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The crypto SEO checklist will give you absolutely everything you need to remember when writing a piece of crypto content with SEO in mind.

The Complete Crypto SEO Checklist

Ensuring that a webpage or article has excellent SEO is essential to its success. Our crypto SEO checklist will help you tick every single box that your content needs to excel in terms of SEO. From content creation and on-page SEO to off-page SEO, our crypto SEO checklist has it all! By the end of this list, you’ll know exactly what you should be doing to hit that top page of the Google search rankings.

Let’s jump right into it!

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation, better known as SEO, is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of people visiting your website by pushing your site up the Google rankings. The better optimised a webpage is, the higher chance it has of reaching the top of the rankings.

We know that the top #1 post on Google gets an additional 5%-14.5% of clicks, so the closer we can get to that place, the better! SEO is about making that desire a reality.

Why is Crypto SEO important for your business?

Every business under the sun can benefit from improving the SEO of their articles and base pages. That especially goes for crypto companies, which often overlook how essential this practice is to making their business gain traction.

Just take a look at this graphic, plotting the amount of money raised per crypto project against the number of keywords the same project was ranking within the top 100 for on Google.

Keyword importance for the crypto SEO checklist graph to show

The more keywords a company can rank for, the more opportunity it has for someone to stumble upon their website. From that, with more people on the website, more people will read about your brand and potentially convert into investors.

Let’s take a look at the four main benefits of using the crypto SEO checklist strategy in your business.

Higher rankings on Google

SEO ensures that your website will rank higher on the Google search pages. The more optimised pages with great content that you create, the better off your standings in the rankings will be. All in all, pushing yourself up those rankings will help you get onto that elusive first page.

Considering that 75% of traffic comes from the first page, this is exactly where we want to be!

Increase traffic with the Crypto SEO Checklist

With a higher position on the Google rankings, comes more clicks. Naturally, if more people are seeing your website link, more people will click on it. From there, you have more eyes on your pages, increasing traffic and potentially boosting your revenue.

Considering that cryptocurrency is a growing niche, there has never been a better time to jump into the trend.

Uptrend of CryptoCurrency

Brand Awareness

Flowing naturally from the previous two sections, higher rankings and more traffic will build brand awareness. If you constantly come across a brand on the first page of Google, you’ll begin to recognise the name of that brand.

In an industry like cryptocurrency, trust is everything. Building a reputation with your customers starts with people actually understanding and recognising your brand. If you appear on more Google search pages, there is a higher chance of someone spotting you, visiting your page, and learning about your company!

Since October 2020, cryptocurrency scams have soared by 1000%. The general public’s lack of knowledge around crypto, combined with some malicious false companies, have made many distrust crypto. One particularly memorable case of this was in July of 2020, when several celebrities and political figures had their twitter hacked and tweeted out a false link to send them bitcoin.

Twitter Crypto scam Elon Musk fake tweet

Accounts like Joe Biden, Elon Musk, and several other high-profile celebrities were targeted. Although this scam was quickly taken down by Twitter, this wasn’t before a huge sum of money was transferred to the scam account.

Events like these cause faith in cryptocurrency to fall. As a cryptocurrency business, you should do everything you can to build trust and brand awareness. The best way you can establish yourself is by using SEO, moving up those rankings, and getting more eyes on your brand.

Completing the Crypto SEO Checklist Gives a Competitive Advantage

Despite being a digital currency, crypto companies often fail to accommodate for SEO. Due to this, there is a high chance that if you invest your time and money into SEO, you will shoot up those rankings.

Global Market Cap for Crypto 1.28trillion dollars

By paying attention to this overlooked area of digital marketing in the crypto niche, you can capitalise where others are lacking. Crypto SEO can give your company the competitive advantage that you need to secure your piece of the $1.28T crypto is currency worth.

Now that we understand why crypto SEO is important for your business, let’s move on to discussing a checklist that you can work through any time you create a piece of content.

The Importance of Crypto Blog SEO Graphic

Crypto SEO Checklist

Before you begin writing a piece of content, there are a few things you should know. Plan these aspects ahead and tick off every area of the crypto SEO checklist in order to make sure your content is ready to proceed to on-page optimisation:

  • Keyword Research
  • Will your title captivate the read and align with your chosen keyword?
  • Plan your headings H2 + H3 to ensure some include your chosen keyword
  • Find points in your writing to introduce infographics or research you have done

These are four things you should keep in mind when planning to write. Let’s go through each of them in more detail.

Keyword Research is Integral to the Crypto SEO Checklist

In order to maximise SEO, you need to plan ahead by looking at which keywords would be beneficial for your crypto company. By beneficial, I mean keywords for which you can rank on Google, with low competition and a high search volume.

Simply put, a keyword is one word or short phrase that summarises your entire piece of content. This will be the word that, when typed into Google, Google will associate with your page, and put you on the rankings for.

Google Keyword Planner

A great free tool for finding great keywords is Google Keyword Planner. Navigate to keyword planner, then type in a word that you believe summarises your content. Let’s say this word was ‘Cryptocurrency’.

The crypto SEO checklist requires you use Google Keyword Planner statistics for 'crypto'

Doing this gives us a range of information. These figures include the Average Monthly Searches, Competition, and Top of Page Bid. Let’s walk through these.

Average Monthly Searches – The number of people who type this keyword into Google per month in your chosen location.

Average Monthly Searches on Google Keyword Planner for 'Cryptocurrency'

Competition – The number of websites or content pages that use this keyword as a central keyword. This status of either ‘Low’, ‘Medium’, or ‘High’, gives you an idea of how hard it would be to rank for this keyword.

Google keyword Planner competition for 'Cryptocurrency'.

Top of Page Bid – The amount you would likely have to page as an advertiser to get your link on the very top of this page. This is on a CPC (cost per click) basis.

Google keyword Planner Top of Page Bid for 'Cryptocurrency'.

When searching for a keyword, we want to go for one that has low or medium competition, but a high monthly search volume. On this list, ‘crypto’ seems like the best one to go for. That’s because it has between 10k-100k searches per month and only has a low level of competition.

Another great tool to use for this is Ahrefs, however they only offer their services for a paid subscription fee. By typing in a keyword, you can instantly see the range of metrics that they provide.

Ahrefs crypto SEo checklist keyword planner for 'Iphone'

Be sure to do keyword research before writing any form of article. This is an essential part of the crypto SEO checklist. This research will ensure that you’re tactical about your writing, instead of just yelling into the void.

If you want to learn more about keyword research, we’ve written a complete guide to crypto keyword research.


The title of your content should always include the keyword that you’ve researched. If you can, include the title at the beginning of the post. You can see that when we search for ‘Chocolate cake recipe’, the top two posts follow this tactic.

Chocolate Cake Recipe using SEO in their titles

Although that’s not everything these websites will be doing for SEO, it’s an easy and quick way to begin!

You also want to make sure that your title is interesting to read. No one is going to click on a title that seems boring or doesn’t offer value. Try and do some research on titles that your competitor brands are offering.

When we search for ‘Tips to start a website’, we can see that the majority of the top web pages have followed the same technique. Four of these websites contain a number in their title, signalling the amount of content that they hold. These sites offer 22, 30, 10, and 16 tips for building your first website.

Crypto seo checklist types of article numbers shown

One easy way to stand out from the crowd is to create an article that has even more content. Shoot for 100 tips and blow your competitors out of the water.

Following the titles of high ranking websites in the keyword you’re working in can also give you an idea about what form of content does best in your niche. For this example, it’s clear to see that listicles of ideas work well for this search term.

Article Headings

Every good piece of content is broken up into headings. Considering that X Amount of readers just skim on the internet, you want to make it as easy as possible for them. When writing article headings, be sure to include your keyword in some of them.

You won’t have to write the keyword in every single one, but make sure at least 30-40% include the keyword.

Facts and Infographics

By incorporating facts and infographics within your post, you seriously boost the shareability of your content. This is integral when working through the crypto SEO checklist as it sets you up for some off-page SEO later. That’s because often, when writing an article, people will look for statistics to back them up online. That’s where your content comes in.

If you’ve conducted some research for your post and incorporated it into your content, then it’s likely that people will link back to your content when referencing your findings. This also goes for creating neat infographics. People love visual content, meaning that they will inject infographics throughout their posts.

For example, the infographics of ‘Secrets to being Productive’ on, demonstrated below, was shared over 46,000 times on social media. Not only is that an incredible amount of exposure, but it also creates backlinks that head straight to your website.

How to work fast infographic

Human brains also enjoy photographic content, on average spending 10% more time looking at pictures and graphics on a webpage than on written content.

This even extends to social media marketing, with Facebook posts with a photo receiving 37% more engagement than those without.

If you plan ahead and ensure you put facts and infographics into your post, you’ll be setting yourself up for success.

Before writing, make sure you’ve gone through this checklist!

Before Writing Checklist Gif to show the four stages

On-Page Crypto SEO Checklist

Now that we’ve created our content, it’s time to optimise the on-page aspects of the crypto SEO checklist.

We’ll split this into these main topics to check off:

  • Intros and conclusions
  • Meta description
  • Ever-green slug
  • Optimise images and ALT text
  • Table of contents
  • Paragraph size for skim reading
  • Internal links

Intros and Conclusions

In school, I imagine your English teacher constantly told you that in creative writing, your opening hook is essential to captivating your audience. In article writing, this rule is no different.

Your introduction should captivate the audience, start strong and instantly demonstrate why they need to read on. Are you telling an interesting story? What about showing the reader how your article can benefit them? Whatever it is, just make sure you’d want to carry on reading if it were you. Without content that people want to read, the crypto SEO checklist falls flat as they won’t progress on to the heart of your article. Don’t forget this small content area!

The same goes for your conclusion, make sure that it summarises your content and leaves a good impression.

Alongside these writing tips, be sure to include your keyword within the first paragraph of your writing. This is a small, but useful thing to include for crypto on-page SEO.

Meta Description

The Meta Description of your post is the small snippet that Google displays when someone sees your link on their search pages. It should be between 120-156 characters and include your SEO keyword.

Crypto SEO checklist meta description example what is a meta description

We can see that by typing in ‘What is digital marketing’, the opening meta descriptions swiftly answer the question while also using the keyword ‘digital marketing’ (often first!).

What is digital marketing for SEO google search results

Ever-Green Slug

The ‘slug’ of a post is the link that connects to the post. It’s how someone accesses your site from Google, and how Google maps your website.

On our website, every slug will begin with our base:

It will then extend to include the title of your post. For example, our post on Blockchain Marketing includes those two words as part of the slug.

You want your slug to be ‘evergreen’, by which I mean it won’t look outdated. Avoid using dates in your slug, as these will reveal your content as outdated.

Take a look at our crypto SEO guide for on-page for more details about crafting a great slug.

Optimising Images is often forgotten when it comes to the crypto SEO checklist

To optimise your images, you’ll need to do two things:

  • Change the file name of your image before you upload it to the site to make sure it contains your desired keyword
  • Write an ALT description of the image that will help categorise your image and define exactly what is happening in it.

Images are often overlooked when it comes to content creation. Be sure you follow these tips and optimise your images!

 Table of Contents

When only 65% of readers stay on a webpage for more than 15 seconds, you want to make sure that those who are only passing by can find information quickly. A table of contents will allow them to jump around your article, helping them find exactly what they need.

WordPress’s Easy Table of Contents is a great place to start with this feature of your article.

Paragraph Size

Another easy way to improve people’s impression of your webpage is by splitting up your paragraphs. Paragraphs that are too long are difficult to read.

Instead, trust the white space and include gaps between paragraphs. At maximum, a paragraph should span four lines. More than this becomes difficult to read and skim.

Internal Links

Last, but far from least, you need to include internal links in your webpage. An internal link is a link that points from one page on your site to another page on your site. Not only does this create backlinks for your content, but it also creates a flow that entices people to stay on your site for longer.

One of the very best examples of this practice is from Wikipedia. On any given page, they have 10s of backlinks to other pages. If someone takes an interest in another term, all they need to do is click on one of the links to be taken to new information. Just take a look at one of their opening paragraphs:

Wikipedia Internal Links demonstration with digital marketing

If you build up a corpus of information, internal links can help keep people on your web pages. When you publish new articles, be sure to go back and add internal links pointing towards it, and vice versa.

And there we have it, a quick crypto SEO checklist for on-page. Did you check everything off?

Crypto SEO On Page checklist

Off-Page SEO Checklist

Off-page SEO is about outreach, compiling sources and sites that will link back towards your content. There are a few things you can do to make sure your crypto off-page SEO is as good as can be. The aim of crypto off-page SEO is to cultivate links back towards your content. The more links your content has, the better chance it has to rank highly on Google.

Email template for Outreach more links = more money

If you want to learn even more about this process, we’ve written the complete guide to crypto off-page SEO.

The ways to increase your off-page SEO are:

  • Guest Posts on other sites
  • Interviews and podcasts with other creators/people in the niche
  • Videos, infographics, and facts
  • Link building, improving SEO through outreach

Guest Posts

A guest post is where you write an article or a piece of content for another website. You can then include links back to your site within your article. Alternatively, you could have an ‘Author Bio’ where you include a link to your website.

By engaging in guest posts, you’ll be gaining exposure, building yourself up as an expert in your niche, and also providing excellent content for readers. One way, aside from email outreach, to find places to guest post on is by using Google search features.

By including “ in a search, Google will only show results that directly apply. For example, if we type in “Crypto” + “Guest Post”, we instantly get a list of sites that accept guest posts.

Google Searching for Guest Posts using search tactics

Next, all you need to do is pitch some articles!

Interviews and Podcasts

These forms of connection serve to do two things. First of all, by giving interviews and appearing on podcasts, you’re going to establish yourself in the crypto niche as someone that knows what they’re talking about. This helps to build your brand authenticity alongside increasing your reputability in the crypto community.

Podcasts and interviews also often have descriptions or written articles attached to them. Often, these articles are summaries of the content. If you appear on a podcast, most likely the creator will link to your web pages and your personal profiles. This is another way of cultivating backlinks and increasing your SEO rankings.

Here are some social sites that you could use to reach out to other creators, or get people to notice your content:

Social bookmark sites for crypto link building

Video Content

Alongside infographics and illustrations within your article, you can also use an article to create a YouTube video. According to RenderForest, 78% of companies gained more traffic to their website after beginning to create videos.

A great example of this is our video for Blockchain PR. We had a successful article giving a masterclass on Blockchain PR, and then developed an accompanying video. Alongside gaining traction for our website, we also began to build our video audience and build further backlinks.

Link Building Outreach

Finally, let’s discuss link building outreach. This is where infographics and conducted research really come in handy. When you cold email a brand or person to tell them about your content, and perhaps suggest they could feature your content in their blog post, you need to be providing value. Just look at all the potential benefits to link building:

The benefits of crypto link building graphic showing the three main benefits

If your article doesn’t bring anything new to the table, then there is little point in a brand reading your email and listing your content. However, if you have a fantastic infographic, or have conducted a study with fascinating results, then you have something to offer. Take a look at the following email.

Email template for Outreach

New information is a way into content. A reader of this would realise that their data was not correct, and amend their article by linking to your research. Emails like these are a great way of building up backlinks.

There we have it, the vital crypto SEO checklist for off-page we should follow to start securing those important backlinks.

Crypto Off-page SEO Checklist

Now we’re at the end of all the sections, have you crossed everything off the crypto SEO checklist?

Final thoughts about the complete crypto SEO checklist

By incorporating all of the tips on this list, you will turn out detailed, knowledgeable, sharable, and optimised content every single time. Be sure to keep this handy infographic near next time you work on an article for your crypto blog.

The Complete Crypto Checklist for SEO infographic

If you need any additional help with digital marketing, get in contact with a member of our team. We have years of experience and a shining track record of boosting the digital presence of brands.

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