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Web 3.0 has taken the internet by storm, offering methods of revolutionizing the baseline technology of the system while bringing a fresh perspective on user data rights, privacy, and content-ownership. With these developments, firms are looking at potential methods of adapting Web 3.0 marketing campaigns to this new age

The Only Web 3.0 Marketing Checklist You’ll Need
As Web 3.0 firmly supplants pervious iterations, we’ll be seeing a dramatic rise in the number of Web 3.0 marketing campaigns that are launched. In this article, we’ll be giving you a total checklist that you can use before launching your campaign. We designed this checklist to help you remember all the individual aspects that make good campaigns great, and great campaigns excellent.
Moving through each of these core areas, you can rest assured that you have everything in place to make your next Web 3.0 marketing campaign a smash hit. Let’s get right into it.

What’s different about a web3 marketing campaign?

When comparing traditional digital marketing and Web 3.0 marketing, several core differences arise. These are due to the new fundamentals that Web 3.0 relies on. Not only is Web 3.0 different from previous iterations due to the supporting blockchain technology, but it also differs in terms of the perspectives that underpin it
While digital marketing focused on large-scale paid campaigns using mediums like Facebook, this is almost unheard of within new media formats. While PPC click campaigns are useful in Blockchain PR, blockchain marketing, and even Web 3.0 PR to some extent, they pail due to the different standards that Web 3.0 upholds. With a whole new technological system supporting this movement, it’s no wonder that there are significant differences between this new form of marketing and older strategies used.
Web 3.0 Marketing progression over time
Looking at the fundamentals of Web 3.0, you’re likely to encounter:
  • Data Privacy
  • Person to Person
  • Accessibility
  • dApps
Let’s break these down further.


One central pillar of Web 3.0, in general, is the fact that users will be able to control their own data to a much greater extent. One thing we’ve seen in Web 2.0 is large tech companies farming users’ personal data and selling it to businesses for profit. This will never fly in Web 3.0, with users having much more control of their data.
Within marketing, this means that going to tech companies to launch campaigns won’t be quite as simple. With the much larger control that individual users have, there will be a movement to first-person data, instead of from third-party control.

Person to Person

Blockchain is the main system through which Web 3.0 will come to life. With these adaptations, the fundamentals of blockchain will also be incorporated into Web 3.0. Due to this, there will be a movement away from centralized systems like banks and governments and an uptake of person to person movements.
For example, instead of buying a service through a vender that’s selling on a digital marketplace, Web 3.0 will cut out the middleman and allow people to go straight to the seller. This person-to-person pathway of doing business will ensure that no one takes advantage  when it comes to middleman services stealing large portions of the profit.
When it comes to marketing, this movement causes a need to be much more transparent with users. As business will likely be much more personal and accessible, businesses will have to keep their services as transparent as possible to be in with a chance of winning customers.


Web 3.0 is all about granting access to absolutely everyone. Instead of having to get permission from government services or from businesses directly to access the internet, it will become a completely permissionless ecosystem. Users from around the world will be able to overcome governmental jurisdiction and get instant access to whatever they would like.
This will ensure that services like banks can’t shut people out due to not having a fixed address, and will prevent government jurisdiction from stopping people in certain areas of the world from accessing the internet. This more global, fairer entry system will ensure that everyone can get onto the internet.
In marketing, this instantly increases the scope of campaigns, with more people than ever being able to access the internet. Additionally, the accessibility of Web 3.0 ensures that digital revenue streams are now amplified further than ever before, granting a whole new set of possible campaign types that can be run.
This final development aligns perfectly with some of the newer industries that have flourished due to Web 3.0, like the NFT market and GameFi.


With Web 3.0 comes a whole system of decentralized applications (dApps) which will change the way people communicate and interact. Within dApplications, users have much more power over the content they produce. Unlike on platforms like Instagram and Twitter, where a user doesn’t have any actual ownership of their content, dAppliactions allow users to monetize their own content.
This movement towards user-owner content through the proliferation of dApps ensures that users are always in control. Due to this, Web 3.0 marketing is much more based on getting through to individuals, conversing with them, and finding out exactly what makes them interested in your product.
Web 3.0 Marketing dApps progression
As we move into this world of Web 3.0 marketing, we’ll see a much higher percentage of campaigns that are lead by 1-1 conversations and pulling information from individual users.

The Web 3.0 Marketing Checklist

When crafting a Web 3.0 marketing campaign, there are six main areas that you should focus on. Each of these areas has checklists inside them, with different tips and habits making sure that you execute everything as comprehensively as possible.
The only Web 3.0 marketing checklist you'll need
Within this article, we’ll be exploring the following areas:
  1. Building a website for your project 
  2. Finding and creating your community
  3. Utilizing press releases and guest posts
  4. Understand your users
  5. Updates and Product Refinement
  6. Gaining Traffic
We’ll break these down and demonstrate exactly what each one includes.

Building a Website for your Web 3.0 Marketing project

At the heart of every marketing campaign is a project that’s being promoted. Whether that be a business, a game, a product, or a platform, every single one of these will have a website that is the main page of the project. Due to this, whatever form of project you’re creating, you need to make sure that your website is as perfect as possible
There are three main elements of your own website that you can actively work on from your side of the equation. By this I mean that part of what makes a website great is external efforts, like link building, but we’ll just be focusing on things you can do yourself on your site for now.
You should always:
  • Optimize on-page SEO
  • Have a blog
  • Implement a strong design branding
Let’s break these down further.

Optimize on-page SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is how search engines decide which page they’re going to show when someone types a question or keyword into Google. At its core, it is the practice of ensuring that search engines like Google can find your site, and therefore that your customers can, too.
On-page SEO is a multi-faceted practise, with a range of different factors all coming into play. The main things you should focus on are ensuring that the keywords that you want to rank for are incorporated into your page.
A keyword is a phrase or word that demonstrates to a search engine exactly what your page is about. Businesses will often want to rank for keywords that describe their services. For example, you might notice on the homepage of a service that they repeatedly write their service, which adds keywords to the page and subtly lets Google know what the page is about.
If you need more help with on-page SEO or keyword research, be sure to check out our deep dives on these aspects

Have a Blog

A blog is one of the most vital aspects of creating a website that ranks highly on Google and other search engines. A blog is the perfect opportunity for you to create a web of different informational articles which give your customers more details about the niche that you’re working in.
They could be summaries of how to use your service, comments on industry trends, reviews of other services, whatever you think your customers would like. Another aspect that makes blogs valuable is that they act as a chance to rank for other keywords in your niche, further boosting the potential for people to find your website through natural traffic.

Implement strong design branding

No one wants to look at a website that has an ugly color scheme, has bad design elements, or that is difficult to navigate. If your website is ugly, people that find your site through your Web 3.0 marketing campaign might then click off and not engage with your pages.
To ensure that anyone who may land on your pages continues to look through your site, you want to make sure that it is well designed. This braind can extend across all of the different channels that you access. Once you’ve picked a logo, a brand identity, and colorschgeme, you’re then able to reproduce that across all the different mediums that you use.
This holistic approach to creating a brand will ensure that you’re recognizable wherever you are on the internet. With recognizability comes visibility, further boosting the extent to which people will click on your products and learn more about your campaign.
When crafting a website, there are certain elements that you should always include in it’s fabric. From there, you’ll be able to customize the design aspects to build something that you love. 
Elements that every website should have Web 3.0 Marketing
Your website is the fundamental structure upon which the success of any conversions will rely. Without a great basis, none of your marketing efforts will succeed. That’s why making sure you have a great website should always be the very first thing you focus on creating.

Finding and Creating your community for your Web 3.0 Marketing Campaign

When launching your Web 3.0 marketing campaign, you won’t be able to rely on traditional avenues of pursuit. Many services will not adapt to Web 3.0 products and will, therefore, be less effective when launching campaigns about these elements. With lots of products and services released every single day, you need to make sure that you know exactly which avenues you’ll be utilizing when going for Web 3.0 engagement.
We typically recommend that based on your project type, you select a different community to target. For example, if you’re launching a Web 3.0 marketing project around a GameFi addition, then you should focus on the blockchain and gaming communities. However, if you’re releasing an NFT collection, then you should focus on the cryptocurrency and digital art communities.

Where do I find these Web 3.0 marketing communities?

When finding where these communities reside, two of your most important social media avenues will be Reddit and Twitter. By creating active accounts within these forms of medias and actively contributing to the conversation, you’ll start to build up a name for yourself in these communities.
Additionally, as they are both free to post on, you can be as active as you’d like without incurring large fees on your campaign. Every single time you post, you have a chance to go viral, which would bring a huge influx of new users to your campaign.
Within Reddit, you can use the Subreddit system to find communities that directly engage in what your product is. By offering candid advice, useful features, and discussing with the community there, you’re able to build up a level of familiarity. This can quickly turn into an audience, with people turning to you for updates or reviews of things in your industry.
Reddit NFT screencap
With a following on any of these platforms, your product and platform launches will always be much more engaged with. A community is vital within Web 3.0 projects, as user-user marketing becomes so much more important.
Just take a look at this viral GIF, which was part of an NFT rollout on Reddit. Due to going viral, it gathered a huge audience, significantly boosting the reach of it’s marketing project and ensuring it’s longevity within the market.
GIF of Steamtrain NFT

Utilizing Press Releases and Guest Posts

Guest posts and press releases are two forms of getting backlinks to your website. A backlink is an embedded link that points to your site that’s published on another website. While this may seem normal, it actually looks like a vote of confidence for search engines, boosting the credibility of your website
Importance of backlinks Web 3.0 Marketing
The more websites that link to your site, the higher your Domain Rating will be, which further pushes your site up the rankings. Alongside link building, guest posts and press releases are a fantastic way of getting the word out there about your business. As Web 3.0 campaigns are based on social currency, with people’s recommendations significantly helping process and virality, it’s great to get your brand’s name in front of as many services as possible.
Sending out press releases to major sites in your niche is always a great idea. You’re giving a news channel news about an upcoming project while also getting your project’s name into the news and creating buzz around it.
For Web 3.0 projects, sites that accept press releases are always those that deal in all things blockchain. You’re likely to have luck with:
  • CoinCodex
  • CryptoBriefing
  • InvestingCube
  • CoinQuora
  • CryptoNewsz
These are some easier sites to gain entry onto when it comes to obtaining backlinks and posting press releases
Yet, once again this highlights the importance of having great content on your website. If you gain all these backlinks and buzz around your project and then point to a site that doesn’t really have any information about your project, you’re completely waising the traffic

Understand your user within your Web 3.0 Marketing Campaign

Web 3.0 is all about personalization and user-driven content. With high levels of ownership, data-privacy, and accessibility, Web 3.0 marketing campaigns need to make sure they know exactly who their audience are.
When Web 3.0 kicks off completely, it will be much harder to find individual data, as privacy and information law chances ensure that you can’t just buy user data from services like Facebook. This is where your knowledge of the community that you’re dealing with becomes vital.
By engaging directly with the community that you’ve built up, you’re able to sneakily get insight into exactly what they like. For example, you can create polls for your Twitter followers, you can ask questions within relevant Reddit communities, helping you to get a sense of what people are looking for.
A great way of finding out about your audience while also boosting transparency of your marketing campaign is to host Q+As between your audience and a founding member of your project. This will boost the visibility of your campaign, create awareness, increase transparency, and allow you to find out more about what’s important to your audience
Within Web 3.0 marketing campaigns, it’s essential that you focus on creating a strong bond between your business and the audience you’re catering to.

Updates and Product Refinement

Unfortunately, the history of early blockchain project developments is filled with rug pulls, scams, and situations where investors got burnt. Especially following the early ICO scams in 2018, many people still are worried about developments in this field.
Web 3.0 Marketing crypto scams over time
Although Web 3.0 is very much a technological advancement that pushes user access and privacy to a new level, people are still wary of it. Due to this, you need to make sure that your Web 3.0 marketing campaign is as open and transparent as possible. Your audience will expect continual updates about the current status of your project and how it’s going.
By directly connecting to your community, you’ll be able to release updates about the status of your project, keeping everyone that’s interested firmly in the loop around new developments. By doing this regularly, you’re also able to demonstrate to the community that your project has a history of progress, which will come in handy when you need to prove your validity to investors.
You can release updates by blog post, social media updates that link to your blog post, or through newsletters if you have an email list for your Web 3.0 marketing campaign

Obtaining Traffic for your Web 3.0 Marketing Campaign

Finally, we come onto one of the most important KPIs for Web 3.0 marketing campaigns. At the end of the day, the purpose of a marketing campaign is to build up awareness around your projects. You want to boost its visibility and ensure that people are coming to your page to read more about your project and potentially invest.
Alongside the above methods of generating traffic, you can always run a PPC campaign. However, Web 3.0 is still about transparency, so be sure to make any advertisements that you run direct, to the point, and as clear as possible. This more open and simple form of marketing is difficult to achieve, but will have a large payoff in these communities.
Considering that  33%+ of all internet traffic goes to the first link on a search page, it is vital to push your website as high as possible if you’re looking to improve natural traffic. Which is why creating a blog, ensuring that it has great on-page SEO, and link building is always a vital part of any blockchain-based marketing campaigns.
Importance of Crypto SEo within marketing camap
Additionally, within your Web 3.0 marketing campaign, you should be actively engaging with different audiences. Due to this, you’ll be able to reach out to several different communities, be it different Subreddits or different blockchain news sites in order to share marketing updates.
Each post acts as an opportunity to go viral for one particular element, with PPC campaigns being a tried-and-tested method that still applies to Web 3.0.

Final Thoughts

Engaging in Web 3.0 involves playing by a different set of rules when compared to traditional and digital marketing methods. With different avenues of pursuit, different araes to focus on, and different marketing structures, it’s no wonder that many people don’t know where to start when it comes to Web 3.0 marketing.
By moving through this checklist, following the instructions in each of the sections, and ensuring that you pay attention to accepting the differences between this new marketing format and older strategies, you’ll be well on your way to crafting successful campaigns.
Each of these sections focuses on a different part of creating an excellent Web 3.0 marketing campaign. As we move into this new digital age, the ways with which we connect to our audiences natrualyl have to shift. By getting ahead and learning these practises now, you’ll be perfectly positioned to have an impact when you launch your next big campaign.
If you’re looking for expert help with Web 3.0 marketing campaigns, then be sure to contact GuerillaBuzz. With years of experience, experts within blockchain technology, and effective case studies from GameFi to crypto SEO campaigns, we can help in any way you need.
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