability is scarcity, it’s good to release limited campaigns. 

Many successful NFT PR campaigns use a new account for a specific campaign. Below you can see that TeamAzuki has used this new account to create one collection of 10,000 avatars. This has seen incredible success, with the floor price for one item being around 9ETH. Be sure to cultivate a particular aesthetic and to fill your page with information at the very start of your campaign.

NFT PR on OpenSea example


Social Media for NFT PR


It would be fairly impossible to write a PR guide without mentioning social media in some format. Gaining support on social media sites like Twitter is of vital importance when seeking to launch a successful NFT campaign. Twitter is a hotspot for NFTs, with even the profile pictures now being NFT compatible. 

Due to the ease of sharing photos and the speed with which information can spread on Twitter, you should start uploading your artwork to this site as quickly as possible. These will act as demonstrations of your art, allowing people to get a taste for it. Additionally, as there are currently 330 million active users on Twitter, you really couldn’t find a bigger audience if you hit the right marks.

Total users of twitter NFT PR


As your art gains popularity, you’ll have a direct market to advertise to when you launch a piece for sale.

NFT PR on Twitter example


Alternative Media


While Twitter and other mainstream social media will always be a great point of contact with the world of NFTs, alternative media sites are also incredibly valuable when launching PR campaigns. Due to the ties between NFTs, blockchain, and DeFi, Reddit is actually one of the central locations that you should turn to when attempting to launch a successful NFT public relations campaign.

Within Reddit, there are Subreddits within which users will post around a specific topic. For example, in r/NFT, which has a total of 400,000 members, users post every single day about their upcoming collections.

Reddit r:NFT PR


Alongside posting your NFT collections to these spaces, you should also endeavor to get involved in the community. Getting in touch with the NFT community, just like within blockchain, is a fantastic way of cultivating support for your project. We advise that anyone that’s looking for success in their NFT PR campaign gets as involved with the community as possible.

By far one of the best sites to do this on is Reddit. 

Great Reddit Campaigns


Within the Reddit NFT subreddit, you’ll able to access a range of other successful campaigns. By looking at what posts did well on the subreddit, you’ll be able to get an idea of what sort of NFTs are currently doing well at the moment. You’ll then be able to tailor your art to making it big within these subreddits, following in the footsteps of previous posters.

Demonstrating that NFTs can be more than just an inanimate photo, user Emty01 submitted their ‘Motion Singularity‘ post and achieved a great response. While motion NFTs were around before this, this interesting design managed to pick up steam on the subreddit.

Following in a similar style, this locomotion NFT also performed fantastically on the forum. These both demonstrate the power of this subreddit, especially considering that it’s free to post to. With ease, you can post your project, gain exposure, and ensure you have a wealth of buyers ready to go when you hit launch.

GIF of Steamtrain NFT


Influencer Marketing for NFT PR

Influencer marketing is paying a person that has a social platform to display your content in return for a fixed price. While huge NFT influencer marketing strategies come to mind, like Justin Bieber buying from the Bored Ape Collection, you can also do this on a much smaller scale.

You’ll be able to find Youtubers, Twitter personalities, or Instagram accounts that have a medium range of followers and pay them a much lower amount than huge celebrities will ask. With this, you’ll be able to instantly increase the number of eyes that get on your campaign. What’s more, this can even cause a chain reaction, with people passing your images around the internet through stories and interactions.

While influencer marketing doesn’t have an assured payoff, it is one of the most effective methods if you’re just starting out your PR campaign and need to get people to see it as quickly as possible.

Facebook and LinkedIn

While Facebook has had a rocky road with blockchain, banning all cryptocurrency advertisements in early 2018, these have now been overturned. Due to this, Facebook and LinkedIn are actually very profitable avenues that you can target your PR campaign on.

By running PPC advertising, you’ll be able to directly launch your NFT collections and advertisements about them in front of a huge audience. The higher your budget, the further your content can go, with this being a great option for those that have a lot of starting capital for their NFT PR project. 

Due to the advanced personalization features of Facebook and LinkedIn, both being data-driven platforms, you’ll be able to directly target your ads to a demographic that you think will like your NFT collections. Whether you’re releasing artwork or are getting ready to launch the beta of a Play-2-Earn game, this is a very promising advertising strategy.

Tips for a flawless NFT PR Campaign


Once you’ve identified the strongest channels for your campaigns, you’ll be ready to start creating content and launching different elements. In order to make sure your NFT public relations campaign goes as smoothly as possible, we’ve collated some of the best strategies and tips we’ve learned through our years of working with this campaign format.

Tips for a flawness NFT PR campaign

Be sure to:

  • Monopolize the Community
  • Optimize Your Home Site
  • Create Hype and Make Them wait

Let’s break these down further. 

Monopolize the community for your NFT PR campaign


Community backing will make or break a PR campaign. This is where the famous phrase, “Any press is good press,” comes from. The idea is simple; if people are talking about something, then the PR campaign is a total success. This is often the reason that people will say controversial things, bringing their names back into the papers in order to remain relevant or get a rise out of a particular audience. 

When attempting to launch a successful NFT public relations campaign, one of the most important elements is to ensure that you engage with the community as much as you can. As this is, at core, a blockchain PR campaign, the same strategies of dealing with community support ring true.

By utilizing all of the various community channels that you have at your disposal, from Twitter and Reddit to Facebook and Steemit, you’ll be able to bring further awareness to your campaigns. If you write any articles about your campaign, make sure to repost them across all of your channels, boosting the potential number of people that see and interact with them.

Additionally, you can open up a core strategy of GameFi PR here, creating a Discord where you can discuss your art, chat with your followers, and ensure that everyone knows exactly what’s going on with your NFT drop. The potential of community engagement really is endless within an NFT PR agency!

Optimize Your Home Site


Alongside displaying their artwork on the marketplace site, every great digital artist will devote time to creating their own site that acts as a gallery of their work. This is a central location that any audience member can turn to in order to learn more about the artist themselves and the sort of artwork they create.

Additionally, within this site, you can create a blog section where you share news, information about NFTs, and educate your audience. As many people still don’t really understand NFTs or how they work, this is a valuable point of entry for productive article posting. By creating a blog on your site and optimizing all of your posts with SEO, you’ll be able to increase your ranking on Google.

As people find your articles about NFTs and read them, they’ll also be on your website, further boosting the chance that they look at your work. If everything goes well, they’ll like what they see and could convert into your next customer. This would never happen if you weren’t ranking highly on Google.

Focusing on optimizing your site for SEO is a vital step of any PR strategy and one you should follow as closely as possible. The difference between being on the first and second page of Google is paramount, with barely 10% of all clicks on Google being on the second page. Quite simply, if people can’t find your site online – you’ll be severely reducing the effectiveness of your campaign.

Google CTR Ranking for NFT PR


Take a look at this article on On-Page SEO for more details.

Create Hype


One of the central elements to any successful campaign is a sense of expectation. When things drop overnight, the world isn’t excited for them, nor are they ready or alert that they will be launching today. Consider how movies have a specific international release data that is signaled months ahead of time.

Everyone that’s a fan of that movie expectantly waits for the date it drops, with hype building as the time draws closer and closer. Your NFT drops should take on a similar format. Once you’ve built up your community, you can give them teasers about the next collection that you’re going to be dropping.

From there, you’ll be able to release, either via social media or your website (or both!), that you’ll be releasing your collection on a certain date. The act of doing this will help your campaign generate hype, further monopolizing the communities that you’ve built up and creating an expectation for your next art pieces.

With fast sale times and turnaround times, your art is much more likely to get snapped up by buyers. Additionally, considering that some NFT marketplaces have trending tabs for profiles or collections that receive a lot of views and sales in a certain period, you’re also much more likely to boost your exposure by making your way onto these tabs.

Be sure to monetize your collection to the greatest extent possible, ensuring that your audience is excited for the day you final mint your artwork and let it drop. 

Why should you consider hiring an NFT PR agency?


Simply by the length of this article alone, it’s clear to see that there are a lot of moving cogs to consider when attempting to create an effective NFT PR campaign. From creating a thriving community to putting yourself in touch with journalists and news sites, there are a lot of steps to focus on.

All of this time devoted to NFT PR can take away from one of the other central jobs you’ll have during this campaign – actually making the artwork or game! Additionally, while you might be a fantastic artist, you may never have written a press release before or have cold pitched to a brand.

Due to this, it’s heavily advised that you stick to what you know and outsource your NFT PR campaign to a team of experts. By doing this, you’ll be able to focus completely on your artwork, producing more NFTs, and making more of a profit in the long run when compared to splitting your attention between running the campaign and working on your art.

If you’re interested in getting help from the best, then get in contact today, and we can guide you through the whole process.

Final Thoughts on NFT PR


NFT PR is a delicate balance between several different forms of public relations, pulling from many areas to craft a strategy that works for your unique project launch. No matter whether you’re launching a GameFi PR project which uses NFTs or are preparing to mint your latest digital artwork collection and display it to the world, there will be tips in here for you.

As a marketing and PR house with years of experience, these have been our collated insights onto NFT PR. Is there a strategy you didn’t know before? If so, be sure to let us know down in the comments!

If you’re looking for a team of experts to help you with your next NFT PR campaign launch, then get in contact with us today. We’ll walk you through the process and help your campaign become a hit sensation. 


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