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Best Crypto Marketing Strategy: Fuel Your Project Grown [2022]

The world of blockchain marketing is notoriously difficult to break into. With lots of competition and minimal trust in the community, fresh faces don’t often thrive. The only new companies that make it are those that use the best crypto marketing strategies available to them.

If you’re looking for explosive growth, you need to have the optimal strategies in place to make that happen. Blockchain businesses that plan crypto marketing campaigns and launch them well have a much easier time of finding success in this field. 

To help you along the way, we’ve created this crypto marketing strategy guide. We’ll cover the very best blockchain marketing strategies, how to implement them into your business, and how you can effectively leverage crypto marketing for success.

Let’s get right into it.

What is the best crypto marketing strategy?

Community is the heart and soul of blockchain. At its core, blockchain is pushing toward a decentralized future where governments and financial institutions have less power. With this power vacuum, the community fills the gaps. From DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) that are led by the community to projects that succeed due to community interest, engaging your audience is vital for success here.

With this in mind, the very best crypto marketing strategy is to leverage the blockchain community. Of course, this is easier said than done. To help you in the right direction, we’ll break this down into steps:

  • Generate a community
  • Engage across your social channels 
  • Find community champions
  • Keep things fresh with airdrops
  • Boost your reach with influencer marketing 
  • Break into wider news with blockchain PR
  • Provide continual updates with content marketing

Let’s break down each of these areas even further.

Best Crypto Marketing Strategy List

Generate a community

As a new brand, it’s unlikely that you’ll have a base of active supporters right from the beginning of your journey. While established companies that transition into the world of blockchain will be able to bring their audience with them, this isn’t the case for a new brand. In the world of cryptocurrency, people are fairly untrusting when it comes to new projects.

Like it or not, cryptocurrency has a reputation. Back in 2017, 80% of all new ICOs conducted turned out to be scams. While these rug pull and generic scam coins aren’t quite as popular in 2022, they are defintely still present. With this precedent set by other companies in cryptocurrency, people take time to trust your brand.

ICos are scams in crypto marketing strategy testingSource

Getting people to trust you is one thing, getting them to actively form part of your community is another. Growing a community isn’t going to happen overnight, and you should expect impressive results right out of the gate. Generating a community is a fantastic crypto marketing strategy, but one that will take a fair amount of time to really pay off.

Here are a few of the best steps to take when starting a new community

  • Focus on the social side of your brand – People love getting behind a common cause. This (and tax reasons, if we’re being honest) is why companies so frequently start charity events for their consumers to participate in. While people may not be interested in a faceless cryptocurrency company, if your company is actively fighting for a social cause, people will be more inclined to get involved. Think of cryptocurrency brands like SweatCoin, which pay people for getting fit, while also allowing them to donate cryptocurrency directly to charity projects they feel passionate about. A social cause will bring people together, making this an excellent way of boosting the community-driven efforts of your company. 
  • Extend into a value-driven space – One way to create an active community around your brand is to create a space for people to come together. While a company blog might be great for finding new people that are interested in your content, you also need a place for them to go. Brands around the world have done this in different ways. Nike has made a running club; Uncle Ben’s has a recipe club that their product consumers can post in. Whatever you can do to actively have more people come to your brand and discuss it will go a long way. For a cryptocurrency company, a page where users can talk about investments and other crypto-related news is a great idea.

A few more:

  • Focus on content marketing – Content marketing is the lifeblood of the majority of companies around the world. People aren’t going to connect with your cryptocurrency business if you’re not offering them something in return. The simplest way of doing this is to create an ongoing stream of content for your users to turn to. Offering free advice and engaging your community will do wonders. What’s more, this content can also be used for crypto SEO purposes, so it really is a win-win situation.
  • Be patient – As we’ve stated, don’t expect any of these above ideas to change the face of your company overnight. Things always take time, especially in a space that’s as hostile and difficult as the crypto community. 

Generating a community is the best possible thing you can do for your own business. Over time, this community will become a solid base of users that actively interact with your product and engage in your investment rounds. 

Engage across your social channels 

Community building is only the first step in the process. You need to continually communicate with your audience, across all the social channels you typically use. Most of the time, a crypto company will stick to a few core social media pages.

Several years ago, Facebook banned cryptocurrency businesses from posting on their connected sites. This, overnight, changed the main crypto marketing channels that the blockchain community would use going forward. Instead of thinking about the most popular social media accounts, think about those with the largest crypto audiences.

These will typically be on:

Depending on the structure of your business, you might favor a few of these channels over others. That said, you should at least have an active account across the vast majority of them. 

Being active across your audience will ensure that they constantly have content to focus on. Equally, fostering an active community will ensure that you have a pool of people interested in seeing new developments. 

If you have a budget, hiring a crypto community manager can be a fantastic way of ensuring this step is done fantastically. That said, the very best blockchain marketing agency will also offer full community support.

Remember, your audience is there for a reason. If you’ve built up a large following but then let it dwindle away, then you’re unable to do much with it. Always actively community with your following, reach out to them, create content for them to interact with, and leverage them for success.

Find community champions

One of the major benefits of developing a community in the world of cryptocurrency is that people get incredibly passionate about YM;YL topics. Healthcare, legal-related causes, and finance are areas where individuals always find passion. Anything that can directly impact the lives of people in a significant manner instantly becomes a point of interest and passion.

In the world of finance, cryptocurrency has presented an incredible opportunity for people over the years to make a relatively large sum of money in a short amount of time. Due to this, promising new projects often find active communities that support them and champion them. Within cryptocurrency, if the brand succeeds, all of those investors that hold that particular cryptocurrency also succeed.

Importance of community champions for crypto marketing strategySource.

With this in mind, it’s much easier to find community champions – people that actively market and fight for your company – than in other business areas. Looking inward to your own community and seeing exactly who seems to be taking on a larger role is fairly easy to do. Across sites like Facebook or Reddit, you’ll actively be able to see who is a top contributor on your community channels.

From there, you can reach out to people directly about them becoming a community champion. Their main role here would be to help with the day-to-day running of the community channels, alongside promoting your cryptocurrency further.

Typically, because there is already a financial motive for people to do this, as they’ve actively invested in your cryptocurrency, they’re more than happy to take on this role. In exchange for privileges like the ability to act as an admin or a moderator in these community locations, they’ll undertake the role you want.

Finding passionate community champions is vital for success as they

  • Promote your cryptocurrency – Community champions have a genuine passion for your brand. With this, they’ll promote your cryptocurrency and help you to grow even more. Marketing can come in many places, with a strong team of community champions being one that is often overlooked by cryptocurrency companies. 
  • Help to manage growing communities – As your communities grow, they will create more and more work for you to manage. By turning to community champions and allowing them power of moderation, you can cut back on the work you’ll need to undergo. With this, you can grow rapidly without putting too much pressure on your own workforce.
  • Act as great points of contact – You can directly reach out to these people to discuss what’s going on in your own community, discuss trends, or plan methods of engaging the community further. As reference points that lie between your company and the community itself, they’re fantastic pools of information for you to rely on.

This is one of the most effective ways of generating support and interest within your community. What’s more, if other members of your community actively see that your brand has these positions available, then they may be more focused on participating, with the hopes of also being made a community champion.

Keep things fresh with airdrops

Airdrops are one of the best ways of expanding social reach and pulling in new faces from the crypto community. Airdrops are where you exchange a bit of free cryptocurrency for users that perform a certain action. Typically, this is through social media, where users will retweet or share one of your posts in return for cryptocurrency.

Considering the social reach that many people have, this is a fantastic way of using social media to push your community further. Even people with low follower counts could still boost your brand to a whole new audience of people that are unfamiliar with you. This, combined with how likely people are to share for a profitable return, makes airdrops invaluable.

Crypto marketing strategy definition of an airdrop Source.

By running airdrops with relative frequency, you’re able to rapidly grow your community. This isn’t a new strategy, with BRD gaining nearly 40,000 Twitter followers from their first ever airdrop back in 2018. That was a growth of 2k to 40k in only a few days. If it worked for them, it can work for you.

Boost your reach with influencer marketing 

As we previously stated, trust is everything within the crypto community. Being able to find people to trust your project enough to actually invest is a steep mountain to climb. One of the best ways of rapidly expanding this circle of trust is to turn to crypto influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing will allow you to pair with other notable figures within the world of cryptocurrency. By creating a partnership with them, you’re able to instantly access the community that they’ve built up. Considering that 92% of consumers trust influencers that they follow over a brand, this is one of the very best ways of rapidly getting more people to trust your crypto company.

Boost your reach and turn to influencer marketing for a quick return. 

Break into wider news with blockchain PR

Blockchain PR is a massive field that has deployments all over the internet. That said, one of the most valuable forms of blockchain PR is focusing on getting press releases into notable publications. Instead of focusing on high domain rating sites like Forbes, which would accept a post but for a large sum of money, take a quantity approach.

Focusing on getting guest post articles and press releases out into a range of different crypto publications is a fantastic method of expanding your reach. As a crypto marketing strategy, this will make all of the readers of each publication familiar with your brand, helping to increase your brand visibility over time.

What’s more, blockchain PR is a fairly organic system of marketing, as those press releases and guest posts will last for quite a long time online. This means that you can build up a network of notable mentions, start crypto link building for your site, and improve your domain rating all at the same time.

Good CRypto PR websites Source

This is a flawless strategy that everyone should try and partake in. 

Provide continual updates with content marketing

Content marketing is one of the most effective things you can do for your blockchain company. As a crypto marketing strategy, content marketing allows you to create a continual stream of information for your consumers to read through. From educational advice to news updates, this stream of information will help to satisfy your user base.

But, beyond just helping your users to learn more about cryptocurrency in general, content marketing also allows you to carry out effective SEO strategies. Conducting keyword research and focusing on the best keywords and phrases for your brand will allow you to shoot up the SERP rankings.

Not only does this improve your company’s domain rating, but you’ll also be able to start to gain natural traffic from these posts. This really is a win-win-win situation, with content marketing benign one of the strongest possible methods to build a community.

Benefits of content marketing Source.

Across all businesses, not just blockchain, content marketing is continually a winning strategy. Content marketing generates 3x as many leads as other marketing forms, with sites that have a blog getting 8x as much traffic as their competitors. Quite simply, if you’re not actively producing content every single day for your website, then you’re missing out on a huge wave of traffic.

As each crypto marketing strategy goes, this one is a technique that will explode your community with traction. 

Final Thoughts

The very best crypto marketing strategy that you have available to you is leveraging your community. Within the world of cryptocurrency, community is everything, with effective use of the people that support you being the difference between success and failure.

That said, building and maintaining a community is often easier said than done. If you’re unsure how to get started, then the tips and strategies that we’ve outlined in this post are more than enough to help you hit the ground running. If you want to get started as soon as possible, then reach out to GuerrillaBuzz. With years of experience in crypto SEO and blockchain PR, we’re able to deliver unmatched crypto services for your business.

Get in touch today for an initial inquiry, and we’ll help you plan the perfect crypto community for you. 

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